It’s my 27th birthday today
I asked all my friends what they’re doing yesterday
They all said they’re busy
Snapchat stories today show that they all went out and nobody invited me or even told me
Well boys might be time to join the 27 club

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Happy birthday user. Remember, even if you're alone, you're still celebrating with someone you care about

sounds like you dont have any actual friends, just acquaintances.
not too bad in this case because why would you want to be friends with club going degenerates who unironically use snapchat lmao

Seem like some shitty friends

The gift you got was the knowledge that your friends aren't really your friends.
Take the gift and move on, wiser.

Just invite them to do something like a week prior. It's YOUR Birthday, YOU should take initiative! Or you may just have shitty friends.

This actually made me feel a bit better. I didn’t spoil my diet and I got a decent night’s sleep, and I can go for a proper workout with no hangover today.

>I asked all my friends what they're doing yesterday
>said they're busy
>they all ended up going out together and not inviting you

Story of my life. I have a friend, who I'm not entirely sure even is my friend. Last year for my birthday, he said he would take me out, then on the day of my birthday, I don't receive any messages or calls from him, 2 days later, he texts me going "oh yeah, it was your birthday 2 days ago, happy birthday, sorry bro I was just busy". Keep in mind, this "friend" works at a dead end job making $16 an hour stacking lumber and lives at home and plays video games. His life is hardly eventful even in the slightest. It just put the entire friendship into perspective.

happy birthday op!

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>unironically using snapchat
You sound like a punk ass bitch. You probably suck and fuck cock, you fucking faggot. I wanna pump your soyboy puss puss full of my hot man cream so you serve a real purpose, you fucking failure at life.

If you are a grown ass man that actually uses Snapchat then you need to check yourself. The fact that your 'friends' use it also is a fucking joke. I will hover still come to your party Bro.

know the feels, everyone I know forgot that it was my birthday this year

> making plans 1 day ahead

Dude if you're 27 years old people have shit to do. You cant ask people to come to 'muh birthday sleep over party' on a days notice. Grow up OP.

Not OP, but how do you even make new friends in your late twenties? I wish there were, like, clubs where people meet up and try to figure out life or something.
Like that "how do I make friends" club in tomodachi ga sukunai. Not that I watch anime or anything.

I find its better to have no friends. Had some in my late teens early twenties but now I haven't got the time and can't be arsed anyway.

U can't m8

Thanks, interesting article albeit not really helpful I guess.
>As external conditions change, it becomes tougher to meet the three conditions that sociologists since the 1950s have considered crucial to making close friends: proximity; repeated, unplanned interactions; and a setting that encourages people to let their guard down and confide in each other,
This part was great and a good starting point.

HB user.

You need personality.
You need friends
You need to close your area about those people.

Dont give them water if they are at dessert, I you get what I mean.

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Hey user this is your pic?

You must to change or killyourself

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Happy birthday faggot, try not to kill yourself, otherwise you will give a bad role model for us other spergs.

Dont kill yourself.

Take a machine gun and kill them.

This is the american way

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They dont give a fuck about you, and ther are mocking you right now

Just kill them
What do you fear Mr. nobody?

You know you want it

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>clubs where people meet up and try to figure out life or something
What you want is to go camping at a hippie music festival and do drugs in a spirit circle.

Or you could be a normie and engage in meaningless sex and vapid smalltalk every weekend while you wait for the next major disruption to blow into your comfortable routine.

I made friends in my late 20's from coworkers I eventually went out drinking semi regularly with.
None of them are on the same depth as my old middle school buds though.

It's pretty tough to make friends the older you get, I just turned 30 the second of January and I've noticed that outside of a couple present and former work colleagues, I have no real friends.
The few I had that I've met through acquaintances about eight or so years ago ditched me a couple years ago over a girl. It doesn't bother at all anymore, acquaintanceship is underrated anyway.

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Happy birthday user! It's also my 23th today and I will probably see bunch of my friends and hang out for a while, as we're all still in collage and not all have jobs. However I also get a sense of what's happening to you, as some of my friends are changing, due to their gfs and not for the better. I sure hope they don't turn out like yours did, even if that didn't happen for the same reason.
I feel like you should give them a reason to remember why you guys became friends in the first place and if they turn you down, or just brush your request aside, will only prove you weren't so close in the first place. Stay safe and be strong bro, most bridges last way more than most people take for granted.

this has nothing to do with fitness you dumb fuck. no bump. fuck off. kys.

reminder: do not engage these morons. sage, report and ignore them.

Thank you you all for your interesting, constructive and entertaining responses. I realize I sound like a crybaby, but that’s what an anonymous imageboard is for, versus speaking my mind to anybody in real life. Threatening an hero was more of a joke than anything, but I did just return to my own home with my girlfriend from a dinner at my parents’ home which was attended by my family, and really, in Ireland, what do you need besides family, especially when I already own my own home.
I am slightly bummed about turning 27, and somewhat bummed about my high school mates seemingly deliberately excluding me, but it’s really quite a minor issue in an otherwise good life.

So literally any combat sport

>letting your guard down
>combat sport
nothing personnel kid

I was more referring to the fact that you learn more about someone in a 5 minute round than you would in 5 years of casual friendship.

sounds like you need new friends, dude

happy birthday anyway

you are fucking awmsone person
happy b-birthday
have a amzing day

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>27 year old male
>uses snapchat

jesus christ

this reminds me of that guy who posted on twitter/facebook all the preperations he did for his birthday, and then nobody came.