Tanning for aesthetics


It is commonly suggested a tan is the aesthetic for a Veeky Forums body. I live in a cold country, so have no chance of a tan 90% of the year.
Best method of tanning?
Are tanning pills bullshit? Theres alot out there so could do with some advice?

Also tanning beds, I feel faggotty using one so id rather not have to have an autistic conversation with Stacy gaining advice on them.

What do i need and for how long.

Thanks bro

t. Pale Autist

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Imagine the smell in that tanning bed


one bushel carrots a day

Imagine being such a fucking thot that you can't even lie in a tanning booth without stopping to take a selfie.

Is it weird to want to fuck in a tanning bed?

Is it weird to want to fuck small animals?

OP here

My ex used to send me selfies of her on the tanning bed. Maybe when I make it she will come back and advise me.

Inb4 post them, I deleted them to avoid masturbating over a woman who doesnt want me anymore.

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Never heard of tanning pills. I never spent my sheckles on tanning oils either. Hanging out with Stacy and her friends in the waiting room can be fun if you can make eye contact, smile, and simply say hello. Just don't over do it. Going tanning too much can be bad

The front desk person will set you up. They'll put a time limit on you since it's your first time to make sure you don't burn. Quit being scared and just walk in

Lay outside for 45 mins a day, flip halfway.
Or go running couple times a week shirtless with short shorts sometime near noon

Enjoy your tan but realize we’re probably getting skin cancer from it

I miss the days when I was fooling around with this girl that worked at a tanning salon and I'd get free tans.

They weren't really free. I had to put in the work and pretend that I really liked her and try to get to third/home base regularly. She was chubby with no ass, but those titties!

I want to suck on that girls tongue and tongue her ass in that tanning booth.

>i can't read the post

Cool story grandpa, can I go now?

if I were a hot girl I'd take nude selfies all the fucking time what are you on dude

Tanning pills are a meme. Tanning beds work but enjoy your cancer and early wrinkles.

Are tanning beds worse for you then the sun? i.e maintaining the same tan? I can live with looking wrinkly when im old as shit. Ill still have less chance if cancer then someone who lives in a hot country, I tan pretty easily just not in a sunless country.

>tfw you take the moral high road for your mental and emotional health
>years later, fuck I wish I still had those pics now that feels are gone

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>best method of tanning
>i wrote it

Tan during the 10% it's sunny, or just buy a tan spray and spray yourself.

Tanning is horrible for your skin. Wear sun screen everyday. Stay pale and have great skin for life. Take on a skin care routine if you have not already.

Just use a gradual tanning lotion, it won't give you cancer.

>denying glycogen, fliber, more vitamin A and taste in sweet potato for some crunchy, dirty, orange sugar dildo

smfh, Fucking Pleb

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>no eye protection

Tanning beds are for fucking faggots and cunts


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I looked up a few skincare routines but they all just seemed to be shilling me for products.

Using a basic exfoliator daily.

Imform me if theres anything major i can do.

still spotty at 23, worse since i statted high protein diet... thought a tan would help this too

>Making yourself more attractive to women is for faggots

t. incel

Depends what type of skin you have.

Does your skin react to basic or acidic things?
Is it sensitive in general? Blemishes?
Oily or dry? Note if your skin flakes it doesn't always mean your skin type is dry.

I hate this kind of lifestyle. Don't do it you'll get cancer. Literally 7 year old kids die of throat cancer and come from a smoke free home, if you think you can avoid cancer your an idiot.

goddamn look at this naked WHORE

My skin is pretty much a trooper, Very rarely rashy, Used to get cystic spots - occasionally get a moderate version of this. Would say my skin is oiky generally.

thanks user!

I am not
But you can't read or are just ignoring OP's point. He can't tan outside most of the year because of where he lives. So laying outside 45 mins a day won't work. Hence him introducing the idea of a tanning bed.

I recommend the following before bed routine:

Cerave foaming cleanser, Nip + Fab Glycolic Fix Night Pads Extreme, Cerave Skin Renewing Night Cream

Thanks user, May the gods of gains smile down upon you

theres some shit you can inject that gives you a nice tan

dont remember what its called but a bro of mine used it and got aesthetic as fuark

Melanotan II

And unto ye! Uh yeah the lactic acid in those pads makes your face smooth as shit. It erased the lines on my fucking neck and forehead.

Tanning is GOAT for clear skin if roiding.


Do I wear sunglasses in a tanning booth? Do you tan naked or in swimwear? I need to start going because I never see the sun due to my work shift.

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if you are white dont go for excessive tanning, you are not meant for it and will look old and wrinkly pretty quickly

OPs post is fucking stupid though
>I can’t tan outside
>I’m too autistic to use a tanning bed
>how do I tan?

What’s the point of this thread then?

any /fraud/sters here that can give us a rundown?

Yeah, I stopped tanning entirely because I could tell it was starting to fuck my shit up. If you do tan, this is why it's so important to use a spray/oil so the color will last longer.

For me to tell anons that tanning is horrible for your skin and offer skincare advice. Wear sunscreen everyday.

Tanning are for degenerates and does not look aesthetic in any way.

I eanted advice from Autists, not tan shills.
Would you take medical advice from a woman whos greatest achievement is a certificate of attendance for the application of fake lashes?

People who are tan definitely do look more aesthetic

But still, the only advice you wanted was
>stop being autistic and just go into the tanning salon
What else did you expect?

Are tanning pills memes, the differences between the types.

How long i should be spending on the beds.

Are you unironically autistic?

Even if you don't get a dark tan, just a decent base color is much better looking than being pale.

>denying your whiteness
>denying your greatness
Be white and proud, user. There are so few of us left.

No only ironically

yeah theres so much stuff that allegedly cause cancer the only thing you can do is say well if i get cancer i get cancer desu
and guess what you usually dont get cancer from any of that because virtually everything has been blamed for causing cancer

Peptide that basically gives you a tanning 10x multiplier. Also gives you intense boners and makes some people more horny.

Has to be injected subq (usually in stomach fat) every couple days.

>"yes goy! buy my skin care products! your skin will be worse after you stop using them but that's great! just keep buying them forever!"

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B-but my skin is bad now.

advice not jew shilling pls

My dude I use this and it's wonderful. Look into adding a skin toner to your routine.

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This can be said about harsh products for acne but basic cleansers and moisturizers are important for skin care.

*breathes in*

don't start off with a high dose. you will get new moles that will never go away.
low and slow is best.

>when whites tan
does Jensen Ackles tan? Does Jared Leto, or Keanu Reeves? Stop tanning fools, just drink carrot and tomatoes blended up, the astaxanthin glow is all you need.

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Raw carrots clear estrogen from the body.

skincare is about trying ton of shit products until you find something that works for you

>does Jensen Ackles tan? Does Jared Leto, or Keanu Reeves?

Leto may look young, but he also looks effeminate and generally like shit. I know that's irrelevant to what you're saying but I had to get it off my chest.

just use self tanner? just order it online and do it yourself in your shower
just make sure not to fuck it up because then you're gonna look really patchy and disgusting

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>Implying being pale white isn't better

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pale girls? yes
pale guys? no

Even big alex has a tan in that pic user.

As stated, it's a peptide that you usually get in vials of 10mg and then cycle starting around .3mg/a day, slowly raising it as you go, depending on how fast you want results.

Beware of freckles and moles/mole enlargment

that isn't tanned, that's normal white

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Nah. You did the right thing. Begone with that thot for all time.

A stormy that is pro tanning thus anti white/ self loathing and somehow doesn't relate to Jews. The mental gymnastics you must go through.

I don't see anything pro-tanning about that post tbf.

Point taken, nonetheless, those products are top notch and have virtually no negative consequences. They're hardly expensive and for those with imperfect or oily skin it's really a godsend.


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yeah that's why he gets the weird roles for movies, leading man caliber he is not. Probably helps looking effay since he's in some rock band that JBs like

he has a massive dong though

Don't tan, in a bed or otherwise. Not unless you want skin cancer.

Hemp lotion with bronzer. I use this exact lotion. It doesn't go oompa loompa color. Then again I have light olive skin so YMMV.

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>Keanu Reeves
the vampire will melt with too much sunlight

Google "long term effects of tanning" and do some reading and look at some images. See if you still want to tan.
If you decide to tan anyways, I hope you enjoy your skin cancer. I hear the girls love a guy with skin cancer.

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Smh i know that feel. I know better now :/


The guy has god tier beard genetics and a massive cock apparenty

That beard most definitely does not look god tier imo, but fair enough on the wiener. I was talking purely on how his face and build looks.

I know this feel
I don't need this Veeky Forums

hoppin on this feel train

>not being orange
never gonna make it

>year since breakup
>still have all those pictures buried in my pc
>can't bring myself to look at them or delete them

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just go to the tanning salon. what use is aesthetics if you can't even talk to some spotty thot behind a desk to go about your basic daily requirements?

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It's scientifically proven that your chance of cancer can be reduced significantly by lifestyle changes alone.
Some people have shit genes and get cancer young. That doesn't mean you shouldn't actively try to prevent yourself from getting it.

Skin cancer is one of the most avoidable cancers there are, by simply reducing sun exposure and wearing sun screen,

God damn I fucking hate people like you.

Cringe holy shit
I see you everywhere
Fuk you so much, i hope you choke on glass

Nurse here, you're retarded please die.

her facial expression in each picture lmao

Bitch isn't even using eye protection she's probably blind lol

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>He hasn't taken Melanotan II