>be me last night
>gringo living in Medellin, Colombia
>drinking Aguardiente and shooting the shit with some old Colombian dudes before I go to the salsa club
>one reaches over to me, grabs my bicep, and says "fuerte"

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I don't understand this comic

Okay, here's another one from 2 years ago, before I graduated college

>at this sorority girl's birthday party
>be hooking up with a random sloot at the time
>run into sloot at the party, take her out to my car
>put on The Monitor by Titus Andronicus and we bang

>go back into the party
>milk truck birthday girl and her hot nubian roommate are sitting on the couch
>talk to them, tell them I'm planning to travel abroad and live in different countries for a few years
>nubian tells me "oh my god you're so hot"
>milk truck agrees
>leave again with my sloot from before and get the best road head of my life on the way back to her place

>end up hooking up with milk truck a few months later, my roommate dates the nubian for a while
>tfw all three of the girls are fat now

Originally the "SLUT" and "HELP" panels were reversed.

The help and slut panels have been reversed for whatever reason


What's the point of reversing this comic?

I work as an electrician so I get a lot of friends of friends that need some things done, this weekend a friend of my friend's girlfried needed to have some fixtures installed. I think she was expecting some fat greasy slob or something but when she opened the door she looked almost bewildered, she followed me the entire time I was working there and I even caught her biting her lip once. Shame I was in a hurry or I might've tried to flirt a bit, she was pretty hot.

It's anti-humor for people who've seen the original

I'm gonna need this in greentext form or I can't read it

>be me at gym
>after main movements go do some leg press
>need more plates so I look around and spot another plate
>ask two 3.14qts if they need it because it was next to their machine
>they laugh and tell me they dont need any plates, aparently they have no weight on the machine whatsoever
>go back and put plate on
>do my sets and continue to add weight
>song stops at the perfect time to hear one of them say to the other something along the lines of "holy fuck, we are here moving no weight whatsoever and look at this guy, just look at this shit how much weight is that even ?"
>It was 230kg for anyone interested
>I didnt even realise they were talking about me until I looked in their direction to see who they were talking about and they were looking at me
>a bit later they moved to the machine right next to me (which is as far as I can tell the EXACT same one they were on previously so idk what the fuck is up with that)
>make some quick smalltalk where they tell me it is their first time in the gym
>some beta faggot tries to explain them the machine and offers that they can drink his water because they have none with them
>I just kinda ignore them and continue my workout just talking a bit in my breaks and laughing at them because they had no clue how to do anything and they were constantly laughing their asses off

I could probably have made a move but even with the stage set I am way too autistic.

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You will make it when you will squat 230kg

I wonder if that will ever happen because my squat is fucking horrible, always been that way. Atleast my DL is decent...

Was posted in the thread before, but nice nevertheless

you're pretty stupid
thanks kind redditors!

I cant imagine having no friends to talk to why dont you tell us about that instead?

>be me
>at gym
>the womanlet I see there all the time challenges me to a pull up contest
>I lose
"haha better luck next time big boy"
>rubs my back and goes to cardio room
Not sure if mire or not

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>go to friends house to visit him
>old room mate
>used to be fat so they're all blown away that im not stuffing a mctriple in my face
>friends gf keeps telling me how good i look
>friends gf keeps rubbing my arms
>friends gf gets drunk
>"we dont have enough room, so you can sleep with friend number 2 and i'll sleep with user, it'll be fine we'll put pillows inbetween us" - friends gf
>he tells her that makes no sense
>looks at me angry
>leave in the morning
>never go there again

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She's cute as hell

Wow, they think in 230kg is much? I'm at 260kgs for 8 reps now and never had anyone mirin :'(

>>"we dont have enough room, so you can sleep with friend number 2 and i'll sleep with user, it'll be fine we'll put pillows inbetween us" - friends gf

Holy shit, does thotness know no bounds

Should've been dumped on the spot.

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>at a house "party"
>mostly friends chilling out, some girl acquaintances
>smoke the devil's lettuce for maximum chillness
>proceed to gather in a room to look at shit on the internets
>lying on the bed, I want that full view of the monitor and also to be comfy
>qt girl acquaintance enters the room
>"i don't feel anything yet, anons"
>she jumps in bed and puts the back of her head on my chest
>surprised for a split second, and try not to sperg out
>my autistic thoughts are making me breathe a bit faster
>can see the qt browse her phone, and notice her chest going up and down faster than mine
>take a few deep breaths, she pushes her head up a bit and looks at me from the corner of the eye
>she blushes a bit, commenting on some webjunk video we're watching
>"wow, i've never felt this way before"
>she's younger and probably smoked shit stuff before
>mind you, the room is pretty full of people, so i can't really make a move
>that, and the fact that i'm autistic and high
>decide to enjoy the moment, chest and neck bathed in long, blonde and strawberry scented hair
>feels nice desu
>we eventually get up from the bed to smoke some more
>she looks at me every now and then
>everyone is really high
>night ends when some friends had to go
>since then the qt girl is becoming more and more regular in my autistic circle of friends

I'm gonna make a move the next time we meet, wish me luck bros, pic related, it's her

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good luck user

don't worry user, you'll never be as autistic as the guy who offered his water

Used to have the same problem. Went back to squatting the bar to get the form right, a few months later I'm pretty happy with my squats. You will make it user.


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that's cute user. If she's shy as well it means you need to take the lead though, don't wait for anything to happen, because it won't. MAKE it happen.