With lifting, is knowing martial arts + foreign languages the most alpha combo?

With lifting, is knowing martial arts + foreign languages the most alpha combo?

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It’s knowing martial arts, foreign languages and saving m’lady from danger

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No. It won’t do anything for you. You’re not 80’s Dolph Lundgren.

but being fit, tall, having money and power is

Nothing alpha about lifting, it's either manchildren with body image issues trying to look like their childhood comic book heroes or insecure cucks trying to get back at their ex by actually doing something to improve their life for once.
Same for martial arts, 100% insecure shit, just look at people discussing them
>hurr durr I could beat up this guy or that guy hurr durr this wouldn't work in a street fight
Same delusional shit as gun enthusiasts.

The trinity of Chad hobbies is
1. Some team sports. Can be whatever is popular in your area: football, hockey, basketball, etc. Great for teamwork, socializing, having fun with friends, competing for something not too serious, pure unadulterated Chad qualities.
2. Studying foreign languages. You got that one right. Broadens your horizons, opens a window to other cultures, lets you interact with new exciting people, useful when traveling. Chad incarnate. Meanwhile incels are on /pol/ roleplaying nazis and bitching about brown people.
3. Something artistic. While you love socializing and exchanging ideas with people, for a couple of hours a week you need to explore your inner self through art. Meaningful and thought provoking art of course, not drawing anime characters or playing iron maiden on your guitar. Painting, photography, playing the piano, sculpture, you get the gist.

How are martial arts not equal to a sport? There's socializing and fun with other people, competition, improved coordination for when you play other sports, and people respect you if you're good at it, just like other sports.

I agree fucking sperglord mma and ufc fans suck, but actually doing a martial art is pretty cool

They're fine if you actually do them as a sport, not as practice for those imaginary street fights you never get into.
It just seems so many people pick one up so they can beat up their bullies I didn't bother making the distinction.

>mfw started lifting after break up with my ex last year so I can get a hot bod and on the off chance she even scoped out my facebook would feel jealous and upset.

>mfw practice two martial arts: muay thai and wing chun

>mfw not in a team sport, not studying a foreign language and not doing something artistic

This post is too real, delete this right now. You ruined my sunday.

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shitty bait

>Studying foreign languages.
No. Absolutely not. Not in America.

One of the chaddiest people I know was in my Japanese language classes but the Chadliness had more to do with him being from the conservative German-speaking part of Switzerland and he had this classically aryan handsome square jaw face and had enough money to study abroad in the states also he had some really posh athletic pursuit like rowing or fencing or something

>something artistic
>martial ARTS is not art or a sport

In 10 years knowing foreign languages will be a redundant skill, electronic devices will be able to do it for you in real time and human level translator accuracy.
It'll be like being really good at doing math in your head; nice skill, but since calculators exist and are ubiquitous, literally one in every person's pocket, it's not exactly useful.

>Something artistic

Translation isn't like math, there is never just one correct answer.

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Do you genuinely believe those things will bring meaning to your pointless life, OP?

lol no

I'm a computer scientist and it's pretty much consensus amongst us that this will happen giving the rate of technological progression and the current state of the technology.
Additionally my wife is taking a translation course and the teacher literally told them (paraphrasing) "in the near future the only jobs for human translators will be teaching human translators, enjoy it while it lasts"

>sports, traveling, art
Are chads basic brainlet normies now ?

You'll never be able to recreate the subtle nuance in language with machines. At least not in the near future. This nuance is what makes communication so fun imo.
But yeah, just general translation of words and the transfer of information to a relatively accurate point will be easy as shit on a smartphone.

t. mastered 3 languages and 1 not so much

Again, it's fine if you do it for the athletic and cultural aspects, not for some power fantasy.
Still severally lacking in the teamwork aspect though, so if you're not practicing martial arts yet, pick a team sport instead.

>in my Japanese language classes
No shit, try a language 99% of people aren't interesting in because of cartoons.
Or don't, I'm actually taking japanese classes myself because it's the foreign language I'm legitimately the most likely to use in the future (working for a japanese company plus have friends living in Japan). But yeah, it's all cringey weeaboos, can't say I'm surprised.

Do you actually speak a foreign language? I don't even think the same way when I speak english or my native language. Real time translation would useful when asking for directions, other than that what's the point, might as well speak english with everybody.

It would definitely be cooler to just be able to do it yourself. The same as being able to excuse your human translator and just go mano-a-mano with a foreigner. Plus, a computer translator could be recording your conversation unbeknownst to you. No thanks.

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>learning a foreign language and culture is just "traveling"
Were you that desperate to make this joke? It's not even funny.

>learn foreign language
>dont travel
that is even one more level higher on the tard scale


>Nothing alpha about lifting

Leave faggot. Your opinions are just opinions. Do you even lift bro?

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Lol you obviously don't play sports like football or rugby or hockey because these guys lift all the damn time. Most of my lifting buddies in high school played football

what the fuck are you talking about?

Lifting and martial arts are the most manly physical activities

>caring this much about what some kid says on a Korean apricot farming forum

You have a *long* way to go, bud

If you're 12 and think GI Joe or Batman are the ideal of manliness, you're right.

Way to miss the point, retard. He’s absolutely on point. The socially awkward gymcels on this board need to stop being inspired by cringey anime shit.

Playing with toy guns?

>anyone on Veeky Forums being athletic enough for team sports


>No shit, try a language 99% of people aren't interesting in because of cartoons.
>Or don't, I'm actually taking japanese classes myself because it's the foreign language I'm legitimately the most likely to use in the future (working for a japanese company plus have friends living in Japan). But yeah, it's all cringey weeaboos, can't say I'm surprised.
All foreign language classes are like this. French, German, Chinese, Korean, the aspiring CIA spooks doing the durka durka languages, all of them.

You're not unique, the vast majority of foreigners I met in Japan and in my classes gave that "I'm not one of those fucking WEEABOO" shpiels.

Americans, by and large, only pursue a foreign language to play some retarded social game with other Americans and not to effectively communicate with foreigners.

Learning languages? What? That pleb tier. Instead, learn how they all work.

I have a degree in Linguistics. I've studied a 3 languages to fluency or conversational levels. I've learned the structures of another dozen, at least. And I can at least talk about another hundred in some way (e.g. historical change, typology, etc.).

I may have a weak deadlift, but I can out-discuss anyone here about morphology.

Oh, and I took a couple of Muay Thai classes once. Studied Aikido for a few months and got a belt, just for the lulz. And I took karate as a kid, for whatever that's worth. Martial arts are amazing. I'll go back to MT at some point.

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you can go to gym, play iron maiden on guitar and do mma and still be chad, its all about your relation with these things. if you let them define you youre trash - doesnt matter if its boxing or sculpting.

Honest question here, what are the typical professional uses for that degree?
I'd love to go back to school later for linguistics, shit's fascinating. Just curious if there's any industry hiring linguistics graduates specifically, because I've never really heard of any.
Tech companies using NLP I guess? But other than that?

lmao at living in such a retarded shithole that speaking two languages is considered a "skill"

I love the field. I'd wanted a ling degree my whole life. Took too long to do it, but I fucking did it. One of the happiest and most fulfilling moments of my life.

But it doesn't pay well, with one exception: NLP in tech companies, as you said. If you do ling and get a good grounding in computational ling, and some programming in Python or something, you can get a decent gig. The problem is that it's not "real" linguistics. I've seen those people work, and they're programmers. Sure, they say "that's a verb" occasionally, but it's brute force recognition of words, semantic roles, etc. But I'm biased: I'm interested in historical linguistics, typology, morphological patterns, and other theoretical stuff. Most of the applied stuff just bores me.

Linguistics is a huge field. If you like the idea, go for it. You'll find that you like some parts more than others. And that's OK.

can you explain to me why linguits simultaneously hold that a)we can't measure the complexity of a language but b)we are nonetheless positive that all languages have the same degree of complexity

isn't that shit a basic self-contradiction

Living in the U.S., speaking anything other than English is considered a detriment. It's fucking stupid.

>Learning languages? What? That pleb tier. Instead, learn how they all work.
>I have a degree in Linguistics.
lmfao fuck off linguistics doesn't actually give you galaxy expanding brain universal communication abilities you dingus

I can try.

It's a bullshit question, really. First, how do you measure "complexity"? Number of verb forms? Quantity of words (but first, define "word")? Length of syntactic phrases?

Let's say you have some way to measure it. So you measure morphological complexity. But what about syntactic complexity? Semantic complexity? Sociolinguistic complexity? Shit... OK, so let's apply those there, too. Crap. They don't work on those different things. Etc.

It's a mess. In general, most languages are complex enough to convey most information reasonably efficiently. Some languages are better at some things than others. Some languages have super complicated parts (e.g. Ancient Greek verbs) while others are simpler in that thing. Some have complex syntax but simple semantics. Etc.

So, yeah. Not sure it can be answered in a definitive and quantitative way.

> ITT everyone says what they picture as Chad is ideal, showing their particular insecurities or personal beliefs that don't matter in the end

so potentially one language could be less complex than another if it were simpler in a number of these metrics?

>Living in the U.S., speaking anything other than English is considered a detriment. It's fucking stupid.
Sad but true. German and people think you're a nazi. French and people think you're a snob. Japanese, weeab. Chinese Korean or any asian language: Sex tourist with yellow fever. Spanish and you're a social worker or you deal with the lower classes in some capacity.

My Japanese helped me in Japan and I had a great time with it over there and had multiple fulfilling relationships but if I were to read or speak Japanese in public in the states as a roundeye that just makes you a pariah

What you'll find is that no language is, overall, less complex than another. It may have one simple subsystem, but that informational load will be taken over by another subsystem. Within a narrow range, they're all about the same.

how can you say that when you just said that there is no way to judge overall

>can play both the violin and piano parts of violin sonata no.9 on classical guitar
haha. now you don't know what to think, do ya?

Chad is not about what inceels and manlets thinks.
You can be a Chad being in the book club or in the Ultimate Frisbee. It is about effectiveness and confidence.

welcome to the dumbshit nation of judgemental fucks who never do anything with their lives.

>B-But they said I could be anything I wanted

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Your getting martial artists and fighting mixed up. But later suggest something artistic. Ha the irony

If you're interested I'm reading 'Through the language glass' at the moment and chapter 5 discusses exactly that.
According to the author the theory that all languages are equally complex is a completely baseless claim that people keep parroting despite not being based on actual research.
So IANAL but as far as the author is concerned you can safely ignore that one.

As I said, shit's tough, yo. If you come up with complexity metrics for the various parts of a language, sure, you can compare those across languages. The question then becomes "is the metric reasonable and does it tell us something interesting?"

But looking, in general, at a language, you can say "its verb morphology is crazy, with a huge number of forms and aspects and tenses and and and...." (like Ancient Greek). But you can look at another language and say "geez, it's only got 3 tenses and a few forms"; therefore, that language's verb morphology could be considered "less complex". But if you look at English verbs (which are morphologically pretty simple), we do syntactic things to do verb stuff (e.g. the past perfect, "have Xed"). So, do you count that as verbal complexity? Or syntactic? Or both? How do you compare that with some language which only adds an ending to a verb stem to convey that information?

I tend to look at the information conveyed. If a structure exists in a language (I don't care what that is: morphological, syntactic, semantic, social, whatever) to transfer a specific bit of information (say, the past tense, perfect aspect), a structure will likely exist in most other languages to convey the same information. There are holes, sure; some languages are missing some things. But, overall, looking at the over 7000 languages on the planet plus hundreds we have historical records for, almost all will be able to convey almost all things.

So, unless it's something REALLY strange (e.g. the idea that Piraha doesn't do recursion in its syntax, which would disprove a lot of Chomsky's generative grammar ideas), it's almost not worth it to try to quantify it too much.

BTW, my deadlift sucks, but it's more than my bodyweight and is going up. So I'm gonna make it, breh.

How many languages should you know? I'm fluent in 3 languages, semi fluent in another and above basic in another one

>How many languages should you know?
Depends. Rethink your priorities.
>I'm fluent in 3 languages, semi fluent in another and above basic in another one
I doubt it.

Pretty valid. I was a 2dedly faggot when I started. Now I'm just interested in the social aspect, having a place to vent and competition.

There's nearly zero chance of getting into a physical conflict where i live unless you actively pursue creating it and I live on the 8th floor of a secure building so no one is breaking in.

>I doubt it.

Haven't noticed this with Russian. Some CIA/military types but mostly genuine interest in the language and culture. Also sounds cool and people think it's interesting

I've interacted with several "polyglots" such as yourself and my overwhelming experience has been they're Dunning-Krugerian reddit wiki-level dilettantes with a superiority complex. It's just one of those things that raises glaring red flags like when some basic bitch says they're really into, like, "science" and "quantum physics" and stuff.

>How many languages should you know?
Are you just racking up points? This question makes you sound like you're e-peening. Have you ever applied to MENSA or seriously considered it? Same deal.

Anyone here any experience with duolingo? Can you decently learn a language with it? Or is it an internet version of a handy tourist translations pocketbook?

The sad, depressing truth is that in my experience, the best way to thoroughly learn a language is to go to the country where it is spoken and get in a fulfilling romantic relationship with a native speaker of said language. Hookers don't count.

Fuck's sake, you fags can turn even a simple question about an internet learning tool into a romcom blog post.

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>Studying foreign languages. You got that one right. Broadens your horizons, opens a window to other cultures, lets you interact with new exciting people, useful when traveling. Chad incarnate. Meanwhile incels are on /pol/ roleplaying nazis and bitching about brown people.
You sound like a butthurt non-white

shut the fuck up

All true. It’s unfortunate that most of Veeky Forums is too awkward for team sports.

Ignoring every single argument in a post and just coping by calling them mad makes you look like a literal monkey. Are you drunk or seriously that retarded?

It's the cold hard truth. If you want to learn a language beyond the duolingo basics you need to be in regular communication with native speakers. The internet sort of counts: Plenty of people have learned languages well enough to shitpost in just from internet forums and memes but it doesn't translate (no pun intended) to spoken language very well face to face.

So I'd say try to find an online forum whose memes and shitposts you can tolerate that primarily communicates in that language and bear the brunt of people telling you to fuck off until you can sort of understand or fit in

>yfw there are random Russians who will one day meet a an English person irl and try to talk to them with Veeky Forums dialect
this has probably already happened

I know, everyone knows you need to have at least some contact with native speakers if you want to really learn a language. I don't care about the Mexican girl you totally fell in love with on spring break or something, I just wanted to know if duolingo is a good starting point to learn a language or if it's complete garbage. If you don't know that's fine, I just really don't care for your blog posts.

>implying photography is somehow more meaningful than playing guitar
Kek you are a faggot

we're gonna need a bigger b8

I thought all the NYR /pol/acks were gone by now...

I mean, knowing more than two languages is so common that I don't see a point in replying to you. That's a very american mentality (and I'm assuming not one coming from the wealthiest parts) and I also have a feeling that you're probably not the best at judging how well people speak other languages.

He is user, Veeky Forums is fully infested with niggers and cucks trying to tell the demi-god chad posters of fit how Olympus should be run. But they are weak and we are strong, keep the good fight up user.

>knows only two languages
Lol my dude you're a mike at best

>I know, everyone knows you need to have at least some contact with native speakers if you want to really learn a language.
Nah, this is the sort of thing people who only speak one language say.

>Dunning-Krugerian reddit wiki-level dilettantes with a superiority complex
one of the most embarrassing sentences I've read on Veeky Forums

yeha we'll also have flying cars and taylor swift sex bots

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That doesn't make any sense and I speak 3 because I'm not a ameritard


You have absolutely no clue how difficult it is to do machine translation. I've worked in natural language processing and speech recognition, and I have a linguistics degree. Translation is done via programmatic brute force. It has improved immensely over the past 10 years, sure, but is still horrible. And it probably won't get a whole lot better. Language isn't easy for machines.

As long as I can punch both of those faces over and over, I'll forgo flying cars. For a while, at least.

Jesus, that pic disturbs me.

Maybe he just didn't want to argue. Doesn't mean he can't make his point
Are you soft?

10 years is a long time though. Better to know it now so I don't need to wait until I'm in my 30's to be able to talk to foreigners.