Do Americans really wear shoes in the gym?

Do Americans really wear shoes in the gym?

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Serious question. Working out barefoot is objectively superior.


>Eurohammeds can't afford shoes.

Americans wear boots to the Moon. how about Europeans?

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For squats and deadlifts no

sweatie that was fake

Europeans wear shoes in the gym as well buddy


Oh fuck that's it I gotta leave this place

Not me, I don't go to the gym

No, but we do microwave our shoes


The 60s are over

>not refrigerating for extra calorie burn


Do any other countries but America really matter?


bump lmao

Oi bruv. The bobbies bashed me fockin 'ed in fers not renewing me shoe loicense

>be american
>be free
>step outside
>get shot
every fucking time

America is the BIG GAY

What do Europeans do when the Call to Prayer comes on and they’re mid-set? Finishing your set seems pretty disrespectful, but dropping your weight then and there doesn’t seem optimal.

you just gotta drop it even if it lands on your foot or something you cant scream or anything you just gotta ignore the pain and sacrifice the foot. its either that or deal with pic related... those fuckers will tear you to shreds

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I wear weighted shoes for that extra training. Goku mode my euro nigga


>be European
>house gets burglarized by refugees and wife gets raped
>pull out gun and shoot invaders
>police arrive
>get arrested for owning a gun and hate crimes/speech

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>amerifats unironically think europe consists of one island outside of it

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