What do i do? Cut or bulk

What do i do? Cut or bulk
Im 6'5 213lbs
I dont know my bf%

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is that gyno

cut 15 pounds

above 20%, around 22-24
also rocking supreme bitchtits
>Cut or bulk
try lifting

It is yeah

Will do, thanks

reminds me of my old weak days.
you have a few months ahead of you...
try not focusing on bulking or cutting yet..

>a thread died for this


Eat at maintenance and lift

Body recomposition, broseph

lemme suck on those boobs boy

Lift and eat at maintance. Nice tits tho.

I’m 6’5” 210, been lifting for a few years. Pic related is me for reference. (My legs are further along.) Bulk/cut depends on your goals.

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start lifting, if you wanna see some progress this year do it 3-4 times a week, start eating right, sleep more, drink less.

>a few years
Are you sure about those statements?

How can dudes live with large areolas? Embarrassing.

Yes? Didn’t say I was bulking for a few years my guy, started at a portly 250 as a matter of fact.

Fuck the stats, he looks like he’s done a months worth of curls. No one knows how to eat on here, they don’t realize that the 80% nutrition statement is true if not more.

Are you suggesting I need to eat more? My lifts, particularly lower body, have been coming along well enough. Recently squatted 3pl8. I spent HS rather fat so I’m reluctant to go on a reckless bulk.

neither, youre about as heavy as you should be
maybe cut a few pounds. i assume youre bitch-hiding your stomach in that picture

It was more the fact that you should look better with a few years of training. Your upper body looks lacking if I'm completely honest. I'm 190 at 6ft4 with no more than 18 months of training and somehow look better.

Are you getting enough nutrients? I'm still a newbie so I can't really provide any info besides what worked for me

Post body and/or bench routine? I initially got into as a means of increasing my vertical for basketball so I focused on legs more. Like I said I can squat 3pl8 but only bench like 190. I track macros but not nutrients. Would you expect me to be bigger or more defined up top?

6'5" 220 lbs here.

Cut. Just do it. I'm strong but also fat as fuck, judging by your muscle I'm guessing 185 or 190 would be a good weight to cut to before bulking.

Pic related, still need to cut about 15 to 20 lbs where I am

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Taken around December, don't have any more recent, but I look fuller now I'd say. My bench and chest sucks, tallies unite, + pectus is fucking me over.

But my shoulders and arms are looking much fuller than yours, your legs are probably more impressive than mine, currently at a 2.5pl8 squat.

But idk... Running a modified phul routine which makes me actually enjoy my time in the gym (beginner routines did not)

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What you need to do are alot of pull ups don't bother counting just do them for the enjoyment and until exhausted for the time being.

Also you got gyno

I’m doing a ppl, I run a few miles a day as well (basketball conditioning) so maybe the cardio is hurting my chest gains... but it’s only a couple miles.

I'd recognize that body and necklace anywhere. You can't hide man.

Eh, cardio shouldn't be the problem as long as you're getting enough calories which I assume you are?

Are you pushing yourself at the gym, progressing etc?

Am I viewing a soggy dorito?

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Lol at all the 6'5 manlets ITT

3500 a day. Like to think I push myself pretty hard.

I will say this though, I do my ppl pretty much every day, might take a rest day every two or three weeks.

And how's progression? Still increasing your total working weight every now and then or are you in a plateau? Make sure you allow your body to rest, don't have to push yourself 100% at all time to get results.

Hav you always ran ppl? Maybe you just need to change things up a bit, I don't really know desu. I hope you reach your goals whatever they may be, strength, aesthetics or athleticism.

Dude your right arm is like twice the size of your left arm lol. Also I'm 40 pounds heavier at the same height but look less fat than this. Wtf?

My legs are progressing nicely still. Upper body has always been slower from the start. Started at like ~125 and have only gone to like ~190 over 2.25 years. Do you track micros? I do the “take two multivitamins and hope for the best” approach, which probably isn’t the best.

Tbh I don't really track anything. I did when I first started 18 months ago to get a grasp of how little I ate, and how much I needed to eat. Did that for a week or so and now I just eat what I think is needed.
I Should probably do another week of tracking as I've gone up 15kg from the start and I feel like things are stalling now.

I take a multivitamin, zinc, D-vitamin (Scandinavian) and iron supplements. That's all I do about micros. Never bothered to properly track them.

I feel like your bench should be higher at this point, I'm at the same weight currently, I'd try and switch things up one way or another

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