How does anyone think this body-type is attractive ? srsly...

how does anyone think this body-type is attractive ? srsly? why does the general opinion on Veeky Forums seem to be that this body type is their goal ? is it just a fucking meme or are they all just virgins that dont know what women look for ?

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Women are fucking stupid.
Faggots are just as bad.

Fashion works better on slim bodies. It's more of a face thing with these guys for attraction though. If I had that body I'd get way less pussy but someone with a cute twinky face can slay with it.

Imagine if you were a girl in a Midwest high school and you had to choose between him and 15 guys with bitch tits and stretch marks. No wonder so many girls are turning gay.

Its the body type that models have therefore its fashionable. Its the body type that clothes look best in.

I dont know what your talking about user, hes a conventionally attractive male with a body that women/ homosexual men are in to.

If he looked like a god damn ogre then maybe you'd be right but he doesn't, he can get by with his face without having to look like a jojo character and doing minimal exercise to keep his weight down.

literally not talking about his fucking face, i get he has a decent face, and that carry him a long way. Talking about the body type

Thats not true, some brands may have models that have this body type but far from all brands do. Moreover i feel like its only fucking lame ass hype brands that use models with this bodytype.

people like different thins

I think it is partially because strength isn't really a necessity in the modern world. Nowadays it is a lot more about character, intellect and having a good job.
Being thin basically says that he is not some lazy fatass and probably has a decently active life and he can care for himself physically.
I think its logical that most women that do not risk the threat of physical violence would prefer a man with a good face that looks charismatic and interesting over a meathead, simply because they would have a greater chance to succeed in life financially or would provide a more caring parent.

That's not a body of someone who doesn't work out. We fit people sometimes forget just how out of shape and unsightly a body of someone who doesn't work out at all is.

pedos, very young girls, homosexuals, and women who have been besotted with birth control pills.

fair points, might just be that i can't see any attractive aspects of that body type.

i wouldn't like a girl with no tits and no ass thats just skin and bones, so i can't imagine why girls would. but idk

The people on Veeky Forums are concerned with

Stands to reason they'd prefer a skinny beta like that; it's the best they can hope to be.

>tfw I could be perfect Veeky Forums skinnyboi mode if I didn't have fucking flared ribs

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Well honestly I donĀ“t really feel attracted to really fit women or women with big boobs for the same reason: I believe it would go at the cost of their character.
Just give me a cute introvert that doesn't eat shit and goes on a run twice a week and I'm happy.

Unless you're some kind of effeminate fop manchild, dressing for work (either blue or white collar) in which you wear a belt and tuck your shirt in, the degree to which you look good in clothes immediately becomes about shoulder width and waist. These guys have slim waist (size 30-32) but then their shoulders are almost as thin. They basically end up looking like teenagers. Maybe you can get away with this if you're still a clueless college fuckup, but by your mid 20's it cuts a very bad impression.

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Protip: that's not the reason

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mirin shoulder breadth, now put on some muscle ffs

All jojos after joylene do look like that though. Giorno is borderline looking like that

what Veeky Forums doesn't realize is being a spooky skeleton clad in subtle greyscale layering is only ideal within the esoteric world of Alternative Male Fashion. 99% of regular jerkoffs will look at your effay lunarcore fit and think "oh look, another hipster faggot." Of course it's the same with Veeky Forums, no one in real life gives a shit about your 4pl8 squat and if you want to look good to normies your best bet is some halfassed routine of crunches, bench press, curls for the girls and maybe some leg extensions if you really want to be extra, but at least Veeky Forums is somewhat self aware.

>hes a conventionally attractive male
bro he's fucking ginger tf you saying lmao

are tyou so autistic you are incapable of realizing people like thing you dont like? your level opf autism will mean you wont get anyone, so who cares

Not him but its one thing to realize that people like different things and another to have insight into why they like those things.

It's like me but with no muscles.

>idc if underage b and
im in hs rn and the hottest girls are dating guys that look just like this or slightly fatter. if you think girls care about your body as long as ur not hideous youre a fucking idiot and spent too much time on this site, and now its too late for you lol.

HAHAHHAhahahaha sure buddy, so sad im missing out on those "hot" girls that have the same body type as a 14 year old boy :))

waste of a good figure user, eat some fucking food.

Men with those body types make good bitches.

Veeky Forums are DYEL hipster fuccbois that don't get laid and the women into DYEL hipster dudes like that wouldn't fuck him because he doesn't have enough tattoos.

The guys who like that body are homosexuals which is likely the only reason that guy is doing modelling work.

>the virgin twink vs the chad builtfat

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Damn, goal body


mods ban this underage faggot

I knew that Veeky Forums was the most insecure board on Veeky Forums and one of the most insecure on the internet, but imagine being this angry of people who have literally nothing to do with you. So insecure that you care about other mens' figures

Maybe this is why you're all autistic losers

Women like whatever the social consensus tells them to like. Right now it's a feminine, non-intimidating numale for them to walk all over because "muh womyn in change now"

You only have yourselves to blame. Make yourselves more likeable or go back to a natural society where women depend on men rather than sharing roles with them.

sure thing buddy. and let me guess you're one of the powerful men who control women right, not like these numales

>implying the twink is a virgin when Chad has his way with him every day

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weaboos and goth grills like anorexic dudes
i have to choose between my tipe of girls and gains

Honestly, that guy is still more healthy and probably works out more than the average person, at least when it involves cardio. I have a friend that doesn't lift at all. All he does is cardio, some push ups, pull ups, and more cardio. His body type is similar to pic posted. But no one doubts he works out and his calorie intake is higher than mine, even though I'm taller than him.

t. jealous shitskin