You fuckers memed me into believing 1/2/3/4 is the minimum you need to be a real man

You fuckers memed me into believing 1/2/3/4 is the minimum you need to be a real man.

At my gym, which is located in the middle of fucking Chicago populated by countless gym bros, the heaviest anyone can deadlift is 4 plates. The form isn't even good at 4 plates. Back is rounded as fuck.

I can for reps:
Overhead press 1 plates.
Bench press 1.5 plates.
Squat 3 plates.
Deadlift 2.5 plates.

You fuckers made me think I was weak as fuck.

I swear to God 90% of you don't even have a gym membership and can't bench 1 plates for one rep.


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The average gym bro don't know shit about training.
Also use less leg drive on ohpbor fix ur bench.

no you are just weak. 2pl8 dl is first month of lifting tier.
really good everything else though. proud of you

Truth is you don't need to be the biggest guy in the country cuz that spot is reserved for 400 pound strongmen and juicers. You don't even have to be the biggest guy in the gym cuz that's usually the owner. To be a real man you have to be the biggest guy in your social circle. If anybody you have ever hung out with lifts more than you do, do everything in your power to surpass him or kill yourself trying.

stop quarter squatting

I diddled 400x8 last Monday and I've been lifting for about 18 months

You ARE weak. 1/2/3/4 for reps is barely intermediate as a lifting hobbyist. You're watching people who go casually lift to stay in shape, not people who are trying to build an impressive physique.

>Deadlift 2.5 plates.

You are weak as fuck

i can clean and military press 2pl8
and bench 3pl8
i dont dl but i guess i could get to 4pl8 fast
wont even bother squatting
anyways those numbers sound low to me and i am lifting for aesthetics
OP stop making up excuses to be weak just because you live in faggot HQ

An important post.

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Fuck that real man nonsense. You don't need anything to qualify you as a "real man" much less an arbitrary weight on a bar. Do you have a dick between your legs? Then you are a real man.

1/2/3/4 should be attainable even by a skel in one year of consistent training and diet. It is a good standard for what a beginner going into intermediate should be capable of. They are not extreme lifts by any measure and you're only tapping into a small pool of your power. You have plenty to go.

As for the other people in your gym. Who cares. If a million retards try and fuck a door knob, does it make you special for using your hand to open it? No, you're just not completely retarded.

My squat is pretty good and deep.

Deadlift is weak cuz I have short arms compared to legs and torso so struggled with conventional for a while.

Anything above 2 plates made my back round despite anything I try to have a perfect form.

Jumped to sump and solved this problem.

Been doing it for a month now. Legs and hips are getting accostomed to sumo and I'm able to increase the weight now with straight back.

Actually doing sumo is the only time I felt glutes activation and actually felt heels making a hole in the ground.

If you have short arms compared to your body jump shipt to sumo.
Conventional is for monkey bros.

I'm super weak as fuck. Skinnyfat, mid-40s, lifting for three months. And I'm DLing 1.5pl and benching 1pl already.

Seriously, what is your problem?

You doing ok without deadlifts and squats? I've been lifting for a month purely for aesthethic goals (kind of modest goals at that) and the deadlift is the only thing that makes me not wanna go to the gym, I don't mind the squat but that's because I'm still lifting very light and I plan on permastalling once I hit a weight that'd require a rack.

Oh yeah: I'm on a 500 cal/day cut, too. So I'm making them noobgains on a cut.

Yeah, you need to look at your diet and program, OPbreh. Something's not right.

??? what is the point of your post. you pick Op's lowest lift and you brag that you have 60% of his lifts after 3 months?

Sounds like he's been going to the gym for a while. I haven't. So if I'm already at 60% having only done deadlifts for a couple of months, he's having some issue and needs to address it.

I have been going to the gym for 9 months to be exact. While being a resident physician with fucked up sleeping schedule.

lurk more

>a resident physician with fucked up sleeping schedule

Found your problem.

Youre weak bro. Not hating, im nearing 2/3/4/5 and im weak too.

it all depends on your point of reference. I used to be in top 50 eu at league when I was in highschool and I still wasnt the best. Now I barely play and I'm still in top

I've never even stepped into a gym let alone lifted weights and I spend all day on here giving people advice

In my gym there's a guy squatting 5 plates atg for reps and a bunch of people deading 4 plates for reps your gym is shit and your weak and so are the people at my gym your no stronger then a highschool football player

will not make it