You're in the boat...

You're in the boat. How do you maintain your alphaness in the eyes of your date when these brave lads are having some cheeky bantz at your expense and probably shouting lewd things as well?

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The great equalizer.

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Why did they do that?

English being absolute cunts as usual. Would love to throw these untermensch into a big fire.

try the redpill, cucks. This is white men being proud of masculinity. Praise Kek

>Drinking estrogen filled lager, polluting picturesque cities and throwing shit on wealthier, more attractive people is "white masculinity"
These men are white niggers and I suspect you are one too.

banter m8

try the redpill, soy idiot. Real men don't care about other people, the weak must fear the strong white alpha like me

stand upright and invite them to throw more. sounds shitty, but it's the only way you can take control. suddenly, they're your bitches, throwing stuff at you because YOU command it.

this is drunk beta idiotic slob mob mentality. i do believe in America you would get shot for doing some stupid shit like this. an incoming pint glass in my direction would result in a brandished pistol, no hesitation. yea fuck a head injury because of some drunk idiots.

What is actually happening here?

Just some rich people riding a boat through a canal and the plebians are gathered for no reason and decide to throw stuff? Seems unlikely.

>"soy idiot"
>drinks beer

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dumb mutt, you should be behind bars

English football fans gather in Amsterdam for their friendly against Holland

Retarded English football fans assaulting civilized people.

you're a cucked coward if you think it's acceptable to allow others to hurt you or the people you love.

are you aware that british people are like this because they emulate american society? you caused all this in the first place

I'm a white nationalist, I only love white people of my nation, hence it's good to throw piss and beer on inferiors

The only people the English are brave enough to attack are the Dutch; meanwhile there's hordes of Muslim gangs raping and murdering their children and they do nothing. Real "alpha", England.

>no right to bear arms
>no right to free speech
>emulate american society
brit police lock people up for saying bad things about shitskins online. gtfo out of here with "emulate american society".

If you remove the red pill part this is exactly what a nigger would say

>he doesn't know
sweetie... your own country is on the verge of losing both of those...

Fucking insufferable cunts. Everyone in the Netherlands talking about what fucking shitheads your people are. Stay on your fucking incest island cunts

lol k. it's been "on the verge" for 242 years.

People just can't handle the banter

it's over, senpai, demographic replacement has caught up to you

How about i banter-rape your fucking ass?

>tell the driver to stop
>Rip suit and flex 'ceps
>Shoot a bullet to the sky so they stop
I have shitty anger issues desu so a similar thing would probably happen if people started ruining my fun time

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bongs really are inbred subhuman scum

Can i just remind everyone that dutch football fans smashed up London a few months ago

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>bongs really are inbred subhuman scum
>bongs... are... human

we still have guns. EU doesn't.


You also have 44% nogs, even when counting latinos as white. EU doesn't, despite Merkel.

>they emulate american society?
Europeans are retarded


Europe is the homeland you fucking idiot. America is a colony and was always a country of immigrants and was never more than 90% white. Europe was 100% white 50 years ago before you deliberately cucked yourself

America's situation is bad but understand with its history and 2000 mile border with Mexico. Europe's situation is a disgrace and unforgivable

>false flagging this hard

>white "people"

We're the chads of Europe

>hehe le cheeky banter, after cheeky nandos, throw a cheeky pint at posh cunts, what a lad

Get out of my country


freedom of movement bitch

Sub humans, worse than niggers.

soccer fans

most are absolute retards.

Not for long ;^)

>amerimemes don't have it worse

These are pussies praying on the weak concealing it as banter and when savage slav hools meet them they get mopped up even tho they have the numerical advantage.

The only response is being a baseball/cricket Chad who can laugh and throw a nautical cleat at 90mph directly into a hooligans face.

Why do people act like this is unique to English people football fans are scum all over the world

Point one out and tell him to meet you when and where.

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Mad because ur shitty country is not playing in the world cup?

You can try

This is what happens when you fuck sheep and your sister.


Why do the slav hooligans always fuck them up

Because in slavland hooliganism is basically a sport. English hooliganism is only practised during the international breaks or major competitions. In Slavia they do it every game.

There is also people's upbringing. Life in slavistan is cold and brutal. That's why they all leave to other better countries to clean our toilets.

Pretty much this.
Slavs also meet each other in the forest for 10vs10 50vs50 100vs100 fights so when they meet with english hools who are out of their prime, they are already hardened and go through them like a hot knife through butter.

The dutch must be real pussies then

You are the Americans of Europe.

I cannot WAIT for the MMA-trained Russian hooligans who practice small unit tactics to send these lads back to England. It's gonna be glorious.

Bonus points for when they go crying back to the Sun "we wuz gud boyez we dindu nuffin". Unkempt niggers.

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I think he did okay, what else can he do.

Why the fuck are they doing that?

And film it all with GoPro.

Because English people are knuckle dragging apes

we're talking national team meets here. Toothpastes going to those games are milquetoast normies. Some Dutch club team hoolies are pretty legit.

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British football hooligans "culture" explained by video.

>hehe being a faggot cunt is just jokes m8 :)

you're going to die with your teeth biting down on the curb, there's cunts out there willing to go to jail over retards like you being retards a bit too overtly.

back to blackistan with yee
its obvious, newfriend, stop trying to sabotage white people.

Sound a bit angry m8 pls calm down

I'm not though.

These are our lower classes. They're a dying breed thankfully.

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soccer fans are literally (literally) the worst sportsfans in the world

obviously this shit is huge in shitholes like Turkey, you're a "white" nigger.

Utterly based

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>Several hundred years later
Wow are we living in 2200?

>Huge in turkey

And the rest of the world.

>guys in groups attacking people indiscriminately
>Utterly based
unironically kys

fyi it is impossible to be white and unironically say shit like this

all of you have niggerbrains, hang yourselves asap, the world will genuinely be a better place.

Irish fans are the only ones who truly understand banter

its worst in shitholes like turkey and slavland

>tfw reading this made me realise white people are dead

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And South America, Italy and spain

like I said, shitholes.

That Irish fan trying to stop the fighting with beer in his hand at 0:39

if i ever travel to Europe, do i have to avoid cities with soccer matches playing?


just avoid the stadium

Worry more about the obscene amount of pickpockets.

Watch out for muslims wearing extremely oversized coats

interesting.. do people in London not leave their homes if there is a soccer game?

the people in OP's pic aren't in a stadium. seems like anywhere close to a bar is unsafe

i have heard that about some cities

They are British.
Being worthless subhumans is just a part of their DNA.

Well ive lived in Britain 25 years and never had a problem running into football hooligans.

>be european
>never been pickpocketed in my life

just don't look like a an elderly Florida tourist and don't leave your shit lying around and you're good

>interesting.. do people in London not leave their homes if there is a soccer game?

Hooliganism is all but non existant in the UK for domestic games. Don't shit on your own doorstep etc.

Some parts of Europe are too fucking stupid to understand that though

Dont worry about it, there are tourist going to derby matches in some cities to feel the "atmosphere".
Real hooligans only fight with other hools, there are allways cunts but the rule is if you touch a civilian you re pussy.

I can never tell the sides apart in hooligan fights

Then you COMMAND them to fuck the women on your boat, too. Take FULL control.

depends on place and city

whole story?