What are the pros and cons of this?

what are the pros and cons of this?

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Prosio: more STR
Conio: receding hairline

Pros: strength
Cons: none

Idk, i never really felt a difference, so for me IT doesnt work,,but on the wiki page IT says its the only supplement thats allowed in the olympics

Pros: strong
Cons: doesn't dissolve in water very well

Yeah, I had it for the first time yesterday and it didn't dissolved at all.

What to do?

Just shake the thing more time?

pros: you gain a bit of water mass
cons: you become bald

anyone that takes creatine is a brainlet

Put creatine on a spoon
Pour oj in mouth but don't swallow
Pour creatine into mouth
Swallow it all in one shot

total bullshit. i am using this since 1 year continiously and i have no receeding hair line

It doesn't make you bald that's a meme

It does give you gray hair though

Pros: pumps are bigger

cons: balding

I ran out of creatine like 4 weeks ago, started cutting around the same time am still getting stronger. Starting to question it desu.

That's even more of a meme. It only causes baldness if it's already in your genetics. No grey hair bullshit

Pros: none, it's snake oil
Cons: mental boom

So far this thread is about 50/50. Are there any studies related creatine increasing strength or causing baldness?

My lifting buddy takes it before every lift, i never have, but we have been increasing strength at the same rate, if not me just a little faster. I kind of want to try it to see if i can accelerate but his progress hasn’t really been inspiring.

I actually do something similar to I put the scoop into a juice glass and fill with water then stir it with a spoon till all the powder is spinning in the water then quickly down it.

What about hot liquid? Could you dissolve it in coffee?

pros: none
cons: none
it's literally snake oil
I have been on and off it for years before giving up

You can just take it anally tbqh

>It only causes baldness if it's already in your genetics.

literally undisolvable. but keep posting i always love creatine noob stories

Ok why not use the capsules?

It’s pretty good, gave me a really big boost when I first started working out. Although I haven’t taken it in a while I’d recommend it. I was jumping up in weights a lot when I was taking it.

I have no idea if creatine, pre workout, or amino acids do anything but I got all these damn gnc gift cards

unironically placebo, its just "i took creatine today imma kill it hard"
and if you skip it for a day or so "i feel like shit with zero energy" and you start comparing non creatine days to creatine days
bullshit meme desu, also muscle bloat/water retention

So you put it in a glass and drink it.
This place.


Creatine is a meme supplement

oooh your are suppose to take it BEFORE lifting??

It causes 8% increase in muscle strength over placebo.

im using muscletech
pros: little mass
cons: weight gain

it may cause balding if your genetics (father,grandfather) were bald

this is just a ebin meme btw, incase any of you out there are genuinely dumb enough to believe this at the rate it gets spammed

>adds some bloat (10ish lbs for me and I'm 200)
>adds 3-5% strength across the board

>costs money
>might cause hair loss in people predisposed to it
>causes bloat (bad if you want to look cut)

It was only 3-5% for me depending on my lift, but I actually tested the strength gain myself. Even 3% is a pretty big jump if you are moving decent weight.

Mix with aloe juice. 10 second stir and the powder should get stuck in the thickness.

anyone here take creatine hcl?

>Are there any studies related creatine increasing strength or causing baldness
there have been quite a few studies of creatine's effects on the body
there's is a strong correlation between creatine supplementation and increasing power output
there is some indication that supplementation increases DHT levels, which may lead to hair loss for those already predisposed. this was only found in one study, though, so more evidence is needed.

why would you do that

el bumpo

Creatine is literally Taurines shitty either

>creatine: hairloss
>taurine: more effective than fin in some studies

>creatine: adds water to muscle (fucking water lmao)
>taurine: increases sarcoplasmic reticulum, microsomes and protects against oxidative stress

>creatine: causes hypertension and heart problems
>taurine: reverse heart disease and fatty liver disease in 2 weeks

>creatine: expensive
>taurine: year supply for $20

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nice meme

lmao don't tell me you get fucking taurine


You can get a kilo (200 servings) for $20. Also, there no evidence that it causes HTN or CAD. You're a fucking retard.

I need citations on this. Sounds too good to be true.

Ask and you shall receive

>taurine and hair

>taurine increases sacroplasmoc reticulum and microsomes

>taurine induces 13 fold increase of amino acid concentration post exercise

From a medical book I'm studying:
>Some studies have demonstrated improved performance during explosive movements, such as sprinting. Other studies, however, have failed to find a performance-enhancing effect of creatine supplementation. Moreover, ingesting extra creatine decreases the body's own synthesis of creatine, and it is not known whether natural synthesis recovers after long-term creatine supplementation. In addition, creatine supplementation can cause dehydration and may cause kidney dysfunction. Further research is needed to determine both the long-term safety and the value of creatine supplementation.
Also watch vitruvian physiques video on balding and creatine.

>may cause kidney dysfunction
Literally never demonstrated. Same thing with "balding."

my muscles did not ache when i was taking it, specially my legs. My hairline did recede, however dont know if it was because of age or the creatine.

>creatine: expensive
3 months supply is like £7 or $7, that literally comes to about 7 pennies per serving. If you can't afford that then rethink your finances.

That should tell you it doesn’t work

>implying creatine monohydrate gets absorbed
Needs to be creatine ethyl esters or bound to a salt which is more expensive

Creatine can cause a puffy face big time, don’t overdo it

I like to put a 5g scoop under my tounge then just drink water

I'm about to get sciencey on your ass so please read closely or it might be a tad bit tough to follow.

Pros: the muscles store creatine (creatine is naturally occurring in meat). They also store pre-made ATP. During intense anaerobic muscular activation (lifting weights for example) the ATP stores start getting used up by donating a phosphate from the triphosphate chain. This causes muscular contraction and the ATP molecule becomes an ADP molecule. It must bond with another phosphate before it can be ATP and usable for contraction again. This is where the creatine comes in. Creatine phosphate donates its phosphate in order to quickly turn ADP back into ATP.
In short, creatine phosphate allows your ATP stores to be quickly restored.
The myth is that creatine makes you stronger. It technically does but it's because if you're in a set of 8 reps the 8th rep may not be as tough or you may even get a 9th because the ATP being used is being replenished quickly.

Cons: Snape kills Dumbledore.
The muscles can only store so much creatine. If you think you can just eat a bigass jar of creatine every day and become superman then lemme tell you, your muscles won't store it all and your body will shit out the rest. You'd be wasting money at that point. Load properly and it will be beneficial though.

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actually useful comment, thanks user

This whole thread is fucking absurd.
Everyone who considers taking creatine is a DYEL and hasnt started roiding.

Stop relying on bogus supplements and train hard, test-ing your limits.

Two words: Creatine shits

creatine is in meat

After reading this thread i remembered that i fucking hate all of you.

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if youre using creatine and you drink. it makes your hangovers 10x worse. like, you feel like youre going to die + your guts feel fucked. you really have to make sure you drink gallons of water if youre going out drinking.

it took me months to figure out it was the creatine that was making me so hungover. I'd have like 8 beers and feel like I was going to die the next day. I even thought I has ulcers or something. I read up on creation randomly one day and realized it can dehydrate you and such. stopped taking it for a couple weeks. went out drinking and was fine the next day. haven't taken creatine since

Anytime, user.

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Get Creatine HCl

pros: more gains
cons: bald at 25, short dick, less $$$

I just toss a spoonful into a shot glass and fill the rest of it with water, swig, refill and repeat 2 or 3 times until it’s gone.

>myth is that creatine makes you stronger
It literally increases your 1RM. Read more than the wiki page.