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Is there really a huge disadvantage to drinking alcohol (besides high calories). I'm trying to keep up my training intensity/gains but I'm going through some shit and Jack Daniels has been a pretty close friend.

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Alcohol is a depressant and if you cope with alc you will not make it in the longterm, because you are only suppressing your issues and in the end they always will resurface. The more you push them down the harder the pop back up, like pressing a ball under water, you will put all your energy into pressing it below the surface but it will always pop back up. Be a man and face your demons, they thought of facing shit is always worse than actually doing it.

Alcohol consumption fucks with your bodys ability to perform protein synthesis

This isn't judgment bro because I love my good buddy Jack and I've been there. Put the fucking bottle down. Hit it harder. Go for revenge gains. You want her to question WTF she did by letting you go the next time she sees your hard rocket body.

That pic is so accurate just needs another month and the girl with a new guy

>another month
Nah nigga later that week

>Alcohol is a depressant
That just means it suppresses the central nervous system, you dip.

No matter how right the rest of your post might be about using substance to cope, you've already outed yourself as a retard nobody should listen to.

Calories, liver and other physiological damage, addictive, expensive if you are not ghetto trash.

You are drinking poison the high is damage to the body, it's like huffing paint, not to mention it's the fastest way to being obese thanks to liquid calories in the single meal in a bottle way.

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>Alcohol is a depressant

A CNS depressant you pleb, aka a relaxant.

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You mean aside from the fact that your body literally treats it like poison? No, not really.

That image just enrages me its so fucking false. I started lifting after I broke it with my ex and am now in a better financial position than before. Not to mention all the free time I get to spend with family and friends I missed. She became fat and jobless. Fuck bitches


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>tfw tried not trying and people started asking why I'm being such an asshole lately

That picture is wrong. It only takes like 3 days for a girl to completely get over your ass. Alcohol is terrible for you and fucks up basically all bodily functions. But it feels good, so drink up. (jack daniels is dog shit tier get some taste pleb).

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My last ex started fucking someone else the very same day and later called me saying she made a mistake breaking up with me and tried to claim that she fucked that dude because she was sad.

Anyway then I proceeded to fuck this girl she hates.

I am still broken.

That image is such bullshit. If that man's at all worth his salt in a year he'll be living well and looking good while her frumpy ass will be eating microwaved chicken tandoori watching some poorly produced bullshit on Netflix.


>started acting like an asshole
>everyone just likes me more
I don't get it though.

Been there brah, sounds about right.

because chad is confident and mysterious and you are creepy asshole

society runs on double standards