How do i lose weight i am chubby and under 14

How do i lose weight i am chubby and under 14

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Eat less

Read sticky cunt

Eat less you fucking idiot

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i have been eating less ye cunts and i have not gained weight but nor have i lost any

Eat extra less and lift weights kid

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Do u think i should restrict myself to Only certain foods? Also shpuld i do sports

Choose from foods such as yogurt, oats, fruits/veggies and clean meats like steak and chicken. Not saying that you should eat those exclusively, but they're good suggestions. Doing sports is a good idea, but you really should do lifting + cardio.

Also you should fuck off until you're 18.

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Use an online calculator to determine your daily caloric expenditure, basically how many calories you burn just by being alive on any given day. It's determined by your height and weight, and can be made more accurate with other measurements.
Once you know this number, take it and subtract 500 from it. This new number is your new diet. Eat that many calories per day, and you should lose about 1-3 lbs per week, which is about as fast as you should safely attempt to lose weight.
If you work out, which you should, have a rough estimate of how many calories an exercise burns. For instance, running a mile burns about 160cal. You only want to be about 500cal below your total expenditure, so for every mile you do that day, add about 160cal.
I recommend cooking most of your own food so that you control exactly what goes into it, which allows you to have larger servings with the same caloric value as compared to store-bought food, which will in turn make you feel like you've eaten more, when really you haven't.
Next, leave until you're 18. All that I've said here is covered in the sticky, albeit much more briefly.

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Former chub here
Just stop caring and do sports,socialize and most importantly study by the time youre around 16 you should start lifting and caring about body fat % its only extra mental stress if you care before that age
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Are swimming and soccer any good? Im not doing any sports currently, however I am looking into both of these.

>14 years old
holy shit. I discovered this website just before my 19th birthday. I guess it was a different time. The 4chans has so much more exposure these days.

Read sticky. Enjoy your month ban, kid.

They are both phenomenal, particularly swimming. They both require crazy amounts of cardio and burn fat.

swimming the best

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Go swimming in a club. Hard to get into, but once you made it it's great.
Also: Get your TDEE on Scooby's page, count calories and avoid alcohol and cigs

You think that's something? 22 now discovered Veeky Forums when I was 12. The ride never fucking ends.

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Good shit on swimming then, I'll get into it first. Cheers to the people that actually helped

how you do find this place when you're 12? Jesus christ

You need to do five things.
1.Fix your eating habits.
It's really as simple as cutting out snacks, cookies, candies, chips, and any liquid that isn't clean water.
Eat 3 square meals a day.
If you have a choice between veggies and meat and some kind of fast food or prepackaged food. Then choose the veggies and meat.
Every time.

2.Start with a basic simple fitness routine. Calisthenics are simple and work well. You don't need any money, access to a gym, or to even leave your room.

3.Get off of your but and move more. That's all. You don't have to go run a damned marathon. Just getting up and going for a walk in the sunshine or even marching in place for 20 minutes is good.

4.Find an active hobby to do. Hiking, gardening, playing a sport, DDR, martial arts, dancing, laser tag. Anything that gets you sweating and breathing heavy or just off of your but.

5.Go to bed at a good hour every night and get at least 8 hours of sleep. This will help you in multiple ways.

6.Find something that will help you relax and feel good about yourself. Meditation, a hobby, hanging out with friends. Something.
Learning how to deal with stress and chilling out is the best way to help you become fit and healthy.

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>14 year olds browse this site

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have fun being banned but check out the fasting general