Manlets can’t look huge

>manlets can’t look huge

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Manlets are the only ones who look huge 90% of the time, guys over 6' are bean poles

Everyone knows Manlets can look huge, but will never actually be huge

Said nobody ever

>shortening your life span by 20 years and reducing quality of life for 40 years to impress a bunch of randoms on the internet

Dont these roidfags ever think for a moment, is this actually worth it? No? I just dont understand their mindset.

Disclaimer: Not talking about professional athletes who only work for 5-10 years and earn 10s/100s of millions of dollars, they earn all that shit then get off everything. You aint earning shit, you're working some shitty 9-5er like every other failed normie

MasT we know it's you, stop posting this. 2016 was a dark time when you posted outside of /fraud/

>below 6'0

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This is what bodybuilders want you to think is “aesthetic”

now post a picture next to a grown up, see how "huge" you look

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Well it's better than those bloated gut monsters..

Literally no one has ever said that in the history of the universe

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Dutch buddy's heart must fucking hate him.

Calum is 6'2" faggot

King of Manlets

>being a sub 6'3" manlet in the netherlands


I'd take being manlet over being subhuman Dutch any day

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holy fuck
>be a normal 5'9" manlet
>train really hard
>get huge
>still look like a child
When will they learn?

A good natty looks better than a roided gymcel, you can tell instantly because of the meme traps

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4/7 cope

coping hard

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>Dutch detected
I don't hate you guys personally, I know you didn't choose to be born as the most rodent like form of humans.
However on behalf of the world I ask that you stick to breeding with your cousins to make more marshmallow faced offspring in your own territory and not subjecting the rest of the world to your awfulness

>leans a foot forward
>still does picture tilt editing
you can literally see the left paint line unaligned

what a fucking cope

everyone says manlets can look huge easily, that's the only reason anyone would ever want to be a manlet, so you can look ripped without the same time and dedication as a fully grown man would

This is also one of those things that women seem to sense.
Having 17" biceps at 6'4" is way more attractive to most women than 21" biceps at 5'7"

guy on the right is 6'2. left is 7'2

When in reality its pure cope

The shorter guy looks fucking massive there, are you fucking serious? The guy next to him is like 7' tall and yet the other one's shoulders are wider than his. Who is he?

>doesn't know big ramy

>21" biceps at 5'7"
Of course women would prefer the tall Chad. Such ridiculous proportions on a manlet makes you look like a baloon and fucking screams insecurity and cope. Rather be a normie shortling, females would actually take you more seriously

Stop pushing this meme. If you have a shortcoming, it is better to try to make up for it than not. Literally everyone thinks this way, naturally. Yes, women do not like swolelets, but they still do not dislike them as much as they dislike regular manlets.

lmao he looks like a dwarf

who are these bitches anyway?

You can look huge in pictures as long as you don't stand next to a normal height male

I can't hear you with Erdogan's dick in your mouth