"you can't get enough protein on a plant-based diet"

>"you can't get enough protein on a plant-based diet"

Checkm8, meatfags. Been cutting on this diet for months and am down to 190lbs from 225lbs and have never been stronger or healthier - blood pressure is 110/70, heart rate is 60bpm, energy is through the roof, and lifts are intermediate-advanced.

Remind me again why you eat meat?

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>whey protein

>plant-based diet
thinks whey protein/milk comes from plants. you're an idiot.

Plant based != vegan you mongs.

How does it differ from any other omnivorous diet? That you eat more veggies? People feel special about this?

A "plant based diet" covers everything from semi-vegetarian (i.e. "flexitarian") to vegan, and everything in between. Meat and meat-based foods are minimized or eliminated, and the focus is on whole and unrefined foods.

>unrefined foods
>whey protein
delete this thread and never post again faggot

>being dogmatic
>making it
choose one.

>Soy for breakfast
>Soy for dinner
Good luck lad

>2 CUPS of ground veggies
>1.4 CUPS cheese
>4 CUPS of spinach
>2 CUPS mushrooms

That's a lot of volume for breakfast. I think I'll stick with eggs and bacon.

dairy is not a plant

The "cheese" is actually the flavour of rice - I will normally make brown but on rushed days default to instant rice and have a stockpile of flavours.

Also, I do IF so breakfast is technically my lunch, lunch is my PWO, and dinner is dinner.

How did you make this chart?

Myfitnesspal, just took a screenshot and (poorly) cropped it.

Even if this is true, its incredibly retarded to classify it like this when it clearly implies coming-from-plants.

Also, it's equally retarded to assume people not on the veggie spectrum (cause apparently thats what it is now) would know this

Who cares soyboy

The protein is not coming from the plant based diet but instead from whey, remind me why you posted this shitty thread again?

>peanut butter
>ground veggies shit a shit ton of sodium
>"""plant based"""
You wot nigger.

The cheddar is rice. The ground veggies is soy-based ground beef substitute. The peanut butter is natural. Milk is vegetarian. Sodium doesn't matter unless you have hypertension. I don't see your criticisms.

Your definition of "plant based" is looser than your anus. No wonder people eventually complain about being unhealthy on a plant based diet if idiots like you exist.

>cheddar is rice

The majority of my protein is coming from a soy-based ground beef substitute that is tasty af. 25g is coming from whey.

I made it to show that you don't need meat to easily hit 200g+ of protons a day, or bodybuild in general.

It's pre-cooked instant rice with cheddar flavouring. I use it a couple times a week in place of brown rice for variety and convenience.

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>health markers in check
>low blood pressure
>low resting heart rate
>high fibre and micronutrient content
>macros in check
>lower risk of cancer
How is this "unhealthy" friendo?

Ill concede to you on that point,

This is in no way what you said in the OP. You said it was all plant based, and then went on to say it means focusing on non-processed foods.
Both of which aren't true

>its not bad for you until the damage is quantifiable

So literally an omnivore.... Like most of us are?

I feel our differences here are based on a differing definition of what a plant based diet is, where I view it as vegetarian (which I am following) as opposed to vegan (which may be a lay definition, but is not entirely accurate either).

As far as processed foods, substituting the soy "beef" for extra firm tofu makes the diet almost entirely unrefined, albeit with a bit less protein and a bit more fat.

You're like 17 right? Of course you're still healthy.
>very low vegetable variety
>no fruits
>processed shit
Your diet is fucking shit. Only good things are the spinach, mushrooms and oats.

Yes, but an omnivore with a focus on adhering to a vegetarian diet. Flexitarians might eat vegetarian/vegan 95% of the time but indulge in a pepperoni pizza after a night out with friends. I'd say omnivores will typically include a meat dish with most meals, whereas this typically isn't the case with flexitarians.

>literally just grain
LOL. But other than that meme, I agree. His diet is actually shit.

>substitute spinach with broccoli and carrots or a bag of mixed veggies
>substitute soy-meat with tofu or egg whites
>substitute instant rice with brown rice, or legumes
>substitute skim milk with soy/almond/cashew milk
>substitute whey protein with soy/pea protein

How would you feel about this in comparison?

All I can see from your post is that it's some inane term for people that more veggies so they feel like unique snowflakes. I can appreciate shades fo grey, but at the end of the day either you eat plant-based products or animal products, or you eat both. If both form an integral part of your diet (as it does on the OP's pic) then you're an omnivore.

Besides, "plant-based" dieting just sounds like vegetarianism for people without an ethical backbone.

>Somehow just realized that

Jesus christ that's actually a ton of food to sit down and eat. Fucking 4 cups of spinach? You have to vaccuum that shit down if you actually have a job.

>makes rules
>doesn't follow them
>call someone dogmatic when somebody calls you out on your bs

Just realized that this entire thread was bait.

Oats and whole grains in general are great.

lets see what happens when you try to bulk

>lifts are intermediate-advanced
>nigga has a 300kcal lunch

Post your pic fatso

>creamy cheddar
>skim milk
You don't have a 'plant based diet' you faggot, please kill yourself now.

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Macros look quite good desu

>9,4 cups of food
>2,2L of volume
>1kg in weight
>for breakfast

do you realise most people feel full after around 1 L of volume of food? average stomach size is like 1.5 to 2 L with a maximum for Fat people of 3-4 L

imagine the trud you have to produce and pass to get rid of all that matter every day.

I do IF so my "lunch" is actually a pre-workout shake.

I plan on increasing the amount of oats I eat, adding some oil to my main meals, and eating a lot more peanut butter (add to oats, add more in shakes, spoon fulls for a snack, etc.).

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Keep the spinach, add some fruits and never eat the same foods all the time. Variety is a dogma of good diet, get zucchini/eggplant/garlic/onions/potatoes/kale/sweetpotatoes etc. etc. in there.