Alright Veeky Forums. Explain this shit to me. Refer to my picture for information.

How the fuck is it that my friend can squat so much more than me despite being relatively the same height, weighing only 20 lbs more than me and DOESN'T ass to grass squat.

My theory is because he has shorter legs than me. Most of his height comes from the fact that his torso is so long. My waist sits significantly higher than his. So maybe that means I have more range of motion to cover? Either way it's fucking annoying to see him load up and do such heavy squats where I start bitching at around three plates when I can kill him in deadlifts, bench, and cleans.

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Longer legs = more ROM

your week

Simple science dumb ass.
His legs are shorter so he has to travel less to lift something.
Why do you think ants are so strong? It's because they only have to lift shit up by a fucking millimeter.
The term "midget strength" doesn't exist just to exist.

Femur length

weak? like your brain?

It's just so easy for him. It's retarded. Genetics are fucking unfair.

The longer your torso compared to legs, the easier your squat.

what's wrong with my week?

Shorter femur means less moment arm about the hips. Shorter femurs also means your hips are closer to the bar for deadlift so less moment arm about the hip joint.

Seriously, just read Start Strength or learn some basic biomechanics of the lifts...

Sometimes I like to shitpost with broken english. I don't know what's wrong with me.

> just read Start Strength
This ain't Veeky Forums bro.

He's stronger than you.

Is this really a question?

It's not just more distance. Longer legs means more torque is required.

How do I make torque gains?

size != strength

longer legs is a male trait despite what media will have you beleive. Men have longer legs(% of body) on average than females. Your friend is strong but hes a strong girl

Shorter limbs


Sorry opie but if you have long legs then you'll never be that great at squat. assuming your arms are also long you should be good at deadlifting though. I have the same thing and just stopped giving a fuck about my squat numbers.


Not him. But the femur bone is attached at a lower point of the pelvis in females, which makes their legs shorter and wider.

It is also worth noting, though. That having long limbs is an African trait. Whites have long torsos.