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Not technically in college but about to choose. Does USC have nice gyms?

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>tfw rejected by USC this morning
I'm at 12 and counting. Praying that the Ivies at least give me a chance goddamn

Same here breh. But I got great options so I'd be happy either way. USC has actually been my dream school for awhile but everyone pushed me to apply to elites just cause of my test scores. Where'd you apply?

any UCL man in?? hate this place and cannot wait to graduate

I did mostly East and West Coast schools. Applied to Harvard early but was deferred. Accepted to UT Dallas but with no merit scholarship despite having 99th+ percentile test scores, good GPA, tons of extracurriculars, and 5s on most APs. This process fucking sucks, and I feel bad knowing that I won't be happy again until I get what I want.

ucla senior here. Got into all UCs + USC but have always liked UCLA more. Cal is nerdy as fuck and cal goggles so... ucla it was! Best decision desu.


Santa Clara University, anyone?


>applied to harvard

kill yourself

>its another "fit is full of high schoolers" thread


>when you replace the 5 benches, 3 deadlift zones and 5 squat racks for 4 benches, 7 deadlift zones and 8 squat racks
>tfw benches are always packed
I hate this school sometimes

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Cant wait to watch you guys get destroyed again in football

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Man I hope we start Ian Book next year. Winbush blew the Miami game and almost blew the bowl game.

Didn't go to USC but spent a lot of time there in hs because my club water polo coach is the head coach there. Super nice gym imo

fuck y'all

WE are the real UMD

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beware: lower "top 25" schools are n o r m i e c e n t r a l

not fun, esp USC if you're a robot

Anyone else in Chico? I think I'm the only one

Fuck off faggot they made a great choice doing that

Don't you have a student body of like 50,000?

Terps are the lowest form of life. Literal subhumans.

That sounds amazing


College is for spoiled children and fags.

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UCF bro here. It's always a wait in line for the bench press, but the additions of more deadlift platforms is amazing. But they took away the decline benches, which is unforgivable.

You are one to talk lmao

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I probably bench more than you lmao

>"I probably bench more than you"
>Doesn't say how much he benches

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Must suck being poor.

Might be headed here in the fall. Anything I need to know?

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Daddy paying for school doesbt make you rich lol. You have no identity.

I'll cry myself to sleep once I come home from my six-figure job.

tfw international student and wanted to walk-on and play football there at Notre Dame but got rejected. Prospects for getting into Duke or Vanderbilt seem even lower. Looks like I won't be going to college :))))

Few things
>Fuck ASU
>Fuck Oregon
>Fuck USC

Decent rec center with all the needs to lift, lots of QTs, and the school is good with plenty of good people. Although the rec is regularly packed around the mid day so try going early morning or late at night. Currently doing criminal justice and the program is great.

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>he thinks hell make six figures straight out of college.

Lmfao. You still a bitch abd have no identity tho lo

Started at Csu Chico and transferred to USC

Miami University (Ohio). Any other Redhawks?

Chico here,
If you go to csuchico don't know if I should risk it and ask you to help me bench.

nice cope

usc gyms are nice but crowded with chads and high tier normies. the late night crowd is all asian incels which is nice


Any Aggies want to chime in with how the rec is?
Got an assistantship and Starting my masters in Agosto, but never visited campus

Fuark forgot pic related

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who else /ithaca/ here? Too many roider fags and coping manlets in the gym here

former student here, took them for-fucking-ever to renovate the rec but it's pretty nice now. crowded as hell during peak hours but not too bad otherwise

checking in for my friend

he's a coping manlet

Thanks user

obligatory where the fuck my huskers at?

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12 rejections? did you apply in your state at all or are you international?

Not in school at the moment (gap year), but will start grad school at pic related in the fall of 2018.

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I applied to UT Austin and UT Dallas and got rejected by the former. Got into the latter but didn't receive merit aid at all. All the other schools are out of state, and I've been rejected by all of the ones that came in so far.

This feeling fucking sucks, and I'd very much like to earn just one good acceptance at this point. This is the first time that lifting hasn't helped me alleviate my pain.

how old are you, which state you live in? Go for the ones that are in-state since out-state are much more expensive

Anyone go to this wacky ass place? I'm about to start a PhD there and need to not get fat like all my friends who went to grad school

I wanna learn to surf, and I'll blow any big buff guy that wants to teach me, no homo

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If you’re in TX that’s probably what did you in. Tbh the only reason I got into some of the schools I’ve gotten into is because I’m from an underrepresented state desu

USC gyms/campus are nice, but area is shit. I'm at pic related

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Bruh what dorm

Keenan hall represent

I’m at UWO (UW Oshkosh).
I’m a cardio guy though, most weight training I can manage fine on bodyweight exercises.

UMD Alumni 2017!

Ohio University. Please respond

>not going to Syracuse

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Any Tar Heels here?

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Why not? If you're at the wrec you've probably seen me. I'm there pretty much every day


cool brother, i'm out of hear next spring. What was your major and how are you doing now?

I'm CS and getting nervous about interviewing for full time jobs soon ( actually cap 1 has already started )

Who here

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Texas, lad. Some, if not most, of the schools remaining offer a much better financial package than UTD, but I really don't know if I'll be getting into any.

Yeah, I feel like I'd have much better luck if I lived elsewhere. The only people I know who have gotten to where I want to be so far are minority kids or people who chose really odd majors like philosophy.

Forgot to mention that I recently turned 18, was actually deferred on my birthday lmao

holy fuck, that's scary. I usually go 4-5 times a week.
I'm pretty sure I'm loneliest guy in the gym, specially over the weekends.

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>going to canadian school
prepare to have your gpa fucked into oblivion while americucks get 4.0s for attending lecture

at least canadian school is cheap...

Any Delawarefags here or am I entirely alone? There were so many new yearsfags clogging up the Bob back in February, I had to switch over to working out at a friend's dorm gym to avoid the masses.

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ARC is pretty good so try getting housing close to that. There are few CampusRec classes ranging from rock climbing to scuba diving so look into those.

UNM's gym is pretty average and crowded my guy

go to ithaca?

OP USC has two excellent gyms finally. I go in Monday-Friday lmk if you need a lifting buddy

>he doesn't lift at a catholic gym

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umd frat brah checkin in

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Any Florida bros?

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Nobody attends my school

Oakland University checking in

Sup? We suck at football.

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San Diego state checking in. ARC isn't bad for 19 a month

UCF area Youfit master race

>way less people
>almost all the same shit
>still get the college fit qts

i have a membership from when i'm home so it just works out great.

bump for my college lads

Ew yea I don't work out at Johnson the hours are fucking trash

I was there for OPE last month. Fun small town but all of my uber drivers literally smelled like straight up diarrhea

Dillon brah

ND, USC, UNC and Duke are probably my favorite schools for having both great academic programs and great athletic/rec sports culture. Schools that are probably filled with the most intelligent chads desu

Anyone /Princeton/ here?
Fuck Dillon and its shortage of squat racks. Also fuck all the DYEL asian manlets who clog the place up.

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Any Rochester fags here? How is it? Planning on getting my Materials Science degree after Arizona State

>and for the low low price of 10 bucks a month
YouFit masterrace

UT Austin is a great school, better than UT Dallas.

that sucks bro. ND has one of the best walk-on football programs. They regularly give athletic scholarships to good walk-ons. One of my friends Chris Fink got it last year and he's been getting lots of playing time.

went to USC film school. they just added a new gym this year, both are within a block within each other. pretty sure there's 6 power cages in each gym. You'll wanna do Lyon Center if you live on Campus or go to the Village gym if you live there

Come to Berkeley, where hopes, dreams, and GPAs come to die.

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Hey another berkeley fella. Well we're getting a major upgrade to the gym weight rooms literally now, so that's something to be excited about in your otherwise pathetic life.

Oh shit, I haven't heard about that. Is that upgrade for RSF or Memorial?

On a related note, I saw them wheeling one of these pic related things into the back at Memorial on Friday, know what's up with that?

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rsf is gay as heck my nigga

Nah idk what that's about

RSF and memorial. RSF is apparently getting 9 more power racks, which is basically doubling the number of racks. I'm excited as fuck about that. Also some new machines and shit i don't care about.

not wrong.

>9 more power racks
wtf i love carol christ now

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