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can Veeky Forums dunk?

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6'2 here with 8'1 standing reach, was doing windmills last year now my vert dropped though i can still dunk

I'm 5 '11 so no

Fug I needed anyone couple inches of vert to get there.
What are best vert exercises?

squats + plyometrics

Literally: Git stronger, Git faster + (better technique)

How long are your arms? Ayyyy lmao?

What are some good pylometric
I've just been doing backboard/rim touch's 5xF

I'm 6'1" 8'0" standing reach 6'5.5" wingspan. I'm guessing hes somewheres around there depending on should height collar length

Honestly just focus on practicing dunking don't fuck with any other motor patterns.

In my experience i've never improved my explosivity(white guy) But keep my weight as low as possible and my lower body strength as high as possible maximizes your vert

6'1'' 240lbs I can hang off the rim but need another 3-4 inches on my vert to dunk (it's about 30'' standing vert at the moment). Jumping isn't a great measure of explosiveness anyway, it's highly dependent on bone structure and ligament insertion points. Oly weightlifting is a far better test of explosive ability.

I'd say its a good measure for athletic explosiveness given its use in sports

But i see what your saying in that it doesnt necessarily tell you how fast your muscles are... Some people leap well just because they are 60% legs in proportion. they are usually one leg jumpers.

not long at all desu, i think my wingspan is around 6'4 - 6'5, didnt measure

5'7 and yes

Block cleans work pretty well

>Jumping isn't a great measure of explosiveness anyway
cope more u pathetic kid lmfao

I'm 6'5, decently Veeky Forums but I was never in to basketball.
How would one exercise to be able to dunk?
I just want to do it to demoralize the occasional street players

probably you should just learn to jump properly, just watch some tutorials on how to jump off one foot or two feet

>intentionally staying dyel to impress apes with your sportball skills

At that height just lose weight

You're only going to impress fat children. There's 10 year old kids that will break your ankles

I fucking wish. Every single day I look up at the rim and think to myself "you fucking loser lebron dunked when he was 6 years old" and I jump as high as I can and headbutt the rim as punishment. Many people here struggle getting into girls holes but that's never been the problem. The hoop is my girls hole. I had a dream a couple of weeks ago where I was throwing down windmills and when I woke up I immediately got on "the rack" and slept there elongated by machinery to remind myself of my shortcoming. At this point I'd settle for throwing an oop but all the dunkers are off getting every pussy and slamming it like a DeAndre Jordan bunny. Sometimes I set a camera up and jump off a ladder so that I can have better visualization of what life could be like if I wasn't such a massive failure.
Fuck you op

yea nigga i can dunk chyea grab the ball nigga and put it thru da hoopz white boy dont know da struggle


>can Veeky Forums dunk?
No one here is black or 6’7+

Guy in OP’s pick doesn’t have the trajectory to be able to dunk. He will get stuffed by the rim

if you are 6'2+ and cant dunk you should re-evaluate your life, you're basically immobile if you cant jump ~25 inches

7'6" standing reach
I can grab the rim with one hand