Sylvester Stallone is 71 and still juicing. How in the fuck is he still alive...

Sylvester Stallone is 71 and still juicing. How in the fuck is he still alive? Pretty much everyone who doesn't knock it off after 50 or so ends up having a heart attack. Just look at all the professional wrestler who have eaten dirt due to it. I mean, what's this witchcraft?

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top quality pharma grade steroids top doctors taking care of you and many other things.

If side effects are taken care properly it won't really fuck you up.

He's probably on natty limit test levels for TRT, as well as running HGH therapy for anti aging benefits

>How in the fuck is he still alive?
testosterone isn't dangerous

He is mostly running HGH and he is a big advocate of it. He is also running small doses of high quality pharma grade gear and being monitored by the best medical professionals. This is why he is 71 and still looks good. Meanwhile fraudcels are blasting huge doses of baththub chemicals and look like a bag of shit

He's not just on the best test money can buy and hgh.
He's using that stuff that is basically illegal everwhere on the earth as well.

He's also got access to the best doctors the world has to offer.

There's also one other thing. He's never really blasted as hard as most of the guys who're on heavy amounts of shit. He's been relatively conservative and kept up with his health.
That can allow you to live very long and very well while taking relatively dangerous drugs for many many years.

>There's also one other thing. He's never really blasted as hard as most of the guys who're on heavy amounts of shit. He's been relatively conservative and kept up with his health.
That can allow you to live very long and very well while taking relatively dangerous drugs for many many years.
Yep , he has always been a pretty small guy even when he was working out with top BB legends back in the day. Dude has been really conservative , this is why he is still in a great shape while others are a merely a shadow of their formerself

he could die right now and he would have lived a long, successful, and happy life as a steroid user. all you natural twink bitches that are terrified of taking steroids because you say it will knock 10-15 years off your life, are you enjoying yourselves? Are you enjoying being small, while Chad steroid users walk past you and all the female eyes in the gym follow him? People don't give a shit about naturals, because you aren't anything special, you are just ordinary average joes that blend in with everyone else. After 5 months of taking my first cycle, literally everyone, and I mean everyone, from men, to women, cashiers, old people, young kids, waiters and waitresses all looked at me differently, because I had put on 25 pounds of absolute muscle and looked shredded, thick and hard. My jaw got manlier and more defined and my matches on tindr easily fucking increased by like triple. My first mirin I got in public was when I was waiting in line at a burger joint, and this 35+ year old milf looking lady started asking me how often I workout and where I workout, then she felt my arms and squeezed my bicep and she looked as tho her pussy wetness increased 10 fold. She giggled and said I was so big and strong. Looking back, I might have been able to ask for her number and she probably would have given it to me.


Most people don't have the money or knowledge to get access to the level of gear hgh and counter drugs and doctors and professionals that he has.

No one even talks about good TRT dosages or healthy long term steroid use.

It's all big pharma who wants to shill you something, small supp guys trying to shill you something, Loyd/Piana tier gear shills trying to shill you something. It's a big goddamned mess.

But is it possible to use HGH for so long and not enlarge your heart? Eventually it gets too big to keep itself working.

He is getting the best quality shit you can. His stuff comes from a lab not some musclehead's basement.

He also is pinning grams a fucking day like pianoman's retarded ass or the bodybuilders today. There is a dose for test that is relatively safe if you keep it there.

It is like the difference between a meth addict buy shake and bake and someone taking Adderall.

the whole problem with steroids is that they alter how your body works in so many ways it's hard to know what is going on inside your organism, let alone control it
knowing the right doctors and being wealthy help a lot with that

isn't pinning*

Yeah, which is why he's probably either on very very low doses or is going to or has had a heart replacement.

don't forget you guys, Stallone is on that there stem cell shit. He's buddies with Mel Gibson and Mel Gibson is into stem cells himself. Stem cells are literally magical, Stallone, at his age, foresure would have had some form of injury, bad shoulder, bad knees, lower back pain, etc, but he's very obvious he's taken stem cells and it clears everything up and makes your bones, joints, tendons and muscles strong and young again. Stallone still does pullups with 100lbs at age 71. Go into any gym and see if you can see any 20, 30, or 40 years old doing pullups with a 100lb dumbbell.

>He is getting the best quality shit you can.

Like there are plenty of testosterones available that doctors prescribe to older men. Only total roidheads would use some chinese home lab stuff anyways. Normal people all use pretty much the same medications for all conditions.

HGH does not delay aging, a complete myth. Makes people look worse not better.

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I enjoy not being a hair-triggered meathead who drives the people I love away due to roid-rage. I also take pride in the fact that all my muscles and strength are 100% naturally gained through progressive overload training and strict diet discipline, and won't deflate like a balloon when I hop off a cycle for a month. It's not all about health.
Also, you can easily naturally reach a level where you have a big, intimidating frame to the average dyel, because they have lower standards. If you're looking at pictures of mass monster bodybuilders every day like we do on Veeky Forums, you're going to feel small and inadequate next to them and feel like your natural physique isn't enough.
I have no problem with roid users, as long as they don't try to advocate their unhealthy lifestyle (both mentally and physically) as normal.

you have no idea what you're talking about

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Googled stallone 2018. Does not look particularly healthy, and has botox on his face too

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Wow, it's almost like if you don't abuse steroids and stay away from hard drugs (which is what fucks up the wrestlers), then you can be pretty well off. Here I thought the second you pin testosterone you life gets cut in half

>t. Roid abuser justifying his degenerate behavior

It's nice to think that when we become 71 years old, medicinal science and shit will be so advanced that we will all look like Stallone. Not only that, but since I have only lifted for a year as of now, then when I am 71 I will probably be able to bench more than I do now at 25.

When will this style come back into fashion

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It's sad that all these action heroes are getting old as fuck. There are seemingly no new ones replacing them either.

Hollywood is too busy pushing their Jewish multiethnic feminist agenda to finance a movie about a young muscular white guy fighting for his people and taking action into his own hands through violence.

>young muscular white guy fighting for his people
Sorry, great great great great great grampy. But cowboy and injun pictures are very passe'.
They weren't eve popular back when they were released.

When the civil war happens in America or Europe, it will not be the Indians who are afraid.

Looks healthier at 71 than most of the "men" in my generation look at 25.

T shots, organic and non chemical food, non processed food.

Exactly. Him and the other tough guy celebs probably have their own privately funded fucking laboratory where top grade chemists synthesise next level steroids for them.

You think they're using that bootleg shit invented in the 80's that most guys at the gym use? Fucking please.

>Back in the day-- e.g. the six thousand years preceding 1992-- the man had to earn the girl's interest/love/vagina by doing something extraordinary, or at least trying to be extraordinary, or at least being a good person, or at least paying her. Now, thanks to a lifetime of Captain Crunch, Coldplay, and institutionalized narcissism, a man can hope that a woman with special powers will want him precisely because these special powers allow her to see how awesome he really is. Not what he is now, of course, but, you know, what he really is. You know. Look past the XBox, you damn bitch.

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Good genes and top doctors, its not a problem.

He's probably off the harsher stuff such as tren or drol.
How naive are you to think trt can lead to death, dyel?

>being this insecure

This, plus it's what he ISN'T doing that is keeping him alive. Your typical IFBB pro will also be on tren, clen, anavar, igf, and other drugs.

Regular blood transfusions from

lmao this is the most retarted thing I've read here today thanks user

This is a real thing. There's some evidence that old rats injected with the blood of young ones experience rejuvenation and anti-aging companies that cater to the uber wealthy will pay some college freshman for their blood.

Wow you are such a cool dude
Now you've read something even more retarded, you're welcome

You are right user. The old adage of Bathory who bathed in virgin blood to keep her young has validity. Ancient inbred royalty fucks have known this for years as well as top tier celebrities.
You're an ignoramus.

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No seriously Peter Thiel has poured millions of dollars into researching this

>Just look at all the professional wrestler who have eaten dirt due to it.

Professional wrestlers are mostly poor alcoholic pain-killer popping coked-out druggies. Roids are just one part of the equation

Came here to post this.
Stem cell rejuvenation is popular among the elite of Hollywood. The things it can achieve is tremendous and really is the way of the future.