If /r9k/ and Veeky Forums had a kid it would be pic related. Discuss

If /r9k/ and Veeky Forums had a kid it would be pic related. Discuss.

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pic related but gay and with autism

but he gets a lot of chicks

>Implying Bateman wasn't autistic.

Because Veeky Forums.

Hey Paul...

also Veeky Forums

Bateman was incredibly autistic. He tried paying a hooker with a fucking credit card.

if /r9k/ and Veeky Forums had a baby it would just kill itself later on

that was obviously joke and your post is obvious shitpost
kys faggot

>implying bateman wasn't gay either

He got prostitutes and his gf who he probably met through a family connection

where do you think we are user?

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S-so do we haha right guys

I am Bateman

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More like Veeky Forums, Veeky Forums, Veeky Forums, /mu/, /r9k/ and /pol/ for when he killed that homeless nigg. He's Veeky Forums personified.

hes the person who completely defines himself by the Veeky Forums boards he browses
unlike me, /fitlitpol/ overman

this is the most accurate

Bateman didn't kill women because he hated them. He did it because they were easy targets for him and it gratified him to prey on the weak. He had plenty of victims that were male, not even just fellow yuppies e.g the homeless, the small chikd at the zoo in the book.

Nah it would be this.

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Don't forget /mu/ and Veeky Forums

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Did you forget him already?

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This thread has a disgusting lack of dubs, time to fix that!

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You're doing it wrong. This is how you get dubs

you think any of us retards pull chicks?

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Step aside retards

There's already 2 dubs and a trip though my nigga

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Pathetic. Here are some trips to make up for it

True king of Veeky Forums


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did someone say dubs?



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>that subtle off white coloring
>the tasteful thickness of it

Definitely gay. Bate is (((ourguy)))

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watch and learn

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Supreme Gentleman

I don't lift for women. I lift to get dubs.

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going in blind

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check em

>obsessed with image of self
>obsessed with others opinion of self
>nice on the outside
>hateful on the inside
just like Veeky Forums

>bang hot chicks

Check'n'em user