That guy who wears wrinkled t-shirts to the gym

>That guy who wears wrinkled t-shirts to the gym

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>that guy wearing overear headphones

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>that guy that only does barbell exercises

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>go to the gym to exercise and keep up strength
>some faggot keeps staring at me
>his lips are pursed like he's trying not to laugh
>been working out for years, my form is fine
>his eyes move down a bit
>look at my shirt
>pretty wrinkled old shirt that I don't mind getting drenched in sweat or potentially ruined
>mfw this faggot thinks you need specialty workout clohtes

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Why do idiots do this, u can get bluetooth earbuds for 1/5 of the price of those retarded beats

>got my beats, not a bluetooth gadget, for free

>That guy who goes to the gym

>not realizing that Beats are literally $25 headphones
>not realizing that you're literally paying for marketing

Free is fair enough, but don't hype them up. They're very far from audiophile

>the guy who squats

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>that 30 year old who goes to the gym
>that 30 year old who just started lifting to try and better himself
>that 30 year old who still drives a car around and not a big truck

>that skinnyfat dyel who has perfect powerlifting form, has been going to the gym for years but only benches 1.5pl8

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>that guy who gflfus in the uuuhghhh

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>That guy who does push-ups right next to the bench in between sets

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to be fair they're the bluetooth ones too, studio's or whatever.

delet this please

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>the guy that saves the thumbnail

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Okay hold the fuck up, the gym is one of the few places where wrinkled shirts would make sense. You're going to be getting sweaty, you're going to be moving around and have to wash the shirt afterwards anyways. Why does it matter if the shirt is unwrinkled?

Feminine men like OP dislike them.

I do whatever the fuck I want. Fuck off you fucking fascist cunts.

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You sound a bit triggered friend.

I can sense your social autism from this one post

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mods I want these posts deleted immediately

>that old guy loading on too much weight then doing 25% of a rep a few times, resting for 20 mins between each set.

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>that guy who irons his gym t-shirts