What mode is Maxmoefoe?

What mode is Maxmoefoe?

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Hard to tell

Maxmoefoe and friends make videos and even upload them months later or so.


Waning channel popularity mode

look at those calves tho. guy looks like he never goes outside. WHATTAFUCKARE THOOOOOOOOOSE

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Deadchannel mode

Look at his neck

You're never going to get a tick neck

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is casca the hottest anime character around?

All that drinking is starting to catch up to him

>drinking causes 20lb increase in muscle mass


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Transwoman mode


Where's the muscle, he just looks fat

>stopped puking to make teh funnies

Doomed from the start

Millennial youtube clown wasting his life on making absolutely nothing of value to humanity while thinking it's ok because he makes money from it-mode.

The guy hit the jackpot with his pokemon autists shit. Make stupid videos every day about opening 10 minutos some retarded Pokémon shit and make mad cash from mentally retarded 14 years olds and even more mentally retarded adults that watch that garbage, meanwhile back in the day he had to fuck himself up and injure/vomit to make teenagers laugh to get views and money.
>inb4 he just likes pokemon
I am 100% that retard couldn't care less about pokemon

Eternally this

Right is better, left just looks fat.

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Maybe he stopped being bulimic and thus no longer make videos where he throws up for ''comedy purposes'' to appease autistic 13-15 year olds, maybe because those kids have all grown up at this point and are now in their late teens and early 20's and may or may not find that particularly entertaining anymore no matter how retarded they are. That should've caused him to gain some weight.

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Maybe he's gay. Can you tell?

>he thinks that's what muscular arms look like


what they look normal to me?

The "i will never get fat" fag growing up.

If you replace "millenial" with "boomer" and remove the word "youtube" that statement still applies to millions of people. That's pretty depressing.

Australian bogan/convictnetics. I have the same thing and hardly train calves

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Sounds about right.

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