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Raise your expectations.

Leave your shitposting and projection at the door.

All equipment and divisions welcome.

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Ive been working to max and doing a couple of backoff sets every day for my squat and alternating between front and back for a while now. Honestly feels fucking great, I gave it a miss for a long time because of comments here and other places.

Guess it just makes me realise that everyone is different and you should try out things yourself. Who would have guessed?

ok raffy

>weighted dip strength has surpassed bench strength
Don't fall for dips, they have no carry over!!

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How do I stop hurting my back while benching with my heels up?

I've been running 5/3/1 for a good half a year now and am in love with the program.

That being said, holy shit is Wendler an abrasive, cringy, dogmatic piece of shit (particularly in T-Nation forums). Dude constantly shits on people for asking completely valid questions and gets pissy when you don't follow the protocol laid out in 5/3/1 Forever, which in some cases directly contradicts what he has written in previous books.

Can't stand this cunt.

>Can't stand this cunt.
Just like a good father. He tells you what you need to hear, not what you want.

Keep the bar over your upper back / shoulders and change how you arch, as you may be painfully compressing your spine instead of just naturally arching it.

My guesse

>I've been running 5/3/1 for a good half a year now and am in love with the program.
ok raffy

>be 20
>high test
>unlimited good sleep
>gaining weight, 83kg
>squats on SS are starting to stall at 107.5kg working sets

well I guess I'll never LP to 140kg time to kill myself

I wanted to start my training journal on some forum, what website has currently best community to do it?

Quick poll, who's more attracted to narcissistic young Arnie than humble Eddie Hall?

what height are you in addition to yours 83kg

inb4 6'2



I'm 5'10

not me



What do you mean they have no carry over?

He's bad at bench and wants to cry about it.

My dips got good but my bench didn't improve because of them

If you wanna cry about your bad bench, don't project it into me :)

bench carries over to dip but not vice versa

bench more


is there anything y'all do for stretching/mobility? I do limber 11 once a day and some lax ball glute rolls before I squat, but wondering if there's anything I can do to be more flexible

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Am I being memed? I'm eating enough so that I'm gaining 1.5lb a week. Isn't any more just fatfucking myself?

They have great carryover to the overhead press :^)
Learn to arch correctly. Stop cranking your back and start lifting your chest

Why do you want to be more flexible?

I'm 173cm 75kg and do 105kg*5 squat. You need to eat more

Why do my elbows crackle like rice krispies when I do a reverse flex?

im a wagecuck working an office job that requires me to be sitting for hours at a time

i try to get up and go for a short walk through my office every few hours, but still feel tightness in my glutes/knees sometimes. looking to find something that I can supplement my current stretching program with

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Max bench is 320
About to finish another cycle of Nuckols 3xbench Int medium
wondering when to swtich to 3xbench int high and/or when to switch to 3x adv?

"No one owns a room by the way they look"
typical gymcel roidcel cope lol, tell that to Alain Delon when he was discharged from the Navy, went to Paris and got the whole damn town eating out of his hands and hooked up with an actress who was insecure of him leaving her even though he had nothing to his name and she was a famous actress. just lol buddy boyo it's all about the FACE

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Am I really getting advice from a fucking noob too? Jesus Christ

Alain Delon was the whole package tho, not just the face.

Yeah, in modeling pics and media.
Even then, any fugster can be made attractive

Also, you're both right.
Your look is important.
The guy in the OP is all about being big and intimidating, and you're all about DA FACE.
But it's also about presentation and how you carry it.
Even in your post, the way he's presented and the way you unintentionally state that the person had a certain personality that made him valuable.

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the guy in the OP is a fucking beta who wears a hoodie with his hood up in interviews

>107.5kg working sets
>high test


How do i lose calves muscles? They are fucking huge bricks of mass muscles. I want to thin them out but i have no idea how...

not the same guy

>wanting smaller calves

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Listen brainlet, despite the fit memes, test means nothing for strength. I physically had hormones tested for a different reason so I know I am high test and still weak.
I bet you think injecting test makes you super strong too.



Is more volume appropriate for front squats and overhead presses since they aren't as taxing as squat/bench?

I'm water fasting 72h a week and eating 500 calories a day on food days. They only got more defined but it doesn't seem to decrease at all... (been doing this for 1 month and 14 days)
Guys they are really big and i don't like how they look, i dont want small faggy calves but i'd like them to be a bit smaller and not so bulky like a huge fucking brick.

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That advice would still be sound even if it came from a 95lb dyel.
Eat more

Anyone else notice how sensitive plg is now compared to the early years?

Everyone is so butt hurt around here lol


thats because everyone here is fat -> high estrogen


The unwise person is you, you should give advice instead of throwing shit words around.

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I might be a noob, but I do have better stats then you

this isn't qtddtot. this is plg

qtddtot is filled with retards... i thought plg would have sensible informed people.

You have a better squat, I'm doing different programming for my other lifts. I highly doubt you pull or press as much. I never understand why noobs give advice so soon.

I'm just trying to LP my squat.

Unironically bodybuilding.com and their bodyspace app.

ok dipshit. the only way of getting smaller is to cut, and you already do that. what more do you want to hear?

I concur, Bodybuilding.com is amazing to track everything, you'll even get qt thots to comment and mire your progress, even if you're fat

Post lifts

I want to get smaller in my calves, not everywhere else. I'm a newbie and i admit it, thought there was a specific training or lack of, to target calves.

this has to be a bait

If you're unironically this stupid I can tell you the reason they look like that are genetics. It is the shape of your muscle. You can't stretch it out longer acroos the bone, you can just make it bigger or smaller in the same shape.

No man really, i'm a noob, and i've been dealing with this calves issue where i cant even buy cool pants because either they look like shit or it barely fits.
Yeah, my mother has the same problems, she cant wear some boots because her calves are too big. Before asking here i've googled it and there were nonconclusive answers like 'try jogging' or 'get surgery'

fk off shill



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where should I be pausing with the bar for paused bench? should I be resting the bar on my chest or just pause with it above my chest and holding tension the whole time?

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below the chest

The real question is why do paused bench? We don't pause longer than it takes to say press. No clapping, no 2-3 second pause.

Paused bench is the former, spoto press is the latter

Good for practicing keeping tightness when the bar is on your chest and good for developing raw pressing strength due to eliminating stretch reflex

"According to actor Jean Claude Brialy, when Alain Delon arrived in Paris completely unknown he hypnotized everyone by his beauty when he entered bars and restaurants, wives, husbands, young girls, dogs, everybody in shock, in an interview before Brialy's death he said he had never seen such a phenomenon again."

When he returned from the Navy and Indochina he befriended a leader of the Corsican mafia who introduced him to the head in Marseille, the latter treated him as his son. French screenwriter Pascal Jardin said he was the only man who made him want to become a woman in order to know him better. The Italian director Count Visconti repeatedly stated Delon was his muse and "beauty itself" and reportedly he played the piano to put him to sleep when they were shooting Rocco and His Brothers. It seems all the people in the industry across Europe were stunned by his beauty

when was the last time a gymcel received treatment of this level from other earthcels? just lol. A shame that young Jim Wendler was Chaddy looking, he looks like a bloatmaxxed Chino Moreno now.

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hmm ok. feels like I lose all my tension when the bar is on my chest. is that normal or is my form garbage

Don't let the bar sink, keep it barely in contact with your shirt, also make sure you're nice and tight with your set up before you unrack it

You just need to do reverse calf raises mate, easy peasy

The modelling industry and mafia are run by a bunch of homos, fantastic news.

>20 year old 83kg lifter stalling at 2pl8 and change
>high test and eating right
only one of these things is true

It's not eliminating stretch reflex unless he completely deloads the bar on his body. Pin press or floor press will serve this purpose better. Also, don't say raw, it doesn't matter.

If high test was that important, gym bros who roid to the gills would be strong as fuck but they're not.

Based on what evidence?

Nice cope.

Why do pause squats if you don't need to pause in competition?
Assistance moves should target a weak skill, exaggerated pause benching is good for practicing keeping tension on the chest and avoiding any squish.


the amount of test isnt the only factor

the ability to use the test is also important; androgen receptor density. You could have low amount of test but high androgen receptor density so you would have the symptoms of a high test person. You could have low density and have high test and not get any benefit of having high test lmao

generally the freaks have naturally high test and high amount of density. Bryce lewis has measured low test for example and he squats over 300kg

It is eliminating the stretch reflex by going to a complete stop, it doesn't matter that it's not completely deloaded on his body. When you do pause squats you're not completely deloading the weight into your body and yet it eliminates the stretch reflex.

>Pin press or floor press is better
It depends on the needs of the lifter

>when was the last time a gymcel received treatment of this level from other earthcels? just lol.
WHAT THE FUCK is wrong with you?

Are you that dense and gay that you don't understand the context of the OP?

Stretch reflex lasts about 6 seconds so pause bench doesnt eliminate it

lmao i watched louie say the same the other day

Anyone ever completely dropped back squats for a few months and just SSB/front squat only?

Need a new bench press program, I think I need a pause of nuckols, things aren't really going forward anymore.

I mean, I butchered the program a little - basically I ran week 3 of his x3 high program over and over, but replaced Friday with the medium's AMRAP approach to testing progression. So I tested with that weekly and either kept weights the same or improved them.
Worked very well but now I am kind of stalled and it's probably time to try something different.
What's hip currently?

c6w's extended squats but instead you run it for bench

I got that number from cws actually

yeah louie says it also depends on how explosive you are; being more explosive meaning the stretch reflex lasts less long

You mean the 9 week squat program?
Have you tried that or what makes you think it would work well for bench?

About to start Sheiko, anybody have any personal experience or tips for the program? Looking to be doing it 5 days a week, sometimes twice a day if possible.

I got a problem:
Im on a Beyond 531 Version (the one from Powerliftingtowin) and Squat and Bench are going nowhere. For SBD im around 200/300/410 or ~90/130-135/185-195kg. I did a reset 2 weeks ago but it didnt really help.

Any suggestions?

BTW: Im 6'0 (184cm) and around 180 (or 80kg) @ 20% bf

Thanks if anyone can help

>90kg squat
>130kg bench

Fuck got the numbers wrong of course its 90 for bench and 130 for squat

My exact question

Is he right /plg/? Y/n and also post your bench.

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No, 150