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Piss on my balls edition

>If you are new to weightlifting please read these first and check the other sources they link to before asking questions:

>The information that you are looking for is probably in the above links.
That includes routines, shoes, information on the lifts, etc. Check out the pastebins for literature or the reddit faq for general information.

Included in this youtube playlist are videos related to weightlifting which you may find useful or insightful:

Feel free to post PRs, form checks etc

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that's a cute keister
everybody post vids of you lifting
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Bloatlord has a challenger


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PR 140 clean+jerk today.

BW dead at 94. Happy with this.

and saved

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>too much of a soft, manlet, GDE bitch to compete in powerlifting/strongman competitions
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How do I improve my catch? I was thinking overhead squats ?

Who is this fluid druid?

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If you got rigidity issues, sure. But I think problems in the catch come more from bad pulling, so hang variations may do you good too.

Yuka Kuramochi

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She beat out that disgusting 39 year old mtf trans dude that transitioned in his 30's at 2017 world's, so I have much more respect for her now

is correct, bad catching usually comes from an issue in the second/third pull. Keep the bar close to you throughout the entire movement, practice high pulls. A high pull/snatch complex will help out, too
If it's a stabilization issue, snatch balances and overhead squats will help

Did my first meet this weekend.

I'm an 85 (weighing 83) and I went conservative so I didn't get my feelings hurt my first time out - went 6/6, snatched 70-80, clean and jerked 100-110. Best in training is 88/116.

Overall, it was a less intimidating experience than I would have assumed. The room was pretty packed (100+ people watching at any given time) but when you're a nobody it's pretty easy to stay in your mental space and just do your lifts. I was originally planning to go 90-100 but one of my coaches convinced me I was just being stupid, and she was right.

I focused on blocking out any negative thoughts that would give me the jitters because I was worried I would forget how to snatch if that happened. Kanye on the headphones and coaches doing the counting for me made it really easy.

A+ experience, hope to break 200 at a meet next month.

I thinks it’s a balance issue

Should you ohs in the same stance as your snatch catch? I catch fairly wide is that ok?


Also plz r8 pause squat


Just got a PR clean, 75kg

Gg m8, post it

didn't film

Doing pic related, I now lift enough weight in the CJ that I get too tired to safely do a second rep without taking a bit of time to catch my breath from the first one. Wat do?

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tripled 85 and doubled 90 (for the third time) so hoping I'll be good for 100 by mid April

getting alarmingly fat tho

>shat some diarrhea twice within an hour after I woke up
>stomach was still stormy but went to gym anyway
>had front squat single PR for 116kg
>managed to NOT shit myself at the gym
>spent the rest of my day at home mostly curled up in pain and farting
>have already shat five times today
>I’m even on the toilet right now as I type this out
>sixth time coming up
Send help.

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take some diarrhoea pills bitch. If you still have shits after 2 days, go to a doctor.

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Nice m8. But think about that magical 150. I bet you can't be that happy now that you're pretty close to it.

What is this. My coach made me go for PR's in my first meet. I think i managed 95% in snatch and 101% in C&J. But nvm i'm happy you enjoyed it. First comp is always scary. And i'm glad you aren't one of those who skip competitions because they're "too weak".

You're losing tightness trying to mimic clarence. Don't do it unless you have the flexibility.

a lot of coaches just want you go to 6/6. I think my first meet I only went up to 90% on both lifts, but then I was coaching myself. Just powered everything

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Maybe, sweety pumpkin. My coach always says, that the first two lifts go to the team, the last one is for the athlete.

goddamn , those eyes... who is she?

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Google: RollRoll

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wide is fine. you're pushing through your knees too much.


I'm doing power cleans for starting strength, five sets of three every other week. My traps are sore every time I do them. Would increasing the frequency but keeping total volume the same still work? Like one working set for every workout.

Wtf its like 2,60 here
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0.95€ here
395 kcal
16.7 protein

sounds pretty gud for bulking

why the hell are there so many finns here?
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by stretching and pausing at your max depth for like 5+ seconds when squatting (retard)

Looking to get into wl soon. Will most likely be doing the 70s big weightlifting transition. I haven't seen many talk about this program and was curious what y'all think about it. 70sbig.com/blog/2012/07/transitioning-to-olympic-weightlifting/

In my opinion, starting to do snatch and C&J just like that is not a great way to leanr the lifts. With a coach we worked a few weeks just pulling / doing turn overs from hip / knee, then we worked some weeks doing all kind of partials, OHS, mobility stuff and so on. After a few months he put me on a program and constantly made changes depending on my technique.

So what do i think about cookie cutter programs for WL, especially those that only have the full lifts?


Hyvä kysymys

Who? You or the guy you're talking to?

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Lower back tightness ? So I should squat a littler higher ? How would
Improve flexibility ?


Where do I push ?

Keep your core tight and strong, try to feel your lower back arched. Maybe you have to squat hgher, maybe it's just a form / tightness issue.

There's plenty of videos on youtube about squat flexibility.

keep quads working, sink through hips.

Trying to decide if I should lift today, I'm kinda hungover

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I appreciate the input. You've given me some good insight on what it is I should be looking for. Thanks.

Just do it

I feel like a bitch using a belt, but I did for the other sets and things felt
More intergrated.

I felt I was pushing through my glutes and hips in that vid, why do you say I was pushing trough your knees ?



>failed to snatch 100
>cleaned 120 for first time but failed the jerk even though my strict press is 100+ because my jerk tek is laughably bad
Overall not a bad day

fuck you that's not an excuse to skip training


>snatches at lower weights feel shit for the past few weeks
>get back up to 85-90% this week
>snatches feel godly

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I hope to one day also snatch my body weight. She is an inspiration.

Here's a thoroughly mediocre snatch

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And here's a better clean and jerk with a fat load of dropped frames because my phone a shit.

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Your letting the bar get away from you to much then your having to jump forward to catch it.

Yeah, it's either that or I swing it back so much that I lose it behind my shoulders like a complete jackass.

Waiting just a bit on the final pull/jump/triple extension, and pulling it my into the hips before fully extending, has helped considerably. This problem used to be worse.

I'm thinking my weight might be getting a bit too far back on my heels (you can see my toes break off the ground slightly earlier in the pull), which leads to my pelvic thrusting the bar forward a bit as my upper body pulls backwards a bit. If my weight was a TEENY bit more forward, I might stay more directly over the bar and pull straight up.

snatched 42, couldnt get under the 45. Also I paused in the mid thigh hang position to maintain good positions.
How do I a) develop stronger second pull
b) get over the fear of pulling under the bar?
For a) I think I'm gona do power snatches and get stronger at squats. Squat is only ~90kg now.
Maybe for b) I could do some high hang snatches?

what the fuck kinda plates are those? reds are supposed to be 25kgs

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shifting back angle to early, second pull too low , arms too tight and dont shrug so stiff

why are you wearing a belt for your snatch?
Your contact for the snatch looks almost exactly the same as for your clean

how do I find my correct snatch grip width? I keep reading that it's when you have the bar sitting above your hip bone when standing but for me that means my hands are right on the collars which absolutely murders my wrist, wat do?

You're all weak autistic larpers

when you have the bar hanging in your hands standing and you can lift your knee up to 90 degrees, you have the correct position

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this just looks so wrong
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a + b) Do snatches from knee and hip. Either from hang or blocks. Also incorporate drop snatches (they are great to begin the workout).

Don't do powers if you're afraid to get under the bar. I do lots of powers but i fucking love to pull myself under the bar because my second pull also sucks.

Also do some posterior chain stuff. Helps with the second pull (hamstring and glute strength are important here)

>posterior chain stuff
are good morning ok? what kind of weight/repsets should I do?

Reminder you have to be able to front squat 180kg ATLEAST once to post here

looks like you lost shoulder tightness near the end of the clean.

also consider doing more heavy clean pulls since you stopped pulling well before you reached max extension.

not a bad lift tho, good job.

>snatch 115
>cj 142
>fs 160

I really, really, really like this image!

idiot, you must have a 220 total in comp AT LEAST to post in this general

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