Why do I look like shit?

Every time I take my shirt off, girls are disappointed. It happens all the fucking time. I constantly hear:

>“oh, it thought you were going to be a lot more ripped/cut/in shape.”

For some reason when I have a T-shirt on, people think I’m in much better shape than I’m actually in. Is this a common thing? Do skinny-fats always create a false perception of being in shape?

I’ve never lifted weights, but I’m going to start cause I’m sick of hearing how disappointing it is when I take off my shirt.

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>Why do I look like shit?
Because you're out of shape and eat poorly.
Spend more time working out and eating well instead of watching anime, playing 'vidya', and railing about women and kikes on the internet, you sad sack of ugly shit

what brand shirt is that
also washing/drying routine for shirt?

Same, this is one of the benefits of FRAME

It’s just a cheap fruit of the loom undershirt

I feel like there’s a way to look good without sacrificing talking about kikes on the internet though

Get yourself together, you ressentiment.fueled loser

It’s because you’ve got a decent frame. Work out three times a week and start taking creatine and whey protein and you’ll be less disgusting in a month or two.

Just don’t gain fat.

t. benches 185

Yeah keep hating the jews but the rest of his advice is solid. Try actually lifting and not eating garbage.

Why would you lift to please random sluts that just want you for your body? You want to be a boy toy?

Yeah you actually look alright in a shirt but yeah you should start lifting seriously or else you'll forever look shit. I know the pain of girls thinking you would be fit, but actually looking trash from never lifting seriously.

You don't look nearly as bad as I have during those times though and I'm sure you'd look great if you read the sticky, ate better/more, and lifted. Just pick a novice program that looks like you'd enjoy it off the sticky and stick to it thoroughly (I like one of the SS variants). Make sure you do your lifting days as prescribed by the program so you rest enough and get good work in.

There are a ton of good resources online for whatever you need beyond the sticky. The main thing is you need to get yourself lifting a barbell in a gym and getting strong.

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You are not really all that skinny fat, you just lack muscle
Start lifting, bulk a bit and within 2-3 months you should be much better off

>“oh, it thought you were going to be a lot more ripped/cut/in shape.”


because people are confusing your man-boobs for pecs

your fatceps look like muscles to normies I guess
where do you go to take shirt off around roasties, o-or do you have sex.......

W2c shirt though

It’s just a cheap gray v-neck fruit of the loom undershirt. Get them on amazon for cheap.


also why you shouldnt be calling guys with good frames with also good bods "cheaters", they work their asses off too its just that their effort is magnified

kek this is and also your arms are very skinny

What exercises can one do to just look good in a t shirt (nothing more)?