Going to lose my virginity tonight. how do i not look like a fool

going to lose my virginity tonight. how do i not look like a fool

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But benis in bagina

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reject her from coming anywhere near your manly peener.

Don't pay upfront.

Do not drink too much alcohol or you might struggle to stay hard.

Make sure you do a lot of foreplay. That way, she won't be dissatisfied if you only last 2 minutes.

Try not to be too tired and stressed out. Make it a short date and get to the point. Just relax and don't worry about what happens.

No matter what, REMEMBER you're getting experience for the next time, even if it completely goes to shit. Don't be too hard on yourself.

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Don't go out with a loaded gun. Blast one off before you meet up. You should last two be as long then.

As someone who couldn't fire on their first time, I would not recommend this. Maybe do it the day before so you aren't bursting but don't jerk hours before.

How to foreplay?

>try to have sex
>get shot

Soft strokes over the body, areas you need to hit are neck, sides, inner legs. Kiss and whisper her soft words.
If she gets wet, put Benis against bagina, but do not yet push in. Make her ask after it two-three times. Then push in slowly, and pay attention to her face to know how deep you can go. Then start fucking her.

If im using a condom should i still pull out

get married

Are you fucking retarded?

Don't try something just because you saw it in a porno

How do i eat pussy bros. and finger?

reddit: the advice

ask your parents.

How would we know

>how do i not look like a fool
This is the thing you should care about the least.
Did you make a big deal out of not being able to walk when you first tried it? Yes, because you were a retarded piece of shit baby. Now you're older and you know better. You know it doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, all that matters is you aren't a virgin anymore and that you have some experience for the next time.

Don't think about it too much, just get in the zone

You learn with time. When I had sex for the first time and running my lips all over her body, I said "whoa it's like exploring in Diablo "

Dude.... how is that sexy? From someone in their 20's. Cringe

We're all gonna make it

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>I said "whoa it's like exploring in Diablo "
like... out loud? holy shit

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user, don't focus on her. "are you ok?" "harder?" "softer?" other beta behavior etc. unless she explicitly tells you something, you need to do what feels good/right to you, focus on you, do what feels good for you. if you get caught up in how she's doing it could fuck with your psyche.

just enjoy yourself, don't worry about her unless she says something (harder user etc).

Watch a raunchy Antonio Bandera movie

>follow anons advice
>she's begging me to dive in
>slowly insert tip
>get 2 inches in, can't hold
>but inside, only facial expression I see is disappointment and disgust

Only pull out to pull the condor off and fuck her without one

>Whoa, it's like exploring in Diablo

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Virgin here and genuinely want to know this. Is it more common for people to pull out with the condom on or stay inside and cum??

I never pulled out. But you need to be prepared for the consequences (if it leaks/breaks, which is rare). Are you man enough to raise a child? Is she going to murder your child? Who will pay for the murder? etc.

Personally, the idea of pulling out feels like it goes against some of the most basic instincts we have. I would be surprised if it was that common amongst other people but certainly in terms of using it as a contraceptive method I would never opt for it - it feels like the Universe is telling you not to.

>whoa it's like exploring in Diablo

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but also this because don't get too drunk or you'll fug up.
what is wrong with you user?

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wrap your tool

If you have a condom you don't need to pull out. Pulling out is used by people who don't use birth control.

Just rip it off quick when you're about to pop and bust one in her face.

its lower than you think

Yell REEEEE as you do the act.

the vaginal opening is at the BOTTOM of the vaginal "slit" (if shes laying on her back)

not fitness. kys you fat faggot. no bump.

reminder: sage, report and ignore shit posters.

Don't forget to eat her ass good.

Enjoy the brapgains.

Whatever you do DONT think on your penis or you wont get hard.

how do people who watch porn not understand this? Its 2018 lmao not 1980

>hole is closer to anus (bottom)
>eat out top part
>fingers slightly curved up when inside

and im a virgin

Is it really all about the clitoris or are there other areas of the genitals that need attention too?

The anus needs good attention. Give it a good tongue fucking first then when you're fucking her play with her asshole with your fingers.

Girls love that shit brah

use your hands a lot let her deep throat your finger it's hot

Fucking this, I was thinking too much and couldn't nut after an hour so I just left

For eat pussy, make sure to change the pattern of your tongue movement and don’t do it consecutively too long or it will get boring. Don’t make it obvious you are going to do it, kiss and touch her lower and lower in her body and then come up, so you kind of surprise her, pay attention to her face and reactions, some girls you may hurt her in the pussy by stiff your tongue too much or with your teeth, while other girls are ok with soft bites down there