Unique bulking food

Cheetos, chillie beans, and canned hot doggos

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Did you take a wet shit on a plate of cheetos haha

Even added onions

Best of luck with your blood lipid goals of 2018

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That is seriously disgusting.

Somebody post this on

Anecdote but I ate like this for 13 years while being obese and my blood glucose and lipids are good as of last week. I'm guessing food doesn't have that much effect on your body unless you're morbidly obese.

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No, what? Fucking delete this. I'm not joking.

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I was about to go make breakfast. Then I see steak and jellybeans, or bananas with ketchup on them.

I think I'll puke instead.

I've never been more disgusted by a thread on Veeky Forums in my entire life. That's saying something.

rare steak

good fucking lord

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Honestly ketchup + banana probably wouldn't taste all that bad. Ketchup has a lot of sugar

The ultimate life form

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Jason Genovas imbalances are what happens when you lift heavy without controlled technique, never stretch, never do mobility exercises, and don't train your back side as evenly as you train your front.

Chicken livers & onions w/ gravy.

Oh, and it ain't just onions, it's also garlic, habaneros, and green bell peppers.

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I got this reference

is this really how americans eat

The key word here is unique. Its all really bizarre and irregular because it is irregular.

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We cookin' swole food in here?! youtube.com/watch?v=ooGLzqDGd0w

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Is this what poverty tastes like?

>all this wasted food
>wasted to make le funny xD raction image

I hope you faggots at least at some of this trash.

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It's actually his posture and the fact that he almost always trains the same side of his body without doing the other. I hope you don't seriously believe not doing that leads to looking like a lopsided ogre. Although I agree that those things should always be done

>Dat chilli dog diet
>Only doing sprint training
>Becoming sonic mode
Gotta go fast

What does not stretching have to do with his body? I get that it makes you more prone to injury, but how does it affect muscle development?

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Dirty bulk master race here

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>samefagging this hard

Someone watches soothouse

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god i hate this website

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Hey cleetus that you? Yalls meth lab set yalls single wide on fire again.


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I hate this thread