If you're not wearing a Hoodie and Sweatpants while working out or something similarly less revealing...

>If you're not wearing a Hoodie and Sweatpants while working out or something similarly less revealing, you're lifting for attention......

Never going to make it.

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>He doesn't wear a full burka to the gym
Do you even want to make it?

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Stop watching anime.


>t.lifts for girls.

Fuck off you attention gobbling faggots

I like seeing my own muscles while I work out.
It's not like I'm going to wear a hoodie and pants in my home gym, so I wouldn't change just for a commercial gym either.

Because it's hot to the point where it interferes with my workout

Thank god I lift at home

>Never going to make it.
But what if my vanity is my motivation for lifting?

You’re going to tell me you seriously don’t enjoy seeing your fucking pump in those floor-to-ceiling fun-house mirrors? Gods help you my child, for you have become truly lost.

I feel like it's weird doing bicep curls in a hoodie

>ever wearing a hoodie
>not sub-human tier
pick one

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She's so cute

I’d cover myself up too if I looked like you.

>sweatshirt in the gym
How? it's already hot in the gym and you use a sweatshirt?

>Hoodie and Sweatpants
women tier body warmth generation, never gonna make it, why not wear also gloves and a jacket? i bet you never leave the home without an umbrella

I wear a hat, hoodie and sweats in my home gym

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What's even the point of wearing warm clothes in the gym? You're not gonna get cold unless your routine is garbage.

I sweat enough at the gym anyway. no thanks

how about this. I wear shorts and a regular fitting t-shirt and I don't make eye contact with anyone because I don't have a fuck what other people are doing in the gym. I'm there for me, myself and I and I'm focusing on my workouts

def gonna make it breh