Mom found the attic steroid lab

>mom found the attic steroid lab

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>aunt found the cockroach farm

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>more context
please... OP...

>dad found the manlet pit

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>postman saw the package i ordered was labeled creatine

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>mom opened the ant hatch


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kek classic

>mom found my 36 chickens and multivitamin lab

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>mom deactivated the whole stock of almonds

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>mom cooked pancakes on my synthol

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Jesus Christ, man. You all hate Americans when they're fat, and then bully them when they get swole? It's just mean-spirited, really.

>Mom found the crack cum crustation
Fuck what do I do?

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Can he be defeated? Do we even want him to be defeated?

>Gran found my caterpillar shaped dildo

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>mom found the chickens dungeon

>mum found the skulls tied to my barbell

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>Dad found my stash of magazines filled with oiled up naked buff guys

>mom found the cock altar

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>Mom found the mom-son incest folder
>She now makes excuses to bend over in front of me whenever she can
>She now greets me kissing the corner of my mouth while pressing the side of her hip against my crotch
>I found half of my briefs in her room

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>mom found the squat dildo

>mom found the

>Mom found me alone in my room on the weekend again

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>mom found the skateboard for squats

made me hard

>Brother found my protein shakes
>Haven't drank it since
>Thinking about of disposing them
>What if the faggot tells my mom
>She is basically a Russian mom

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>mom found the empty milk jugs

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