Who are some Veeky Forums heroes from your country?

who are some Veeky Forums heroes from your country?

pic related is topal osman

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oh i forgot to mention what he did

>A Turk who was born in a small Turkish city in Eastern Black Sea (Giresun) region aka Topal Osman
Was wounded in the first (or second) balkan war and became "lame". Lame means topal, which became his nickname, in Turkish.
>When WW1 began, Russians started a counteroffensive and a Greek in his village replaced the Turkish flag with Russian flag (he raised the Russian flag up to the flagpole), after that event Topal Osman found him, beheaded him and raised his head up to the flagpole (this is how he became a bandit)
>When the war intensified, Greek and Armenian bandits in Black Sea region became more common and vile, they attacked Turkish villages and cities constantly. Topal Osman then gathered Chepni Turks from his city, he eventually defeated all the Greeco-Armenian bandits. But the fate of Pontic Greeks was at the hands of TOPAL now.
>Topal usually executed all kinds of Pontic Greeks no matter whether they were women or children or not. >He once lumpd all Pontic Greeks together in a church, locked them up and set the church on fire, Pontians were burned alive.
>When the Greeks started to invade Western Anatolia, he gathered 200 Pontic Greeks and shot all of them in the head as an act of retaliation
>He buried some Pontic Greeks alive, he boiled their children alive in cauldrons, he shot them in head etc,eventually all Greeks were either dead or escaped to somewhere else.
>The Pontic Greeks that survived Topal's massacre were literally stamped by Topal's men like horses in the ass. Some old Pontic Greeks still have a huge star and crescent on their asses.
>The Ottomans lost WW1, however, Turkish insurgency began in Anatolia, massacres against some Armenians and Greeks intensified

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>In 1921, some Kurds in Tunceli rebelled against Ataturk
>Ataturk sent Topal's battalion to Dersim
>Topal's battalion massacred Kurds there, they left no one alive. Even some Kurdish babies were killed.
>This impressed Ataturk and he gave some soldiers and officers in Topal's battalion land and money because they earned it :DDD
>Topal then in 1923 choked a deputy who opposed Ataturk to death (according to rumors Ataturk wanted Topal to do that)
>Ataturk """found it too edgy""" and ordered the soldiers to capture Topal, Topal resisted the soldiers and killed some of them. Topal got shot in the leg and was captures. After that he was executed by the government

even today people come to his grave annually to pay their respects for the sacrifices he had to make

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Lmao at those genetic defects

I don't think my country ever had any heroes

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>Pussy pad.

I'm sure there's somebody from Britain who did something heroic in the past 1000 years or so.

So he was just a war criminal psycho asshole lol turks really are just animals

>war criminal

>hero is a coward who killed women and children
checks out. I can't imagine a nicer feeling than showing a turk what its like to fight a real man.

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Lol ist really says a lot about Turks im from Germany and they always act tough but only in groups or against women and children

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seriously man, can you explain how a person who did that horrific shit can be a hero to you? serious question

Turks are backwards like that, almost everything they do is contradictive or incredibly obnoxious

explain what he did wrong first

>best admiral ever existed
>pure Mediterranean™ Spanish® blood masterrace
>multiples injuries from a life of constant fighting
>loosing an eye at age 15
>a leg at 18
>a hand at 26
>he still kept fighting and winning wars despite this
>has main battleship in his name
>resisted a siege by a large British invasion fleet despite having lower numbers
>always pissing facing England

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Smrt fašizmu!

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you posted this on Veeky Forums too fuck off roach.

ATATÜRK is the one and only turkish hero, don't reply to trolls.