What did I do wrong, Veeky Forums?

Is there some rule about approaching gym people in real life?

>be me, 22 and lifting for 2 years
>bit of a fucking loner at uni, nobody likes me but I just keep to myself
>see the same gym lads regularly
>there’s one chaddish sort of guy who always trains late on a Friday
>over the course of about 6 months we start chatting a lot about fitness, spot each other, just normie gym shit which is actually kinda fun. He’s called Scott.
>we never do anything outside of the Friday night regular gym session but that’s cool
>’we should hang out though sometime user, grab a pint!’
>we never grab the pint but whatever he’s a chill dude who probably has a gf and pals
>ff to earlier this week
>I’m out with my parents who are in town. We’re in a bar.
>I see Scott with his pals
>I walk over
>”hey man how are you?”
>he stares blankly at me
>his friends starts to giggle
>some fucking bitch from my English seminars asks me what the fuck I’m doing
>Scott looks at me and starts laughing too
>’can I fucking help you mate?’
>at this point I get incredibly anxious and nervous and hope it’s a wind up
>”ha ha just wanted to say hello mate I’ll see you in the gym on Friday”
>the table erupts with laughter and Scott looks me in the eyes and tells me to fuck off.
>leave my parents and go back to my house.

Lads what do I do next Friday? What’s going to happen?

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You maul his face with a 100 lb dumbbel while shouting "DO YOU REMEMBER ME NOW, ASSHOLE ?"

Did this actually happen user

This is hard to believe
Shitty shitpost

He's an asshole. Don't spot him anymore

If this actually happened never even pay a single bit of attention to him or anyone around him ever again.

You’re not at fault even though your brain is telling you to be ashamed, these people are fundamentally broken and objectively bad.

He sounds like a cunt bro don't worry about him.

nice bait retard

suck his dick

If this is true I would forget about it. That's a pretty shitty thing to do. Says a lot about him. Move on. Ignore him

Yes it did happen but I don’t really joke around much with people so maybe he said fuck off in a joke sort of way.

I don’t usually chat to people because I say something wrong.

I don’t have autism or anything I just am shit at socialising.

if it's true then never talk to him again. people like him have a superiority complex and are mentally ill. there are better people you'll come across, you just have to ''get out there''.

Invite him to the showers with you. When he walks in sucker punch him and then slam his head into a sharp corner. Leave immediately and don't go to that gym anymore.

Shit, that sucks
Don't talk to him again. If you never initiate he'll stop
Don't be discouraged, it was worth a shot and had a 90% chance of being a decent move. Most people aren't giant cunts, you just got unlucky

Could you beat him up user?

If so call hi2k a faggot at the gym.when your on more even ground, if not train harder

never talk to him again, please. What a shitty person...

>after a while
>be me
>he forgot about incident and ask for spot
>spots his bench
>the top of his rep
>he struggles
>"try" your best to lift it up
>mfw he slowly gets barbell smashed

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i find this hard and difficult and hard to believe.

but if it's true, then he likes you. like, LIKE likes you. you can anticipate him trying to kiss you next Friday. Be prepared to kiss back, because it sounds like he's into rape and he isn't the type of guy to take no for an answer. just let him do what he wants to you.

I’ve never hit anyone so I don’t think I could really beat up any person.

Also I wouldn’t really want that. This makes me sound very fucking pathetic but this was the closest I’ve came to making a friend since I was 11.

I only said hello because I had a few drinks.

I feel like if I hadn’t said anything then we could have just trained as usual this coming Friday.

in fact it was a great shot from a normal-kind person. sadly that guy (and his friends) are shit

yes and you would be training this friday with a shitty person that worths nothing. I know is sad because you started to get hopeful with thes guy, but is just a crap person. It's not your fault, nor you did nothing wrong.

Don't talk to him again. If he tries to talk to you or "apologize" tell him to fuck himself.

>It's another OP forgot to take his prescribed Lithium thread

Weewwww lad

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What an absolute fucking bellend. Don't talk to that insecure wanker ever again lad.

did this really happen?
If I were you I'd confront him next time you meet in the gym.Ask him why he acted like like he did. If he continues acting bad towards you, you should start plotting some form of revenge. Although it needs to be a good revenge plan, not your usual payback in form of a punch in his face. the revenge needs to be something that lasts throughout time, nothing that is over in one moment. read count of monte cristo for inspiration

quick follow up, you need to do it in a way that makes you look like the bigger person and not just a outburst from an angry retard

you did nothing wrong OP, guy's just a piece of shit


Op here.

Could it have been a joke in some ways?

Where I’m from people can say ‘fuck off’ to mean a few different things so maybe it was just a laugh.

Bruh did this really happen? Like really?
>dunno anymore whats real

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Pretty sure you're larping mate.

No. You did the right thing by approaching him, he’s just a cunt. Don’t worry about it. You were in the right. Don’t let that one experience dissuade you from doing similar things in the future. The vast majority of people will react in a civil way.

>"can I fucking help you mate"
Yeah nah none of this happened.