This is deep

This is deep...

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I legit can’t see this actually taking off. Even normies have a vague idea that lowering testosterone isn’t good.

Based taleb

((((They)))) aren't going to stop until we make them stop. Are they?

I am starting to think pic related had the right idea.

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>lifts weights
>has fuck you money
>happily married
>renowned author
Did Taleb make it?

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Taleb thread?


inb4 all liberals turn their sons into traps because muh toxic masculinity


>>has fuck you money

he used to be a trump supporter, but now he has trumpgret, it's pathetic

Is it time for Round #2 already?


Can someone explain the joke to me, I don't get it.

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I don't think he actually votes.

he has a lot to say on twitter about american politics

Honestly, this may not even be that bad. It could serve as a natural selector for men, if you're willing to sacrifice your testosterone levels for birth control then you never really deserved to reproduce in the first place.

taleb fucking hates ""economists""

So what's your fuckin point?


because the entire field is a fucking joke

Are economists renown for having low T?

No he hates a certain kind of economist unfortunately most economists are that kind.

hence the scare quotes, senpai

because their predictions about economic developments are usually unreliable garbage

pic related is the kind of guy who holds a nobel prize in economics

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You probably meant to use these: ((( )))

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they really are going hard now. incredible

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i love it when people use these

Muslims don’t like anything to do with the field of money because they have some caveman-retarded religious law where you shouldn’t lend money to someone and charge interest.

It’s one of the many billions of reasons muslim counties are irrecoverably fucked. They actually have an entire field dedicated to Rube Goldberg-like ways tiptoe around Sharia law in order to profit from lending money without charging interest (even though they actually are).

Don’t be like Muslims, user. They blame literally every problem they have on America and Jews. It’s like a 1.6 billion-strong community of school shooters.

I don't get it.

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Their countries are fucked because western interests backed the muslim equivalent of bible thumping snake dancers and flat earthers all to destabalize their countries and throw them back into the stone age.

It worked brilliantly.
They are all violent shit flinging retards now. Their spark of brilliance and potential lost forever.

Christianity has (had?) the same laws about usury. Greed is disgusting and I hate to say it, but Islam is 100% right on this.

Taleb isn't a Muslim nor where his parent's. God read his books if you want to know why.

Disable parts of the brain to think like a leftist...

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What's the difference?

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>t. Ahmed

Why isn’t Poland fucked, then? They were overrun by Nazis and then the USSR and now they’re one of the fastest-growing economies on the planet. Because they actually manned up and got their shit togetherness instead of crying like weak little cunts about how their religion is supposed to let them rule the world.

Carry on being a failure.

It has an oral steroid in it that shuts down natty production.

I'm rather interested in what exactly that androgen DOES when it is the only one banging around in your body. Probably not a great time, there is a reason that oral only cycles are avoided.

>he got one thing wrong once therefore everything he says is wrong

>muh greed
>muh profit is bad

Jesus you sound like a fucking hippy.

Reminder that his you lived your life does affect the DNA expression of your child. If you live a soft and comfortable life your kids become weaker.
If you take this pill even once, any kids you have later in life are already toast.

You either reproduce or are a soyboy. Only the high test will create the next generstion.

exactly. furthermore, because they still, to this day, retain a strong identity. i have many polish friends and each and every one is absolutely aware of (((them)))

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I'm pretty sure he's actually Christian

Is that really true? Does our dna change?

His plan was to relocate them to palestine, m8.

Except Krugman is unreliably wrong about everything lol.

>destroying the brain makes someone liberal

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>by shutting down the THREAT PROCESSING CENTER of the brain people become more likely to support immigration
The fact that people's fucking threat center picks up immigrants as something to stay cautious of should speak for itself

of course it does. im surprised there are people who dont know about this. didnt your parents teach you anything?

>caveman-retarded religious law where you shouldn’t lend money to someone and charge interest.
Watcha doing rabbi?

Theoretically, yes kind of in an individual and yes significantly in the genes made available for future offspring.
This attempts to explain why species adapt and evolve faster than natural selection would theoretically allow.

Seems like a great way to cause bone loss, joint damage, and clinical depression in hundreds of thousands of men.
It's biologically easy to block the fertilization of eggs in women as they have cycles. It's biologically very hard to reversible and safely block the production of sperm as it is produced from age 12 to death and is stored for months. What's more, for every negative health effect of female BC there are several major advantages. Male hormonal BC is just a bad idea.

This is great. Let's put it in the drinking water goys.

because neither the nazis nor the soviets were anti-technological savages

>there are several major advantages
List them.
I could use a laugh.

>What's more, for every negative health effect of female BC there are several major advantages
the pill is one of the worst things to happen to western civilization. watch these two videos

that taleb is not based, and is a fucking retard. he's liked by the special type of retard who calls people based () and makes lists like this look at OP's tweet, and tell me how that is based? it's neil degrasse tyson-tier tweeting, same as these:

He is a lebanese christian who clearly hates muslims

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I was really hoping RISUG/Vasalgel would be done with human testing by now, but "big pharma" (we know what that means) has no interest in a long term inexpensive male contraceptive.

yes but why would these male birth control pills turn every man into an economist? Will people try and make correlations between decreasing testosterone and these pills economic success? I don't understand what point he was making....

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Economics is a pile of baloney

>Out understanding of history would be much, much improved if "North Africa" was called "South Med" instead. Too many people think in words.

He is 100% right on this.

Rippletits is like the fat chuck norris

economist = low test

These look great, thanks

>muh spend spend spend the problem away economics

Economists are faggots

okay, I get it now....I am retarded


Why instead of stopping spermogenesis by suppressing test production we use steroids w/o safety cycles? Admittedly I’m not an expert of steroids, but I’m pretty sure that they achieve fertility as well (if done poorly) and instead of no test, you get the benefits of an abundance of test. B/c your body stops test production (linked with spermogenesis) because your blood is already swimming in test.

TLDR; instead of becoming fertile by crashing test, become fertile by artificially spiking test for decades.

Who killed saddam? Who invaded iraq? Who supports the "moderate rebels" in Syria and Libya?
America and jews hate is exclusive to Muslims. Every Arabic and non cuck European hates America and the jews

or because hbd.....

what's the problem with any of those tweets

can I get a rundown on these videos I don't have an hour to watch them.

Fuck off

>raised in a a nation of cucks that blame everyone else instead of growing some balls
>clearly absorbed their values
>”b-but he’s Christian!”

There’s are also Muslims who are not faggots and get shit done. It’s not his religion that matters, it’s his values.

Yes, see
It's not like you mutate, it's more like you have the genetics present to be a pussy or a high test alpha, the life you lead can cause one or the other to be used and expressed. Similar for your kids, how those genes are being expressed at the time of conception affects the child's development. If you have some great genetics but spend it on the couch your kids come out weak.

The umbilical cord is mostly made from the genetics of the father and decides a lot about what hormones the foetus is loaded up on and how the child develops in the womb.

Men who take these pills are dooming their future children.

Just because he has trumpgret? Just because he wasn't brainwashed by a weak cult of personality?

Killing Saddam fucking owned, aftermath be damned. Dude was worse than Stalin and talked the big talk before The Coalition of the Willing pushed his fucking shit in. Seeing him raving in a dock, all malnourished and dishevelled after living in a hole in the ground, after filling his country with giant posters of his smarmy cunt face is one of the most gratifying things I’ve ever experienced.

Seriously, why are /pol/tards such closet little bitches? You faggots talk big about ridding the world of parasites but when it comes down to it you only have balls big enough for killing skinny old Jewish men rather than big fuckers with guns.

Hmmmmm, now why would muzzies blame every big problem on jews...

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You could have the same effect with test injections

Taleb's Incendo books are pissening and the fact that he was a successful stock trader is even more pissenin

Because skinny old jews are the ones behind the big dudes with guns. You're basically saying the solution to cartels is killing corner pushers.

Simple answer is they’re faggots.

Bur you don’t like that answer.

I wonder why.

if your attention span is too little, watch them 10min at a time. but if you cant read a book for 30min straight, I have some bad news.

Testosterone blockers have been around for decades that is what traps use.

Taleb nassim is a total scam economist, everything he writes is just plain wrong.

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Rippletard looks like a high school dropout who now runs a failing concrete business out of a trailer park

>Nothing in food/the water supply can effect your Testosterone levels!
>hey look at this new orally taken pill that drastically effects testosterone levels!

Got my almonds all toasted


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it does in some part
Its called epigenetics, its basically lamarkism, and are amost completely enviromental dependent. They are changes in the expresion of genes.
Still they are like short term evolution changes as from generation to generation is not passed completely and in long term the main genetic makeup determine the individual.

>Taleb nassim is a total scam economist,

But he isnt an economist

Nobody's perfect, not even uncle Adolf

I believe his best selling book is fooled by randomness, which he got totally buried by economst and trader experts thereafter

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