Tfw day 2 of hangover

>tfw day 2 of hangover

I drank Friday night and felt like complete shit yesterday and today I'm still feeling the hangover feeling, should I lift anyways?

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no lifting, hydrate yourself and rest.


I always lift on the second hangover day. Also depends on your volume. 5x5 fucks the central nervous system more so you need to be in better shape than for the other stuff.

>2nd hangover day

Do you guys drink a shit load? How do you have a 2 day hangover?

>2 days

what drugs did you take

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Did a bunch of coke and drank a lot of beers

i would lift on the second hangover day, unless its puking kind of hangover

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No there's no nausea I'm just feeling exhausted and mentally zoned out still

>2 day hangover
this can only happen if you do a load of drugs or drank heavily for like 24 hours straight lol

Weak genes. I drink 1.75L of either whisky or tequila Friday and Saturday once a month. Never wake up with a hang over or feeling like shit. Weak bodies and shit genes m9.

I drank for like 12 hours straight and hardly slept at all the next day, got 2 hours of half ass sleep

If I get really drunk I don't feel great for 2 days usually. If I go out Saturday then Sunday is gone. I can't stay asleep for long so I get maybe 5 hours of sleep while feeling terrible. I get some food and feel a little better but that's still not enough. I pass out around 2 or 3 in the afternoon from a lack of sleep before and end up waking up 6-8 hours later. This fucks my sleep for the next day and makes Monday miserable as well.

My hangovers were so bad that I quit drinking for good. I know it's common during or after a bad hangover to think "NEVER again" but I haven't touched a drop of booze in about two years. Used to drink for the confidence boost and it made me a little more chatty, but getting fit and being 6'5 gives me enough confidence as is, and I just needed to actually learn some things to talk to people about. Also seeing how alcohol and drugs affect others in my family, it's not worth it.

This is a little unrelated, but I'm 4 days into alcohol withdrawal (addict trying to stop), and my fucking hormones are all over the god damn place. I'm anxious and emotional as shit, don't know what to do and have a shitton of drive to DO something. I already worked out. Maybe I'll just go again.

Go for a long walk. Live near any forests? Those are the best, if not I hope you live in a decent neighborhood. Just walk until all urges leave and then head home. Fresh air + Vitamin D is the best treatment you can find.

>tfw extreme alcohol lightweight (only takes 2-3 shots worth to get me buzzed, maybe 5 to get drunk) and if i get drunk ill usually throw up and lose the entire next day due to hangover so i barely drink


Every time I drink I don't feel back to normal for 2 days

Do NOT lift when you're hungover, trust me. I did it last week and spent the entire day feeling like I was about to throw up, luckily I didn't but boy oh boy did it make me feel even worse.

Did that NPC eat a poisoned apple?