Hey I'm here from the pewdiepie video!!!

Hey I'm here from the pewdiepie video!!!
Tell me some more stories guys! This website is so wierd LOL

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>be me
>be young boy
>hear about Veeky Forums
>le memes lol
>lol u guiz are boring post new memes
>why are you just talking not posting meme arrow memes?
>pleasure men
>mfw I'm OP

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This is gonna send so many faggots here. Fuck’s sake.

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>yfw reddit actually likes pewdiepie


Maybe to r9k but not fit.

im abandoning ship before its too late.
>Veeky Forums becomes normie board in my lifetime

everyone start posting nigger and scare off the incoming redditors

They'll just go to /b/ right? That's the only board Normies have heard of. And thats full of newfag cancer as it is so no difference

I want pewdiepie to lose his career so bad I mean back in the day he was a cancerous lets player responsible for popularizing facecam and now he's a low-tier memelord spouting shit he saw on r/dankmemes that day.

Calling somebody a literal "fucking nigger" didn't destroy his life so I don't know what will. My guess is he gets outed as a pedo or gets caught with a trans hooker slamming him from behind

Sexing a trans hooker would only make him more popular user. Face it when you get to where he is. You can do no wrong he has so many fanboys who will defend him
I also agree he's a cunt

nah i'm pretty sure most of them will go to /pol/ since it's one of the most popular boards right now. that and /b/ is basically dead at this point since the only thing being posted is porn.

Expect to see more new /pol/tards in a month who got "red-pilled" and just had to spread their "mind blowing" discovery to other boards


That outro is iTunes-worthy

Fuck you pewds

>they don't know Felix is a low-key /pol/ack

Didn't know Reddit had green text.

welcome new friend
read the sticky

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I think /b/ still has the reputation with Normies though. I bet most don't know pol exists. Any trolling Normies hear of is usually just attributed to Veeky Forums as a whole. So /b/ will probably get a month of non stop green text threads where they post the same shit every time then they'll fuck off when they see that /b/ is dead

Or more redditfags like you.

only closeted racists go to /pol/. They'll go to /b/ and jerk off to furry faggot porn

>racism is bad
Good goy

It's funny how easily offended /pol/lards are as well.

>literally the only place on the entire internet that doesn't censor
>they're easily offended
what was indicated by this

Not offended in the least. Just pointing out there's literally nothing wrong with racism.

t. jew, soyboy, or insecure nonwhite

i also went to /b/ at first
it's like a Veeky Forums bootcamp

lurk /r9k/, kid

> being such a sensitive soy cunt you think others must be as triggered by opposing opinions as you
Listen here newfag cancer, in case your reddit spaced pea brain didn't get it yet, this entire website is based on adversity, /pol/ most of all boards.


lol this x2