Tfw this is what var does to grills

>tfw this is what var does to grills

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she's was fucking hot.

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obviously shopped... but i'd bang anyways...

>tfw this is what photoshop does to grills

I know its shopped, but girls with shoulders and arms like that are fucking disgusting. Why don't you just go and date a 160lb lifter dude and come out of the fucking closest already. If you like your women manly, then obviously you have a secret desire in you for cock. It's not even subtle..


lol you ok there bro?

>tfw no sauce

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>being this sexually insecure
>complaining about it on a mongolian horseman trading card forum.

fuck i need sauce

from fit qt to roided monstrosity

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>dat growth
How is this even possible?

Anavar and no concern for your liver.

>tfw I'm jelly of a girl's arms

>he thinks to right side of the OP is better than the left side

Spotted the closet faggots in this thread.

Do girls like that just take anavar only?

>Anavar helps chicks to learn Photoshop

var is like magic muscle growth pills for girls
webm related went from skinny to this in 12 weeks

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>be a good looking female
>ruin yourself with bathtub chemicals because of daddy issues
What a shame desu

Why does it work so much better on women than men?

where do i get some male var then?

One good thing is, it's a neon sign that says "I'll do anything you want if you become my Daddy" and at least the ones with nice ass and thighs and pretty faces are still fuckable.

>faggots in this thread will argue that this is hot

I'm natty but I would like to try var. Can it really make me grow like that?

Time to var as a guy.


She is hotter now DYEL

Why do girls have nicer arms then guys who roid? When guys roid it just looks big with shitty separatation. Women OTOH get thick arms with nice separation.

Estrogen is more potent as anabolic or some meme like that

>hey bro it's just a small dose ok it's just a weak anabolic drug it doesn't even do anything ok I'm basically natty trust me

Daily reminder the moment you hop on roids your progress is meaningless, it is the moment you admit to yourself and the universe you have quit making gains with your own adrenals and testes/ovaries.

>imagine the handjobs...

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>not bijobs

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Why these girls delts always look the same?

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Our children would rule the world

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I think is because they are smaller than most men.
Look at manlet's shoulders: they look the same as these girls. Because they are shorter, they shoulder muscles are more "packed" together

it doesnt work any better, but when you're putting muscle on a 5'4 frame it looks insane

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That shit doent even make sense. Estrogen isnt even anabolic at all

while YOU are taking a SHIT
SHE was taking the VAR

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>that kind of mass growth
seems a bit much.

>tfw jelly of her gains
>tfw I want her to milk my cock

It’s called tren.
>not pinning tren everyday

honestly she looks better with the muscle, I just wish it looked a little less obvious she was on var

eyy lol

Muscle girls 9 times out of 10 were sexually abused when they were little. Just a heads up

Probably because roided man arms look beyond human, and roided women just look like fit men.


>deviantart shoops
Muscle worship fetishists must be stopped at all costs

DeviantArt shops go way bigger

looked better before