Mom started to ask me yearly since I started college if I lost my virgnity already

>mom started to ask me yearly since I started college if I lost my virgnity already
>can't bring myself to lie to her
>23 y/o
>she's still asking
>I can feel how dissapointed she is of her son
Why is this allowed Veeky Forums? Why is it so easy for some to get laid and so hard for people like me?

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Its not hard you autist. I bet youre one of those guys complaining about not having sex or a gf while you literally never speak to a girl. Step out of your comfort zone faggot

Why should I speak to girls when other guys don't even need to do that, girls just approach them

Pretty much this, take the chance on making a fool out of yourself, the worst thing that could happen is you remain a virgin, best case scenario you might actually get your dick wet.

You have to rape your mom bro. You'll shut her up and lose your virginity at the same time. Thank me later.

You aren’t Chad, faggot.

stop putting the pussy on a pedestal

This doesn't happen for the vast majority of guys

>mom started to ask me yearly since I started college if I lost my virgnity already

Tell your mom to fuck you, or fuck off

Then what's the point of trying if you're fundamentally undesired? The only reason girls would give you any attention if they approached is because they realized they can't get any better

What kind of mother asks you about your virginity?

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She clearly wants your dick dude. She's making sure you're saving yourself for momma.
Get Veeky Forums and pound that shit.

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>why don't people just come to me and hire me for jobs
Because that's not how it works you fucking moron. You can keep trying to mentally buck the societal system, or you can approach girls and get laid. Literally no one cares about you.

An actual mother that actually cares about you. We trust each other a lot, when I was growing up she used to do yearly checks on my penis to see how much it had grown. She also teached me to use a condom and teached me how to masturbate (she obviously didn't masturbate me, that would be fucked up, she gave me indications and I followed)
I guess it's because she's a single mom and she basically had to do all the things that fathers usually do, but it's not weird at all and we get along really well

go on...

I'm not sure what else do you want me to tell you. The other thing I remember is that I was breastfed until I was like 12 and that we showered together frequently, but that's about it.


keep going

Next time be more subtle. 2/10

Seriously this. Tell her to fuck off.

>>mom started to ask me yearly since I started college if I lost my virgnity already

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Is it really that hard to believe? We just have a close relationship that's all, did your mothers not care about you at all?

>mom started to ask me yearly since I started college if I lost my virgnity already
Horrifying. But also just fuck somebody cmon bro.

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Kill yourselves normalfags

not op but i've asked out like 3 girls since new years. 2 of them flaked out and the third said we aren't a match after a date I thought went pretty well.

It's so demotivating, I have a chadlet friend who has 6 or 7/10s messaging him all the time on fagbook to come save them from their boyfriends or other stupid shit. He literally doesn't have to do anything to get pussy they come to him.

It's really not fair.

The only option is to fuck her user.

Unironically this

Why write fetish bait?

my mom did none of these things

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College is literally the easiest time in your entire fucking life to get laid.

Never again will you be surrounded by people your age like you are now. You have no excuse. Sort yourself out.

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>slut of a mom wants to know about my sex life
Throw your mom away and get one who believes in the sanctity of marriage and abhors premarital sex.

Also if you lift purely to get laid you're a faggot. Real men lift to intimidate lesser men.

80/20 rule user.. You need to be a top male to get the most pussy

My mom did the same thing. Quoted some escort prices one time and I think she got the message.

I'm a 23 year old virgin too... We're all gonna make it bro
>tfw finishing college in a few monthS

once you put the work in and become good at getting girls you will have to do less effort to get girls. It's like how the richer and more famous you are the less you pay for expensive stuff.

this almost never happens. Chad approaches anyone he wants. Don't delude yourself with false Chaddisms in order to avoid becoming Chad

why is your mom asking about your virginity? i can understand gf, but virginity?

Your mom is a disgusting whore. You can tell her I told you that

sure theres an excuse. being ugly and/or shy

Go to a prostitute

who the fuck openly talks about losing their virginity with their mom.

you're weird as fuck OP

20y skeleton virgin reporting in.

Unironically parents think I'm gay.
My friends also think I'm gay. I'm just socially awkward and afraid to tell them I'm afraid of girls.
Im a pure Soyboy. NoFap has actually made me want to get a girl so much now. I actually want to try.
I'm in college and still live with my parents. I can't even leave my house, I live in the middle of nowhere. I know I'm making excuses right now. There is nothing I can do.

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I really hope this is bait. I probably shouldn't even respond but
1. The attitude of "why should I do "x" if they don't have to?" is extremely immature. you weren't born as anybody else and you have to do things others don't. life isn't fair.
2. Like another user said, very few men are approached daily by women who do it just because they are physically attractive. They do exist, but it's to a much lesser degree (and remember, you aren't them anyway, so don't worry how often it happens to them)
something that will also help you improve your quality of life in general is not treating every single attractive girl like you want to have sex, or a relationship, with them. you have to realize that life isn't like a porn where you just talk to a girl and you get along so well that you'll have sex in five minutes, so don't treat every girl like that is your end goal. it's impossible. flirting is fine, but just don't treat every girl like you're going to fuck.

Stupid faggot incel.

except there is something you can do, you're just afraid of it

How does one stop doing this

Just be yourself dude. Stop trying too hard because women can tell when you're faking it.

19 year old virgin here, some fat landwhale thot on okcupid wants to meet up and fuck. Should I do it?

Being a virgin fucks with my self esteem

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but you do you

Ok Elliot

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Way she goes

starting eating real food retard

>I guess it's because she's a single mom and she basically had to do all the things that fathers usually do

No father does that shit you fucking idiot autist

no, I lost mine at 18 to a tinder thot and I regret it now

I did not at the time though so do whatever you feel like user

Imagine your beta ass, too scared to approach women.
Now imagine how super beta women are because of their biology, now imagine how they would be scared to approach you.

Assuming this isn't bait, that won't make a difference because you're a massive faggot.

I've had random girls approach me on more than a few occasions and done nothing because I'm an even bigger faggot, but I'm not sitting here making excuses and thinking the world's out to get me. Well, I am, but at least I know that's a bad thing.

All you need to know is that every problem you have is because you're an idiot. I know this because even if you had girls flinging themselves at you on the streets you'd still manage to fuck it up. If you want to know why, see a therapist, not a Bangladeshi glass-blowing forum.

hey gambler whats up boyo

I'm literally gonna lose mine to an escort in a few hours. 23 also. Just do that dude.

I wasted a fuck ton of time waiting for the right girl, rejecting countless women in favor of her, and in the end she's suicidal and doesnt want to date anyone. Me or otherwise, which I can confim is true because she's very insecure, no friends and hasnt date in 7 years. Because of this shit I missed my chance to get experiences and while I used to be confident talking with women, I now get overly exited due to lack of sex. So I'm saying fuck it and using this escort as compensation for all the work I put in vain into that other chick. Just so I can calm back down and be able to flirt like I used to again. Not sure its the same shit for you since I'm not a loser outside of this situation but it should lift that weight off your back and let you talk more calmly with women.

Tldr rosties aint worth it just get an escort and get that shit over with. Its literally just a therapy session in this case

Mate I get what you're saying too and I can related. But, recently I've realized that girls actually initiate 90% of interactions. Only go for girls who are "miring", e.g. keeps looking at you, flips their hair, shows you their neck, laughs, touches you, etc.

losing your virginity to a paid whore is probably the absolute most sad and pathetic thing you can do.

My hard penis says it's weird

bro, you just need to stop thinking about it
And trust me, i know more than anyone that sounds like complete bullshit.
but my longest relationship was when some hot girl just invited me to go bowling as friends, and when she got to my house to drop me off, i just basically lunged for her face, with mine, and grabbed her ass.
There was no "oh i like you user" no talk of any of that shit,i just turned my mind off and went for it.
thats it, just stop fucking putting your own barriers up, just go get it.

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Fo real romance like in the movies doesn't exit. Most people just lust after each other.

No that user but that's an interesting point of view

She wants you to fuck her

>tfw avoiding all and any conversations or mentions of marriage, children or even relationships because I don't want to straight out tell my family I'm not interested in the slightest
I think they figured it out on their on by this point

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fuck escorts, you will hate women in no time

girls can't walk up to you to talk to you if you spend all your free time in your apartment on Veeky Forums

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Women will never approach a man unless they are either
>A. Extremely drunk
>B. 10/10 model

I gained 5kg in 2 months.
Recently I gained 1 more kg.

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Cry me a river. I'll report back when I've done the deed