I failed to you guys

I failed to you guys.

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It's ok for a cheat meal, i've seen worse

don't eat the chips and you have a pretty decent keto meal going

not even bad you cuck. that has good portions of your macros, especially since there aint any cheese on it. to be honest you could eat that more than a cheat meal if you really put in the work

This. No chips and sauces and it wont be as bad.

well, assuming that white stuff is mayo (mayo with nachos what the fuck) then that is also fine

but isnt it too much salad or is salad fine on keto?

Is there a downside to eating "too much" salad?

ITT: 60kg "shredded af" faggots who will never gain any muscle

no. you can eat an unlimited amount od vegetables (excluding avocadoes and potatoes)

>but isnt it too much salad or is salad fine on keto?
"i have no idea of what i'm talking about"

it seems every day /g/ user base becomes newer and more retarded. how is this keto? do you understand that vegetables are mostly carbs?

What about beet? I'm asking about this because, save for weekends, I have my lunch at uni, it's mostly self service with the exception of meat portions which are regulated by staff, so I tend to go ham on salads instead of going hard on carbs to actually sate my hunger.

You're making me hungry with this post..


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Yes. full of carbs.

No, you can't. Salads are full of carbs.

Salads are full of carbs.

Salads are nothing but carbs.

holy shit are you all fucking retarded? salad has no carbs, no protein, no fats. only fucking fiber.

bunch of uneducated bumfucks

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I stay at my caloric range, and eat whatever I want. I'm Veeky Forums af

Not sure where you got your info because your pic clearly lists more sugar than fiber in iceberg lettuce.

it sure has sugar, but that's 1/100g, it's completely neglectable. fiber is the only relevant content.

you must literally eat 1kg of lettuce to have 10g of sugar.

beet is sortof halfway between non-starchy and starchy vegetables. Still, I wouln't really worry about them and would eat them more if they tasted somewhat good

lel a salad is basically water

it’s sour cream dude...

if THAT is sour cream, then his country was a mistake

You've just proved you're a complete retard. Look at your post and the image attached and think real hard.

How about avocadonts?

lots of calories...

There is a reason nobody takes ketofags seriously.