How many pull ups you can do in one set? Im thinking about doing one set to failure couple times a day...

How many pull ups you can do in one set? Im thinking about doing one set to failure couple times a day, every day to get better at them.

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several sets a day bellow your max reps is better than 1 set to failure.

read the sticky.

I can do 13, strict.

bout tree fiddy

When I was 9, I could do at least 18

I weight 88kg.

I weight 95kg, pure muscle mass and I can do 50 in a row.
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I tested just now and also hit 13, although at a lightweight 69 kg. That's up a bit in weight and a few reps from the last time I checked, though, so I'm getting stronger. I don't do much to train in this movement: one set a few reps (to failure) of weighted pullups and then one ultra-slow pullup to failure immediately afterwards, once or twice a week. If numbers were my goal, I would do something different, e.g. the Fighter Pull-Up Program.

Elite gymnastics athletes do about 40 pull-ups at most, and the max score at the military is 20 reps, you're a full of shit

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My record is 52 in a row.

I have been doing 80 pullups per day 3-4x a week for the last 6 years.

Kippings and kick ups aren't pullups.

My gym has a fucking 15 year old who can do 60 with 10kg attached. You must be a fucking twink if you think 50 is what a real man can do, back in 2012 I could do at least 93 wake me up in the middle of the night. Pussy bitch I don't know if you're just memeing or something but you need to really take another look at yourself


>I can do more than zdeno chara
Why lie user, we're not gonna laugh at you, pull ups are hard

You're all fucking pathetic, I can do 147 in a row with strict form.

>not doing at least 1x200 a day
I thought this was a fitness forum?

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Combination of being about 10kg overweight and having a weak back

I know.
Doen't change the fact that kipping pullups aren't real pullups.

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How did you know that?
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I tried the other day and can do 11 with strict form at 74kg.

does nobody care about pull-up form or is everyone here lying?
8 max, maybe 9 by the way

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Look at this faggot, I can to at least 250 pull ups without stopping even if I'm fucking wasted on shots and ketamine with an angry dog trying to bite my legs the whole time, everyone else in the world but me should kys

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I can do 10 with 1pl8
>tfw been doing pullups on and off since 13



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84kg, started training 6 months ago but it took me almost 2 months to be able to do sets of pull ups

Great job man, most normies your weight can't do one!

I just got 12 full ROM pull ups, 175lbs (79kg) 6'2" (188cm). How am I doing comparatively

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No, I'm just giving you some advice.

To be honest I don't know, usually if I am trying to do a set to failure I do chin-ups instead. I could probably get to 9 or 10 if I really pushed myself, I know I can do 10 chin-ups or more reliably.

I usually do 3 sets of 4 or 5 while very gradually adding weight, and I do pull-ups, chin-ups, then neutral grip. So, first set pull, second set chin, third set neutral. I think I just got up to about 25 pounds, slow progress. It's a nice feeling though, when you think about the percentage of the population that can barely do any at all.

Also I'm pretty small, 146 pounds (66 kg) and I'm a 5'6" Hypermanlet.

Listen to this guy OP, you're better off doing several sets at something like 50-80% of your max during the day. Grease the groove. I might have the numbers wrong but that's the basic idea if you just want to increase the number you're able to do.

you better post some fucking proof my dude

That'll make it easier to progress man, you'll be able to do 20 in a row in a few months if you push yourself. Push it to the limits!

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12 at 98kg

not that impressive but fuck it

I usually do around 5 or 6, for as many sets as i can. Usually around 6 or 7. Then i do 2 or 3 sets of chin ups after i cant complete a full set of 5 pullups

Thanks man. We can all make it.

how do you spread your sets?

No you can't, stop larping you fuckwit.

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Don't go to failure. Look up "grease the groove"

You mean 45lbs, not 135 lbs, right user?

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I can do 10 pull ups with 20kg attached. My bw is 83kg at 5'9".

Thanks for sharing

15 strict

When do you guys start doing weighted pull ups?
When you're able to do 10-12?

>having to ask

Good work man, keep going

I weigh 92kg and it is rather hard for me to do more than two in a row. Mind you, I do my reps rather slowly.

Is there something I should be doing to improve more?

>being this mad about pullups
kys two of you

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roughly 14 hollowbody pullups, its better to just do a normal pullup workout then do a set to failure at the end, just doing one set to failure is useless.

I started because I was doing one of those bodyweight routines and the jump from wide pull ups to archer pull ups seemed surprisingly difficult. I could do 3 sets of 8 wide-handed pull ups but the archer pull ups kicked my ass. So I just started adding weight instead and I ended up lowering the sets to 4-5 reps.

Some people just can;t take the bants around here kek.

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1.84 88kg 6 months training cant even do one
what am i doing wrong?

I can do about 10 or 11 dead hang, I think. I just started doing large pyramids of pullups on Wednesdays and Saturdays, gonna get good at them again. My best is 21 straight, that was 4 years ago though.

Training them three times a week, four sets with the last one to failure and last I checked I could do 16-17.

16 pull ups
21 chin ups
but then again I'm 69kg

slow negatives (jump/cheat and lower yourself)

How do you guys do pull ups? I pull my eyes to about hand level then dip to just below my arms being 90 degrees and go back up. Should I be going back to full hang each rep?

pull my chest up to my hands, the top of the knuckle should be around the middle of the pec

also yeah full hang, and it should be slow, no swinging around

depends on your goals, I think. I try to do them with the biggest range of motion I can, from dead hang to chin above the bar/chest to the bar, but the bottom half is much easier that the top half for me

you should follow the military/police standards for a pull-up

8 but I couldn't even do 1 around two months ago

I try to do dead hang and then pull the bar to my collarbone or lower

do you think that the convenience of ding just 1 set to failure every day can balance it out for consistency in the long term? one set can be completed a lot quicker rapidly than several because there is no rest time needed and since it is going to failure, it also helps track progress

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Pull-ups are weird. I'll do 8x4 with no problems, but if I try to do 10x3 it's fucking super hard after the first set once I get to 7-8 reps.

It's like I'm on cruise mode til the 7th rep then my body weight doubles and my arms turn to lead

Some days I can do 5+, some days I struggle to get 3. I don't know what the fuck is wrong with me.

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I can do 50 scapula pulls too user, nothing impressive.



I can do 12.

considering most people can't do any, and that i can only do 4 that's pretty good.

5'10 210lbs I can do 10

when I was 170lbs I could do 15

I started at 10
Look up Armstrong Advanced pull up program

While in the marines at my best I could do 22 legit ones for my pft but now I could do about 12-15

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>tfw 98kg
Started gym 4 months ago, I'll get there, right ?


23 homie

Im 78kg. I can get around 19-20 pull ups with decent form and about 23-24 chin ups. I can also do 3 pull ups with 65 kg.

I do 3x10 with 30 lbs

Novice bodyweightfag here (no routine, I just make pullups, squats, pushups and planks when I feel like that), I can do 14. I weight about 80 kgs at 185 cm height.

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ALL of you who fucking say >20 are fucking liars or not doing full range of motion form

if you are not starting from a dead hang every rep it doesnt count as a rep

if you use your legs for momentum it doesnt count as a rep

>20 pullups is advanced

how about you kids do some proper form instead of cheating yourselfs and lying fuk sakes

kipping pull ups or butterfly pull ups?

I only do wide grip, strict form from deadhang is 9

faggot I did that with weights attached when I was 16


How’s CrossFit going pal? What your flailing, fish out of water, epileptic looking ass calls fifty pullups I lovingly refer to as “ZERO”.

Here’s a comic for your childish ass to enjoy since you clearly enjoy fiction so much.

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Just did 5

Bro do negatives. Like stand on a box and resist lowering. Also once you gas out on those can do inverted rows. But there's no substitute for just doing more pull ups.

When I was 2 I could do 56 while fingering your grandson

I've been lifting for quite a while and still can't do more than 5 proper chinups despite having them in my program. Shit's hard.

pffft, I can do 51


Gained 35 lbs in 4 months eating like a fatass and didn’t keep up with pull ups at all, but did other back work. Did some the other day and got 10 strict. Most I have done in the past is 12