Wasted 5 months of lifting - need help

Pic related

thats 5 months of "Progress" need to start a new plan tomorrow, some have suggested PPL others has suggested SS

posted a few times recently

my Diddly went from 40kg to 100kg 3x10

Flat bench from 20kg no stuck at 50/55kg for around 2 months

squat started at 30kg is now 70kg

People have said not to do so many reps/sets of the main compound exercises Deadlift etc - Why?

also others have said to stop doing to many accessory lifts and for so many reps/sets I do a lot of accessory lifts for 3x10 also.

Diet was shit for first 3 months, just starting to get enough good now.

I weigh around 80kg - besides the advice of EAT MORE and KYS

What would the experienced among you recommend I start doing from here?

Should I do PPL with no accessory lifts in order to lift heavier

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Nigga what the fuck is this you just need to eat more. You lost mass

Why do you have the pictures in the wrong order? I was gonna ask why your quads and traps got smaller before I noticed the dates.

>People have said not to do so many reps/sets of the main compound exercises Deadlift etc - Why?
Because they take a massive toll on your muscles, especially if you're lifting heavy.
If you wanna do 10 sets of squats go ahead, just don't expect to be able to walk in the morning.

get some pull ups in jeez

It looks like You lost weight but raised your stats, youre fine. Just eat more and you’ll get stronger faster, would recommend 5x5 myself for compounds and light isolation, for me i gained more working out 4 days week than I did doing PPL, rest is important.

Also unless you’re on roids it’s gonna take at least a year until you make significant gains, don’t beat yourself up too much. You’re gonna make it.

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dates. how do they work?

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wheres ur benis

> Why do you have the pictures in the wrong order?

Because Im retarded

I do 3x10 of 100kg of diddlys usually at end of week, is this too much? what is the sweet spot for a noob?

been trying I can do 4 - 6 with hammer grip but 0 any other way

everyone says eat more, all last week I had it so that I was uncomfortably full almost 24hrs a day and still couldnt get passed my usual heaviest lift, should I continue on this way of eating? skinny fat already worried about becoming fat fat

a monster eated it gone

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wait, so.... left picture is the NEW picture? nigga thats super fucking needlessly confusing

anyway, do full body every other day. do few exercises, and only "big" ones that hit a lot of musclegroups

+ some others. But those, muy importante

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this dude kinda said the same thing i just said: do compound exercises (the ones i mentioned here ) + some other ones. but especially those 4 are gonna give you big results without needing to be at the gym for 90 fucking minutes every damn day.

and eat

despite your autistic inability to illustrate time-progression in sequence, i am able to see some gains. takes a while, in the beginning. keep at ill, youll get fit

do you recommend any routine in particular? maybe PPL with a focus on arms?

Is Greyskull LP a good routine for me to do at this stage?

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Bro you're still weak, expecting to see results from a few months of lifting barely any weight to slightly more than barely any weight. Get a lot stronger, get your diet in check, and be patient

Eat and train more bro.

PPL is super legit

Ive been on a bunch of different programs, but what im kinda doing now is basically just:

Facepulls/standing rows (focusing on my back)

I do 4 sets of those, every other day, in that order (try to do the most painful shit first, I guess) and I try to jog in between.

I'm not sure if its like "scientifically sound" or whatever, but what I've found is that most programs are pretty much the same thing as what im doing right now, plus/minus one or two exercises

Heavy compounds, eat eat eat. Sleep good.

the only question is, do you want to split your workouts into muscle groups, or do everything at once? right now, im doing everything at once, because I dont have time to lift every day, and doing PPL 3 times per week = 1 week between sets for each muscle. thats kinda long desu. so for me, every other day with full body is fine

You looked better on the right, kek.

What are your goals? Strength? Mass?Power?

Deads should be every other training session, several slowly ascending warmup sets, then just one set of 5. Add 10 pounds per training session to that set until you stall, then seek more advanced training. If you’re eating and sleeping enough you won’t stall for a while.

>If you wanna do 10 sets of squats go ahead, just don't expect to be able to walk in the morning.
This goes away once you've done it a few times. 10x10 squats are the best.

Grinding deadlift is shit though.

do you fucking people seriously have time for 10 damn sets of squats?

It should only take like 30-40minutes at most. Whats your problem dude, this is a fitness board, why are you surprised people spend time working out?
Do you work 80 hours a week? How do you not have time to spend 1-2 hours at the gym?

i have about an hour, and I generally aim for some 5-6 exercises + warmup. no time for 40 minutes on squat

but no i guess im not excited. but it is abit autistic to suggest something like this to some skinny kid just trying to get fit, not WWE-sized

>but no i guess im not excited
*surprised, lol

I will start ppl tomorrow im not too worried abt legs but want to remain balanced looking

I have time to lift 7 days a week, but i think ppl might suit best i want to do big lifts twice a week i think ive been doing whats called a brosplit which i probably shouldnt be as a noob so i wanna switch it up for more gains.

I know i plan to work out hard for 4 to 5 more months then cut and hope to look good. Already got some baby mires from 2 girls who hadnt seen me since b4 working out.

Size or well aesthetics really.

I dont think i could take it i do 60kg for 10 reps then 70 for 2 sets of 10 and my legs are fatigued as fuck, cant do any more than that bc my legs just wont push my body up if i go ass to grass.

Recently lost access to proper gym so im home gym at and dont have everythig i need ie no leg press etc so i hold a barbell and do calf raises and maybe 1 or 2 more sets of squats with a much lighter weight say 40kg

PPL is basically Squat+Bench+Deadlifts+Pullups

Bench on Press
Squats on Legs
Pullups+Deadlifts on Pull

the whole idea is just, those exercises, followed by a couple of more isolated, bitchy exercises

>would recommend 5x5 myself for compounds and light isolation, for me i gained more working out 4 days week than I did doing PPL
SL 5x5? How do you do it 4 times a week?

Its going to be hard to not do as many accessory lifts i usually do at least 4 or 5 of them for 3x10 which someone on a prev thread said was also bad idea.

What rep range and how many sets should i be looking at for ppl? And im assuming i need to go as heavy as i can? I.e a weight i cant do for 10 reps

people will say different shit for different reasons. just figure out what works for you, and fucking stick to it. this shit isnt as scientific as some retards here would have you believe

if youre uncertain, i recommend 8-12
if you cant do 8 = lighter weights
if you can do more than 12 = heavier weights

Thanks man ill start ppl tomorrow and go for 60kg flat bench for 8 if i can manage

Literally just do SL 5x5 until you plateau wtf

But what about arms.

Where we are going you won't need arms.