Let's decide this once and for all, Veeky Forums: are cold showers a meme?

Let's decide this once and for all, Veeky Forums: are cold showers a meme?

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Yes, final answer.

I can guarantee any health benefit is extremely negligible. That being said, having the stones to jump into a freezing cold shower first thing in the AM will up your overall willpower. That’s really the main point.

If you have akne it might help, but I use it more as a challenge


I've been on Veeky Forums for years, and honestly it's one of the only boards I really could do without because it's filled with so much misinformation and memes floating around. 98% of the time I'm on here, I'm correcting someone instead of actually learning something.

There's no tricks or secrets to getting healthy or getting fit. All this broscience, no fap, cold showers, eating 14 tons of onions everyday, "porn affects your gains," u need 2 eet moar, namecalling and stupid nonsense that goes on here illustrates the majority of people on this sub are dyels who haver been working out for less than two years.Their attitude sucks and their so called "advice" is even worse.

No, taking a cold shower does nothing special for you. Neither does refusing to masturbate, refusing to look at porn, eating insane amounts of onions, or whatever other cockamamie "get fit quick" scheme is out there.

I'm not trying to be harsh with OP because you did nothing wrong. However, if you think something like "taking a cold shower" is going to meaningfully affect your progress, then you don't understand what fitness is.

The only way to get fit is to establish goals, find a workout regime that meets your goals, eat a clean diet that is in alignment with your goals, and follow the regime consistently.

That's it.

It's really that easy.

No, it doesn't even require a ton of equipment. I lost 40+ lbs of fat and then put on a ton of muscle by just adjusting my diet, using free weights, running outside, an old Schwinn Bicycle I got at a yard sale for $40, and a pull up bar. It didn't even take that long.

These pudgy losers with big beer bellies that think it's okay to eat fast food constantly because "muh bulk tho" are going to die in the 40s from heart failure.

Getting fit is not complicated. It's hard, but not complicated.

It's a mental thing. It only marginally gets easier to do with time. Really all it does is like said: it gives you willpower.

Probably helps will waking up in the morning but if you need a cold shower for that, there are tons of better things you could be doing like 7+ hours of sleep, reading before bed, not eating after 8pm, not staring at a screen an hour before sleep.

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Nice redditspacing faggot

I use to live in a shit hole with no water heater so everyday after work I would do a shit load of pull ups then jump in, it was actually very satisfying

my hair and skin look way better after I started cold showers. you do you tho user

I agree that there is a lot of brosceince on fit , you have to wade Thu a sea of shit posts to read the good ones.
but have you tried cold showers ?
I have and have had great personal experience doing so, if you look there is something about stressing your body that is good for it. saunas , cold , fasting , lifting heavy. these are all stresses on the body. I would link to Dr Rhonda Patrick , Ray cronise , and win hof
but I'm phone posting
try looking into cold showers
try doing it for a week

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I haven't got a cold since I began taking cold showers.

Also, it doesn't damages you as the hit ones and I swear to god when you get used to them they are a 100 better than cold ones.

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Reddit spacing but you are entirely correct. Reading the bullshit on this board gets tiresome. I try to fight it sometimes (particularly no fap) but Veeky Forums gimmicks are a religion and many Veeky Forumsizens are acolytes who are completely convinced without any critical thinking involved.

I hate to admit to this degeneracy but I got absolutely hammered once last summer. I’m talking 10 drinks in. The next day I took a cold shower and I’ll say the effects of the hangover were cut in half. I can’t explain it but I felt so much better afterwards.

How cold is a cold shower? I recently bought a shower thermometer and was suprised to find that even 30°C (86°F) starts to feel cold while 100% cold water at 7°C (~45°F) hurts like a motherfucker.

how often do you get colds? like every two fucking weeks? yikes


I been taking cold showers for a year you fag.

All my family have got sick but not me thanks to cold showers

Cold showers are good for your nervous and endocrine systems.

.....Do you even know what the "cold" is? Are you a retard that thinks he gets it from the weather?

I routinely take them but the only tangible benefit I have found is for my skin. Hot water irritates it.

The only thing it teaches if you allow it is the delaying of gratification.

Great answer, but you're wasting your time here. They don't want answers they want to shit post.

How can one plebbittor be so wrong ?

>reddit shill promoting porn
this thread had nothing to do with porn.
shoo shoo jew shill

>are cold showers a meme
Yes. They just make you miserable for no reason.

Please, do a 'cold soak' once in a while after hard workouts to help with recovery. But cold showers ALL THE TIME are pointless and stupid and just a cause for amusement for the trolls.

this desu. all you need is cardio

eat less
eat better
run more
lift more

Like this man said, I was waking up at 5 am every morning to cold shower and getting some stuff done for two weeks, felt great can confirm.
Hopefully dubs will confirm with me

I think fags taking cold showers are following some natural instinct that is crying for their natural environment. Jumping in the ocean (or a river or lake) is refreshing and awesome. If you stay at home on your computer, get your exercise at the gym, and spend no time hiking and swimming outdoors, than I guess cold showers is the closest you will get to the wonderful freedom of swimming out through the waves.

for me personally, it makes me shit after a day. And when i shit, its just sloppy. I think the cold water is fucking up my insides, i don't do cold showers anymore.
They say it helps you stop being depressed but it makes me actually angry afterwards

I'm all about having energy and cold showers just amp you up.

Cold showers may be good, i usually finish with one. But a warm shower makes you sweat which is also healthy for you.

I'll tell you what is not a meme: They do feel good and are refreshing

>The majority of people on this sub
>This sub
Reddit is that way my friend

Literally no one has said cold showers or being porn free would effect gains, that's not what the benefits are for, it's got nothing to do with gains.
The cold shower meme was created as a way to increase a person's willpower, if they can get into an ice cold shower every morning, then how hard is it to approach a girl? This is the mindset that's created from being in a cold shower, the cold shower itself does absolutely nothing, but it gives people placebo effect to start doing more things.
Porn Free on the other hand DOES have effects, it has nothing to do with physical health, just like meditating, it effects your mental well-being, there's been studies over and over proving that there's more benefits not watching porn than there is watch porn, from dopamine deficiency to erectile dysfunction. Nothing to do with gains or getting fit, it's all to do with people a healthier person in general.

Yes, you're throwing away your gainz son

I enjoy the feeling of warmth after taking a cold shower compared to the blast of chilly air after taking a hot shower.

I don't waste as much time compared to relaxing hot showers.

Finally, it might just be a psychological trick or something, but it seems like the cold in general bothers me less.

obviously you get it from taking hot showers

The whole point of cold showers is to grow comfortable being UNCOMFORTABLE. This is how you will advance in life, making life changes are difficult and uncomfortable. Likely you're still a faggot NEET because it's so fucking easy and comfy.

kinda memey but its not a fucking meme


If you can take a cold fucking shower first thing in the morning, you can do anything. It will be the hardest thing you do in your day.

also skin and hair bennies lol