What lifting stats should you reach before you consider gear?

What lifting stats should you reach before you consider gear?

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none if you value longevity

Lel is the guy on the left lotus from Veeky Forums?

I remember a trip posting that and im pretty sure it was him

Probably not Lotus Veeky Forums posters don’t have gfs.

>dating some ratchet-ass negress
>actually permitting her to assault you
>sticking around afterword
>letting yourself be humiliated on social media

why can't i wew all these lads

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these men must be wearing punch covering makeup.

how can someone with a functioning brain pick that gorilla over that majestic aryan gf


none, unless you're trying to break world records or win bodybuilding shows

Silent Mike deadlifts 700lbs natty, so I guess you should aim for that

I weep for the future.

None, seroiusly. If you willing to hop on gear you shouldn't waste your time on basics. No one in their right mind waste 1000 hours a year for something he can even transcend in 100 with gear.

It's really not cheating, why would you use your legs to go to another country, when you can use a plane.

Use the modern technology that the world offers, and if you live -10 years fuck that, you saved more time in the long run if you are an energy saving person.

Now that everyone is already brainwashed into linking white women with black men, I see it's about time the jews start forcing the white men with black women connection...
Fuck this shit, fuck race mixing


Your an autistic guy anyone can get with anyone if they have confidence, don’t blame the Jews for being beta.

God bless the Jews for this, I prefer the switch.

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Later on when white boi pisses her off.

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it still doesn't change the fact that interracial propaganda is pushed a lot these days

I’m fine with that.

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It’s just advertising people trying to be PC, not really any sort of conspiracy behind it.

What a waste.

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does he do cocaine?

>constant racebaiting pics
>all I see is often a handsome nigger who settled for a 6/10 blonde
>im supposed to hate nogs and white wymyn now
>tfw im not even white but whitepassing
almonds dormant

I found this pic funny I don’t post it to make anyone hate anyone.

What makes you feel like he ever had a choice with the white girl? those are two sets of completely different people that probably don't even know each other

Jews are vile

>trying to be PC used to mean not saying anything offensive
>now apparently it means pushing interracial dating
So you're saying a white man with a white woman is offensive?

Imagine taking time out of your day to make this image

Not at all just inter racial couples deserve to be represented as valid like anyone else.

So you're saying a white man with a black woman is offensive?

You just put pol on the ropes.

Because they likely didn't know each other, and he wouldn't have stood a chance with the blonde anyways. Besides, you have to remember that most photos like that here are cherrypicked extremes.

In fairness, DeNiro was never really good looking to begin with. Now if somebody like Dolph Lundgren or Johnny Depp muddied their genes like that, then I'd say it's a real waste.

>see bmwf couple
>enlarge picture
ok he's actually much more attractive than her desu

What are you, gay? She's very attractive.

>muddied their genes
Imagine actually being autistic enough you say that.

He still is better looking facially. She has moonface. Take away her blue eyes and she'd be a 6/10.


Go get one then woman don’t just walk through the door whilst your shitposting.

holy shit that thing is fucking hideous

It’s supreme cherrypicking though.

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>Not refusing all whlte girls, no matter how hot, to increase the speed of white genocide and destroy the white race and the aut-right forever
Seriously, fuck you guys
Vote Trump and hail Hitler? Well then I'll wipe your pathetic race out forever

fuck you mudblood! Flippendo!!!

Who actually cares about their “race”?

This guy saying something doesn’t make it true.

Gear? Like straps and belts and shit?
I'd consider getting a belt when you start passing out on your deadlifts to help you practice the valsalva manuever. I wouldn't recommend straps because they seem dangerous to me. Idk any other "gear" OH! Compression straps can help ease pain in your forearms when doing curls, but that's it. That's all I got.

>ayo dese weak white genes finna be stamped out

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>if you don't want to risk throwing away great genes you're autistic
Fair enough, I guess.

I’m not even black ffs, why does pol think anyone who disagrees with them are black?