I am a poorfag and i have to choose

i am a poorfag and i have to choose
>going to a free gym, but i cant do my own routines or follow famous routines, just do what the trainer says
>buy enough food for get big
>go to a paid gym, do whatever i want
>cant buy enough food and have very small gains

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>free gym
>do what the trainer says

in my country, every gym have a trainer

Go to the free gym
Ask can you implement whatever program into your exercise, tell him or her your goals what you would like to achieve.
What country is this?


Go do weightened calisthenics=free. Actually get shredded, relatively big as long as you progress in volume and weight attached and build some decent cardio that gymcels lack

you can make gains by not eating enough + doing the right routine, OR by eating properly but doing terrible exercises, it just takes a REALLY long time. like if someone that did it properly hit 1/2/3/4 after a year it might take you 5 years or so.

buy lower quality, cheaper food in greater amounts
you don't need to eat filet mignon

i buy cheap food in huge amounts
my diet is based on legumes because they are fucking cheap

>>going to a free gym, but i cant do my own routines or follow famous routines, just do what the trainer says

I don't believe you

>Free gym AND personal training
Wtf, do eeeet, faggot.
Just tell him you want to be a powerlifter and do stronglifts

personal trainers are not always good

I guess stop being poor isnt an option for you.. never gonna make it

How can a gym be free?

Find a way to sneak into a gym and do your own routine

Are personal trainers in communist shitholes given jobs based on their ability to suck party officials' dicks rather than education or something?
Jesus, I've been lifting for 3 months and I could probably coach someone and get them fit if got to choose exactly what they did
It's not rocket science, it's literally move more, eat less, for weight loss, and move heavy objects, eat more, for muscle gain

qué parte de argentina bro?

suena pésimo un gym como el que describís, buscá uno que tenga barras olimpicas y deciles que te interesa el levantamiento en potencia. Con eso debería bastar para tu primer año.

argentina is hardly communist at all, but yeah, gyms here fucking suck.

nanny state
>Are personal trainers in communist shitholes given jobs based on their ability to suck party officials
i stop reading there
buenos aires, conurbano
zona noroeste
con esa informacion ya podes saber hasta quien soy

Hello, white friend.

Free gym?
where, Matanza?

go to a paid gym, those trainers in the free one sound like Campora scum.

go back to /pol/

Unironically use your money for food and do body weight exercises/ conditioning (+breakdance if you want to develop dexterity)

Use online resources and i recommend "building the gymnastics body" and convict conditioning as a good guide since it has progressions

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found the Zurdo

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bueno, no conozco. Igual si es gratis yo iría por más que el PT sea pésimo, decile que te interesa enfocarte en potencia, hace sentadillas y peso muerto. si hay barras olímpicas deberías poder llegar lejos a pesar de que tu PT malo.

Suerte man

also si estás bueno subí alguna foto

no homo

Why can't you go to the free gym and ignore what the trainer says? What are they gonna do, kick you out? Also what kind of country pays these fucking parasites to give you shit meme routines using your tax dollars?

>dificultades con las ganancias

Jajaja, no que la tierra de la carne asada y sus mamadas?

Narigón pendejo, no lo va a lograr

estoy flaco y toda la grasa se me junta en la buzarda
soy una caricatura de "skinnyfat"
>What are they gonna do, kick you out?

peroncho 101

> Estoy flaco
You're not. Si tenes grasa en la panza estas gordo, por mas que quieras engañarte con que no. Hace dieta primero rechoncho, y deja de preocuparte por el gym y la rutina.
You're not gonna make it.

bolú, comprate una barra con pesas y hacé fierros en tu casa. No necesitás un gym para empezar.

preocupate por ganar algo de peso primero, si sos skinnyfat, entrena y come bien, vas a ganar musculo y perder grasa al mismo tiempo durante el primero año.

no tengo espacio
vivo en una casa que es un caseron de mierda y en los unicos lugares donde entra una barra hay animales
no exagero, tengo brazitos de palito y alta buzarda
ya no me hago problema por eso desu
peron era fascista

>el primero año.
ese español roto...
siga asi amigo, vas a lograrlo

mi mayor objetivo ahora es ponerme grande y fuerte estando en un porcentaje de grasa saludable