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what the fuck is the beast to the left?

Aren't those FTM bodybuilders?

Hannibal Burress

Left one is gender fluid for sure

>mfw thinking about you hurting

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They are all females, the right two have had their breasts cut off and got a fake penis

>"Thas gay nigga" echoes in the distance

Explains that smiley on that thing on the right.

top kek

holy kek

They are all 'trans'. Always knew nignogs where a buch of fags.

So there are FtM builders conventions but no trap beuaty contests? Kinda sexist.

Why does the middle woman have such an amazing V shaped body?
0 hips, wide as fuck shoulders.
It's like she was a man born in the body of a man with a vagina

fucking weird how humans can now completely change their gender, it's not fucking natural

mfw ftm builders have a better body than me

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Well, no shit. Ever wonder why HIV is so rampart among blacks?


Liberals are so opposed to rmasculinity that ordinary nignog thugs are seen as threatening and excluded.

Gay, effeminate blacks are less threatening and therefore highly promoted in the media. Black women are extremely masculine and therefore more likely promoted as is. Just look at Buzzfeed and other media celebs.


Because the vast majority of traps are gross looking and don't pass. Most of them just look like ugly men wearing a wife. Some exceptions, but very, very few. Must suck to put in a gigantic amount of effort into changing all of your mannerisms so you're more feminine, take hormones, etc., to not be anywhere close. FTM trannys just have to take test and they're fine.

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>T. Never fucked an Asian trap
It's literally zero effort for them

Even if they removed their breasts, those are still girl nipples. How is this allowed to be shown in public?

>tfw a "female" has a bigger dick than me

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There are animals that can change their sex completely naturally.


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tfw women have bigger dick than you

She doesn't. it's just the pose and lack of leg gains

Steroids are magic bruh.

They pass because no one cares about odd looking men enough to pay attention to them.
If they did, and someone knew that FtMs existed/FtMs were as in the forefront in media as the Dragqueens and Transexual women, they could usually easily clock them as transmen.

Bruh, if you actually saw their "dick" you wouldn't know whether to laugh or puke.
It's a fucking disaster area. Even more hilarious is that they permanently ruin their ability to feel pleasure from their genitals and almost always ALWAYS end up becoming full on bottoms who never touch their poor decision of a crotch.

There is nothing quite as sad as a post op ftm who paws at their disaster of a crotch as if it were that hateful vagina they once had, only to realize that there is no more pleasure in those areas anymore. That sad phantom vagina syndrome...
Drives many of them, if not all, to commit suicide.

Unless you were born a woman that's not very impressive for roiding

I kind of want to see what the one in the middle would have looked like if it kept it's titties

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Nice stretchmarks on your bicep. You deserve that for cheating

>just get brain damage comrade, you'll fit right in

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>They pass because no one cares about odd looking men enough to pay attention to them.
I've seen a handful of trannys IRL and none of them have passed. 95% of the dudes on r/transtimelines are ugly men in the before pics, and ugly women in the after pics - but they still look off in a way that an ugly and/or unusual looking woman doesn't. Most don't and can't pass.

wtf are these trans bodybuilders

Post of the year to be fair lad

No male transexuals pass IRL
Not until they've done tens of thousands of dollars of work to themselves.
Even then, it's a horror story.

Lastly, I said the FtMs pass many times because no one knows they exist and no one pays attention to odd looking men. They're practically NPCs.

One of the biggest things FtMs and Lesbians who masquerade as men remark on is how they are treated like less then animals, told to fend for themselves when they need help, and the easy lays from gay chicks, bi chicks, and complete loser women with thirst-induced-lesbianism stops completely.

They think it's something personal, when it's just how unattractive, off looking men, and feminine and weak men, are treated by society at large.

Almost all of them go either full on hypermasculine and inevitably get their shit slapped or regress emotionally to a more feminine mindset with certain men to combat the harsh realities of it.

Damn i fucking love Veeky Forums

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Dykes are truly the scum of the earth

Don't talk about your mom like that. Just because she changed over after your birth doesn't mean she's a bad person. Plus she lets me munch on that fat rug of hers every once in a while so that's a plus

no they cant. their cells are still the same. they just merely pretend

Why do black makes and black females have virtually identical faces? Its like all other races have visable sexual dymorphic facial features except blacks.

Because you're racially blind to the faces of blacks.

No, I can see prominent differences in facial structures between whites, asians, natives, mestizos, ect. But you can get a black man and women, remove any traits that are gender prominent (i.e. facial hair, long hair) and they almost always look identical.

10/10 fucking kek

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cats on this board have no idea what gender is

No, you can't.
You're racially blind.

An artificial construct created in academia that has polluted the collective unconscious of the modern world.

Hell, most modern transmen are just children who are suffereing from the effects of a drug given to pregnant mothers a few decades ago.
Has nothing to do with gender.
It's a form of chemical castration that has ruined their minds and bodies.

You need to go back


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Why are his nipples crying


He's not wrong. Pushing transsexuality as good is like pushing schizophrenia as good. It's a mental disease and should be treated, not endorsed

You need to go back

>racially blind
Lmao that's a new one

Hannibal Burpeess


Fuck off you abomination

It's true.

No, you're just not very well learned.
The phrase "They all look alike to me" ring any bells?

I know you are but what am I?
No seriously.
You're retarded.
Go sit in the stupid corner.

Yeah, but those animals are not called humans.

Go back

Lmao what a natty can achieve that with calisthenics kek

It always happens.
Become emotionally or chemically wounded by some event.
Be told to go full FtM by doctors or a so-called peer group because it's more lucrative to the former and benefits the latter socially.
Go FtM with the drugs and what not.
Realize that it's not the cure all for their problems and they hate who they are then rebound back to who they were before and walk around with a chip on their shoulder. Loudly denouncing the "people" that talked them into it without truly carring for them.
They go full hog and accept it. Finally finding what they want even go full stealth and get a girlfriend/wife. They later end up on places like CL(R.I.P)looking for DL sex from gay men or "straight" men who just want a warm cunt to fuck. Their wife/girlfriends oft show up and find their boyfriends face down ass up passed out wit a massive gross mess of semen pouring out of them in their bed with some aryan nation/black thug guy who're probably fresh out of the pen sitting on their couch, watching netflix and drinking beer.

OR they commit suicide after years of suffering in silence.

Why do black people have the most faggots? Aren't they supposed to be all tough and gangster and shit? Do they all suck cock in IRL?

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Malcom X was literally a gay male prostitute

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So was Arnold.
Or do you think he really made his money "in real estate".

wait what? I never did roids but I have stretch marks that reach the crest of forearms and biceps, my skin is also really thin

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>implying making money in Real Estate is not possible

Blue board man

Ayy lmao

Trannibal Burress


>it's just how unattractive, off looking men, and feminine and weak men, are treated by society at large
There's some great truth and wisdom in these words. Women think if they transfer into males they will still get the same pampering they get as women (or think that they will actually be privileged or something due to feminist/lefist propaganda) - when in reality, as a man, you get nothing as a gift, and have to fight hard for every gained inch. (Well, except with your mother who will most often support you till her grave and beyond, but let's not get into how society treats you if you're dependent on your mother...)

>has the money to pay for FTM surgery
>doesn't take care of incisions as they heal
>ends up looking like a nigger who had a really bad case of gyno and a shitty surgeon
for what purpose

>tfw stretchmarks on bicep and didn't roid

Lobster and a dyel.. why roid for this

Kys nigger

so that people like you know he is FTM

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this made my monday way better, I love you /fit