Do men of olympic -competing strength ever get into physical altercations...

Do men of olympic -competing strength ever get into physical altercations? It seems like 100% of humans would back down from that dominance struggle. Even someone of equal proportion should know to avoid such a destructive conflict unless it's a matter of life and death.

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Dude strength has nothing to do with fighting ability, you're a retard or 17


You think knowing that the other person can do a magnitude more damage with a punch really has no bearing on anything?

right that's why there are no weight divisions in fighting sports

Strength does not equal punching power 1 to 1, this isn’t comics you idiot

well what about an olympic combat sports competitor..?

Weight divisions because both people are trained fighters chief

youre right, its probably more along the lines of 1:0.8, which would still give the olympic strength athlete a tremendous advantage.
>buh-buh-buh-based on what u retard
on the fact that, by the very nature of the physical world we live in and the physical forces that govern us, strength will always be advantageous in just about every conceivable situation wherever you need to produce force with your muscles unless you’re bigger than rich piana.

Is this bait?

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train BJJ for two years then fight an untrained dude with 4” and 20lbs of muscle on you and see what happens for yourself

I think its pretty hard to knock someone out with one punch. You are rarely in a situation where you can fully gear up and use all your strength on one blow to blow someones head off. In fact watching some ufc archived videos it almost never happens. Most people get knocked out by a sloppy cross that just hits the opponent at the right time and angle that causes a knockout. Because of this I think in fisticuffs its more important to be fast and to be strategic. I also don't think any person competiting in a non-combat sport would be able to defeat someone who trains in one in the same weight class. As soon as it goes to the ground the lack of technical knowledge would end the fight in like 10 seconds, the other person can just do whatever they want

And another thing I wanted to say if you are actually in a full mount or some position where you can just wail on the dude the person on bottom is pretty much fucked regardless of your strength levels. Unless they are doing nose presses that will probably be the first thing to break and with blood and tears in their eyes they are effectively blinded and helpless.

Guys, we don't need to have this whole strength =/= power level debate here. The point the question has to do with how people ACT, and they certainly ACT as if the bigger the hypothetical opponent, the more expedient it would be to NOT fight them.

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In the real world physical altercations like you are proposing lead to people getting maimed, killed, crippled, and almost always arrested and careers destroyed. A geniune athlete would never participate in a bar fight like you are suggesting so the question was nonsensical to begin with. Here I say genuine athlete, aka not mma roid rager

>Dude strength has nothing to do with fighting ability

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Nope. The ability to pick up and slam down weight in excess of 200 kg is of no use in a fight.

Not. At. All.

Throwing a punch is like using a whip. It's timing more than strength.

OP here, this exactly the sort of opinion I was inviting people to share. Thank you.

Anyone else?

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If you are substantially stronger and bigger, you have no need to go fisticuffs with the other guy. You can simply overpower him.

>Do men of olympic -competing strength ever get into physical altercations?

You're askin' the wrong question bud.

See this guy? He's 125lbs of lean, mean power, and he dominates.

These gym rats have no clue what they're getting themselves into when in the presence of an MMA warrior. Congratulations. You moved some metal. Now let's see how well you can move a MAN.

Your "mass" and "strength" are worthless against a real fighter. Just take a shot at me tough guy. I'll drop your simple minded conceptions of fighting in the trash can.

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Its not that its useless its just redundant. First of all picking someone up is alot different from doing a clean. The leverage provided by correct technique is what allows an elite athlete to lift that much and you don't have anything close to the stabilization, symmetry, or grips on a real person. What I mean by this is no one is going to pick a normally sized person up by their shoulders unless they are brian shaw, and even then theres no devastating throw from such a retarded position because the persons feet are still directly below them. In conclusion the best throws still come from the waist and the legs which people far less strong can still do. Its rather rare to find a person regardless of gender who cannot double leg a person of their own bodyweight. This is because the alignment of the spine allows the weight of the opponent to be beared on the entire body making the total strength requirement rather minimal

Until he sucker punches you and instantly knocks you out.

Strength is helpful for pushing people around but it's really easy to get put in an arm bar or knocked out with a punch.

Well if you're knocked out, no training in the world is going to help you. That's not what we are talking about, however.

You make some good points, so let me be more specific. Weight classes exist for a reason, and size is correlated with strength. You can simply be wrestled to the ground or knocked to the ground on account of their superior size/strength alone. Then they can keep you there on account of the same.

>grabs both your legs and picks you up and slams you down like a ragdoll
125lbs is punk weight

>of their own bodyweight
The entire point of the question is that their opponent's bodyweight utterly dwarfs their own

>my huge bench gives me punching power
MAN do I hope this is true

Veeky Forums is 18+

>train BJJ for two years then fight an untrained dude with 4” and 20lbs of muscle on you and see what happens for yourself

Untrained dude would lose hard every time.

Here's McGregor (145lbs) utterly embarrassing Hafthor, that 400lbs bodybuilder from GoT.

Gym rat "strength" is useless in the real world. It harms you if anything. Every bodybuilder I've known gasses walking up a flight of stairs.

And so if two people who know nothing about how to fight have a fight, the stronger one will have a significant upper hand.

Once a lighter guy is on the ground with the heavier, you are in the latter's domain. Good luck manipulating the limbs of someone substantially heavier and stronger.
One fight with McGregor -- an exceptional fighter -- is a poor sample size to inference from.

Quite the opposite actually. The olympic villages are basically fuck towns. What else are a bunch of fit, attractive people going to do?

This. They have lots of condom dispensers even that are constantly empty.

Thats not in the OP so no it isnt.

It depends on how large the gap in skill and size is. I feel like people make these threads just to be validated and get people like me to say yes if you are 400 pounds you are going to outwrestle an all american state champion who weighs 150. It also depends on the rules of the fight. In wrestling size is way more important because all you need is the pin, in BJJ some pins may be advntageous for the person on the bottom. Even in MMA they have very clear rules that dont make it a real street fight, you cant punch on the back of the head, because if anyone takes a blow in the wrong place on that spot they could be killed or paralyzed

>and he dominates

He dominates his weight class. What do you think would happen if he got in the cage with Lesnar?

>They have lots of condom dispensers even that are constantly empty.
>implying that's not because they have the sickest water balloon fights.

If two individuals who are untrained in martial arts have a fight, the guy who squats 500lbs will ultimately be able to produce more power than the other. This is facts

>125 lbs
Eh, I can OHP him for 10 reps and I ain't even strong

>McGregor embarrassing Hafthor
I know this post is bait but people actually believe that McGregor wouldn't have been crushed. Halfthor has his arms wrapped around him within 15 seconds. At that point, there's nothing McGregor could do except bite him before his eyes pop comically out of his head from the brute strength of one of the top 5 strongest men alive

Guarantee anyone from high level NFL would step into the octagon and be top 10 in UFC

>strength = power

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I don't know why you think squeezing someone really hard kills them. Theres not even close to enough force to break the ribs and theres nothing pressing into the abdomen to hurt the organs. It wouldnt even stop the other person from breathing since the ribs are protecting the lungs.

ufc favors ape like people and nfl people are more like cows so I don't know why you would think that

lol I dont have to think that Brendan Schaub was like top ten and he was on the practice squad for a bad team. Ray Lewis would fuck anyone up. UFC is a joke full of roided meatheads

>I think its pretty hard to knock someone out with one punch.

fucking wrong. Bare knuckle it does not take much at all to knock out a human.

yeah some ufc guys used to play football in college or whatever but that doesnt mean your point makes any more sense

Gloves assist a knockout considerably by expanding the surface area of the fist and distributing the force across more of the skull and so shaking the brain more. Also what he said is true, practically unless the guy is chained to a post its hard to knock someone out instantly.

an average 180 pound fighter would obliterate that guy

There's hardly any money in the UFC compared to mainstream sports. I guarantee if there was more money involved you would see real athletes pick up the gloves and go in the ring.

Gloves also allow you to hit harder without breaking the bones of your hand. Basically theres no way in hell that you can knock someone out easier barehanded.

Yeah that might be true its a physical sport and talented athletes have carry over in that respect your initial statement though is still completely absurd just by simple odds

fucking idiot, lmao. this post has to be bait.

Pretty funny conversation considering you're talking about BJJ. The martial art which basically tells you on day 1 its all about manipulating your opponents weight. I'm 6'4 210lb and iv personally been tossed around by

Iv trained in various (traditional) martial arts for like 15 years now and I would never get in a physical altercation outside of a controlled sport environment. At least half my training has been inside my mind. Identifying possible fights, controlling myself, and controlling the situation so it ends peacefully, etc.
>I have a career
>I can accidentally kill someone in anger
>I can be killed in anger
>I can cause harm to people I'm associated with
There's a million reasons to not get into a street fight as an accomplished adult. There are people out there that have nothing to lose and have guys behind them that also have nothing to lose. You could knockout one guy and then have 15 guys come kill your family and burn your house down. Don't fuck with retards.

I don't know the science behind squeezing someone to death but it sounds plausible

>people don't die from being squeezed to death in human stampedes

They had to air drop ones into london
And with the advent of drones being more available in 2012, they had to ban the athletes from having sex on the street and on roofs

Any studies on how boxing gloves assist a knockout vs bare knuckle?

Thought so.

Bullshit, the big dude was holding back hard cuz he didn't wanna hurt Connor. Like seriously had he followed through on those blows, Connor woulda been knocked the fuck out no question

Yeah no roids at all in nfl amirite


Retards are drawn to being aggressive to big/strong guys because they're threatened by them and/or aee an opportunity to "raise their standing" by fighting such an elite specimen.

The people that go around picking fights are subhuman trash.

Then please explain why fighters are consistently muscular and train in gyms to get good at fighting?

how is that even close to the same thing

What does that have to do with boxing, boxing gloves and boxing's KO rate?

Oh wait, you're American, sorry.

Boxing gloves have been used in the sport since forever so its impossible to compare the records. But it is obvious you are retarded so

And it's easier to break your hand.

Very first ufc was bare knuckle and almost all strikers broke their hands

mark coleman even said that strength is a skill in fighting


He's toying with a fucking child, how did he get embarrased?

The dude could fold him up into a little flesh plane.

>impossible to prove
Yeah. American confirmed.

>Very first ufc was bare knuckle and almost all strikers broke their hands
Frazier didn't.
Jimmerson didn't (wore one glove though).
Smith didn't.
Rosier didn't.
Jenkins didn't.
Gordeau hurt his foot.
Shamrock and Gracie weren't strikers.

Moral of the story: If you are lying, don't make a lie you can look up on google.

Going to assume this isn't a troll post for a minute.

Its really depends on what you are doing, what techniques you are using, and several other factors. But for the most part you need to have some strength to have any kind of staying power.

I did martial arts for almost a decade. Building strength was an important part of what we did, because a lot of our 'power' came from that. Being able to explosively deal damage. Being fast is cool, but if it just feels like a slap fight then you're not doing it right. Granted there was a certain way to preform some moves that allowed you to conserve yourself while dealing maximum damage/speed, but even the the effect was minimal and mostly used to just focus the extra energy into an even more explosive attack.

Now if you want to talk about grappling and similar things then you may have something going for your argument. A good bit of grappling includes strength as well, but most of it is being able to use your opponent against themselves. Being able to grab them and wrangle them so their own body weight and limited mobility does the job for you. I've seen very small girls throw huge guys on the ground and into arm bars. But those girls had the advantage of surprise and years of specialized training. Any cocky bitch that announced what they were going to do got their ass handed to them by Chad.

>I did martial arts for almost a decade.
And you obviously sucked at it.

No, you weren't better than Smoking Joe Frazier, neither was your trainer or anyone else you knew.

>Building strength was an important part of what we did, because a lot of our 'power' came from that

stop repeating this you unathletic faggots, the fastest/most explosive people aren't the people who can squat 700 pounds. Strength /= power, power is force x velocity, or SPEED, which is largely genetics. You can't get your squat to 600 lb and think you're going to make the Olympic track team. No good coach is ever going to place a big emphasis on lifting for a sport because it's a nonfactor. Technique and practice will ALWAYS be superior to time in the weight room

>I've seen very small girls throw huge guys on the ground and into arm bars. But those girls had the advantage of surprise and years of specialized training. Any cocky bitch that announced what they were going to do got their ass handed to them by Chad.
Are you high?

You obviously took what I said out of context and put words in my mouth. I never said you had to squat 600lbs or be an Olympic weight lifter, but if you can't do basic PT then you are pretty much fucked and there will be almost nothing to anything you do, technique or no. Most of what we did didn't even require any kind of weights, just calisthenics and body weight. But if you couldn't be bothered to do that then good fucking luck during advancement, and godspeed if you get into a real fight.

>Technique and practice will ALWAYS be superior to time in the weight room

Techniques require strength in order to do them properly or effectively. If you cannot control the weight you are throwing around then you are not going to do anything effectively and will more than likely just hurt yourself. If you don't even have the strength to control what you are trying to do with your own body, then you certainly won't have any to control your opponents. Every sport has certain levels of strength required to preform effectively. Some more than others, and every one emphasizing on different parts of the body. But to say strength has absolutely nothing to do with sports as a whole is retarded.

Pic related

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You are retarded. That said I would fight an Olympic gold medalist in weight lifting before I fought a swimmer who didn't place. You primary weapon is cardio, and after cardio it's flexibility. Short of a hail Mary punch I don't know why anyone would give the weight lifter half a chance against even a novice fighter of roughly equal weight/reach.

google judo takedowns faggot

t. the virgin twink

I did Judo, funnily enough. Are you high? Answer!

>dat goal post moving
Gotcha, huh.

maybe if he's in mma

Was it your first experience in grappling? I'm 6'2 250 former HWT wrestler and I walked right in and started ragdolling people. The instructor wanted to show how much better BJJ was over wrestling and he did get a triangle eventually but it was not a pretty roll and he got one he'll of a nice limp from it. The "little guys beat big guys with Juijitsu" bullshit only applies if the big guy has zero knowledge of submissions and no idea how to grapple. He'll I'm terrible at Juijitsu and I still kick ass regularly now because I know where the submissions are and don't let myself get put in those positions. >Iv trained in various (traditional) martial arts
>I can accidentally kill someone in anger

Naw, traditional MA are shit. If you not doing boxing/judo/MT on your feet and wrestling/Juijitsu on the ground you are wasting your time. Obvious exception for kyokushin, but otherwise "traditional " just means crap.

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