The roastie thing is a meme, it's a lottery, some vagainas are like that

The roastie thing is a meme, it's a lottery, some vagainas are like that.
My mom for example has a pussy like a baby, you can't see the labia
Yet my sister has a big labia even when she was a virgin
Same as the "uncut dicks smell" thing
I am cut and mine smells in just two days of not showering while my the dick of my father, who only showers once a week, never smells.

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how the fuck do you know what their vaginas look like

>a thread died for this shit tier non-fit related nonsense, kys

Explain yourself OP

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gonna need an explanation, OP

You must have a very open minded family

>current year
>not being into incest

The vagaina of my mom and sister looks too stil like new.

My mother and sister both have those closed vags. I think it's just genetic

sage this bait

also wtf mods, where are you

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>ITT: Incest fantasies

in my case just naturalism

>My mom's vagina looks like a baby's

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The vagina thing ok, i can take it, it's common here. But how tf do you know how your dad's dick smells?

Hidden, reported, saged. Go to fag.

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Stop posting fucking shit offtopic /r9k/ threads you deficient mongoloid. No one wants you here nor finds your threads entertaining.

Great copypasta

It's sad that this low quality bait works now...

Fuck all you newfags

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True, like some guys are just born with beautiful, powerful thick cocks.

It's just the way it is. Loose vaginas don't particularly turn me on but I'll still go down if it's reciprocated

>posts Twitter meme
>calls others newfags

I've accidentally seen my sister's vagina when I was little. I burst into the bathroom right as she was getting out of the shower and saw the hairiest fucking thing ever. Now I'm gay.