/fr/ foreskin restoration

There is hope for cutlets

While it's not too popular, you can get your dick sleeve back for free with just a bit of effort and half an hour a day to yourself

>how can I restore?

Take leftover foreskin with an o.k. hand, pull it up until it's stretched, take your other hand and pull down
Do this for 30 minutes each day

>how long does it take to restore?

In about a year or two you should see major progress, but it all depends on different factors

>will fasting help?

Absolutely. Restoration depends on stem cells, which are created faster and more abundantly during autophagy, but IF won't work

>but I won't get the full uncut experience

You might not, but at least you get dick protection and lubrication

>why not get surgery

Most modern surgeries use skin from elsewhere on the body, is only good for aesthetics and protection, and that foregen one probably isn't even ready yet, and both of those cost ungodly amounts of money

>im too lazy to do it by hand but I do have some money to spend

There are devices out there that do it for you, as well as a method of using medical tape, but we here on Veeky Forums want to do it the right way

>goy, stop it this instant and be a good slave

The only thing worse than a cutlet is a proud cutlet, and by accepting your circumcision you are no longer a man

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You accuse the circumcised of not being men, but you're the one insisting anonymous men on the internet tug on their willies by your unsolicited method

Here's the real answer: pursue regrowth if you're interested. Don't circumcise your sons.

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Not relevant to this board...

Veeky Forumsis relevant to physical health
Tell hiromin that you want a health board if you want this on another board

Most men here don't know what the've lost or that the problems they are and will face in the future are a direct consequence of that barbaric act.

Save the thread and wait till one of the inevitable no-fap or dick embiggenment threads show up.
Men will be more willing to listen in those threads.

Also bring up how a foreskin keeps women wet and cumming.

Cut fag here.
I would love the feeling of being uncut.

But hey atleast I'm 6inch so I have nothing to complain about.

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You could have been 7 inches and also giving women multiple orgasms while feeling every single thing that goes on user.
The circumcision oft makes your dick smaller then it could have been.

I've been restoring (although not very consistently) for 4 years. I'd definitely recommend. Did the right thing and kept the (((doctors))) away from my son too.

gj user
that "tradition" is barbaric

6 inch is ok? i have 6.6 and i want to kms

It's crazy how bad the doctors want to do it. We were asked like 8 times before I freaked out.

so this... is the power... of a white dick...

They get money from doing the procedure and then they make more money from selling it to be put in beauty products.

they sell those foreskins at a good price to make kosher soup

a health board would be pretty based but I guess it would be a bit redundant with Veeky Forums. I wish they renamed it back to "fitness & health"

that is a nice looking dick not gonna lie senpai

fitness and health is redundant. fit is healthy and unfit is unhealthy

This is not /int/.

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Thank you. It may not be the biggest at 6.3 inches, but it certainly looks nice. I'm proud of it.

yeah but health is about more than just fitness

6.3 should be just fine, especially since you've got a nice girth from the look of it

>fit is healthy
What is pushed as Veeky Forums around here is the exact opposite of health.

>tfw cutlet
>will never know what it feels like having a girl pull back the foreskin on my wet cock
>will never know what it feels like when she puts her tongue under your foreskin

you should still try
i mean ive read people say that restored skin doesnt feel as good as being uncut, but almost as good
the best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago
the next best time is now

gf only had one bf before me and he was uncut. Feels bad when even tho my dick is big she said she likes the feeling of uncut better.

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Maybe you should

restore first, then you'll see a great confidence boost, more than nofap could ever do for ya

The DTR is a handy tool that I recommend for everyone. You can wear it throughout the day with constant tension. Started restoring recently and I don't regret it.

manual tugging is better because you wont have something falling down your pants and someone wondering what the hell came from your pant leg