Mom reacts to my deadlift

Guys was my mom in the wrong to critique my diddies like this?

Link related she starts around 1:45

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post pics of her

Respect your mom user she just worried about you.

What a sweet woman. She loves you more than you'll ever know user. Southern moms are the best moms.

The Southern will never not sound retarded

This dude is partially blind which is why he's being driven around. Why is OP pretending to be this dude?

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What kind of accent is that?

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Southern accents are the most beautiful accents youll ever hear

God damn its like shes singin'

I want to fuck your mom

man I love that accent

dude i want to fuck the shit out of his mom too

>you are going to kill yourseeéelf

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As an aussie that southern merican accent sounds so cute.

Anyway when I told me mum I deadlifted 240 kay gee's she doesnt care because she cant comprehend whats a light or heavy weight for a casual lifter

>240KG diddly
fuckin hell cunt you must be built like a brick shithouse
if your mom cant appreciate and support your gains she deserves to be left in the dust desu

yall both talk like retards

>quoting me
Apologise at once, it's sounds utterly retarded.

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imagine her moaning

it sounds*

*whips out dick*
*in southern accent* "OH I DO DECLARE"

I love these accent
I want gf with this accent

who else wants to fuck our boy’s mom


>that biceps tear incoming

>tfw no southern girl to bully me because I'm from the northeast


She's quite sexy

Me please. Can it be like a full blown gangbang with a bukake at the end?

not even that good of a physique.
Muh "lifts" and forgets all about hypertrophy

You guys need to go on no-porn right now. This isn't even a meme, just stop watching porn, look at what your minds have become. You're getting horny over a 50-60 year old overweight woman wanting to bukake her in some gang-bang style group of fitizens.

This is literally the porn making you come up with this shit

>implying that wouldn't be the best thing banging a southern sexy mum with your bro's from Veeky Forums

I haven't watched porn for a month.

How do you post on Veeky Forums if you're blind?

I am on NoPorn+NoFap, that's why I want to fugg her :-DDDD

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Ok, start watching porn right away. Look at where your mind is. You're getting worked into a lather over a middle-aged, hefty woman fantasizing about running a train on her with a bunch of other dudes.

Please stop my penis can only get so hard

as a non-american she sounds like an angel, not a retard


I'm not a Burger nor even a native English speaker but she and her son sound mentally impaired.

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I want this woman to make me sweet tea and barbecue on a spring Sunday with the boys.

what else do you need in life right bruh
maybe shes open to incest because she is from south just imagine that boissss

I have a shit ear but sounds like Texas to me

Aww those cute accents. You sound like you're going through puberty though

>making a big fuss over lifting a mere lmao5pl8

I would like your mom to give me a handjob while I am naked and she's fully clothed.

welcome to Veeky Forums newfag