Ideal Male Physique thread

Post what you think is the ideal male body

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my ideal physique sure as shit isnt shrinking down to 5.6, or however short zac efron is

Greeks had this figured out over 2000 years ago.

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Step aside junior

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Peak performance (R)

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what does this face mean

What does this body mean ?

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jesus christ I remember he used to look so much for that movie, he looks like a lean dyel in that picture

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What about this bronson

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that image should inspire that 99% of looking good is being lean.

I'm not looking to get fit just big

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so basically skinnyfat?

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trevor please sell me some ice cream down on the jersey shore

lurk more


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Dont worry, you'll achieve neither.

Yep. This is attainable natty right?

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It looks like peak natty to me so it could go either way. But in reality he's probably on the good stuff cause his job depends on him looking good

These are my favorite threads

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Is there an imgur with more?

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You must be fucking kidding.

how does one achieve abs like these

I was gonna post Boselli but Boselli would just get arm mogged

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Get skinny x f

>I'm not looking to get fit
>Only big
He wants to achieve bloatmode, you DYEL fuck. We should encourage him

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See this guy posted a lot lately
Pls come back


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maybe with the fuzzy tail included

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jesus fucking christ

Nice trips but what are you trying to say in this sentence?

What I don’t get is why she would transition to male if she’s still gonna act as female as possible.

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most people in the modern day would say his waist is to wide, although I think it looks alright desu

How does he have decent abs yet still looks fat?

needs to do more vacuums

I don't understand how you gals do it. Every day I wake up, I think about how blessed I am. I can't imagine how others function with such weak mental faculties, but you all seem so happy. I was given the gift of a 107 IQ but with the condition that I had to be in a cesspool of people unlike myself. Nobody knows what a gigabyte is, nobody knows what piebald means, nobody knows how to build a PC.

I guess what I'm trying to say here is that there are positives and negatives in everyone's lives. For example, I am intelligent, but you are happy. Like I can write deep things like this but you gals only post shit like what you had for dinner. Idk maybe I should quit Veeky Forums but probably not lol.

>107 IQ

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my penis stand

You're less than 1(one) standard deviation above average. In other words, you're average. Yes women are stupid, but so are you.

Not even him but god damn you're sub 85 for falling for that.

remove censor reeeeeeeeeeeee

I don't think anyone can criticize those sick obliques.

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He won't, he made it. Happy with his Asn qt


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I assume that he is an aussie then

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is he a gymnast?

How did you find out?

this. Hercules is the goat


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Do you expect trannies to think logically?

the only right answer really

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The best.

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this but with way more muscle

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How? Just, how?


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is no one a fan of a slender build?

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frame theory confirmed yet again. there is not one single person with tiny wrists or ankles that can get somewhat big and lean and look good. not one. even with roids most pale in comparison to the wrestler.
on howie's wrist it looks like watch for little girls.

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Prime Mike Tyson

on top of having top tier genetics, of course. look at /fraud/ to compare genetic waste and average guys to this, and think really hard if trevor the icecream man really should have an influence on what your expectations look like. only compare yourself to how you looked in the past, or you will lose interest in lifting soon enough

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Peak performace
Meјк ит бpт

Is it gay that I fapped to this?

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What the actual fuck m8?


waist too wide or shoulders too narrow to be ideal imo

This does look really good

His traps are great but they look out of place on the rest of that body.

Shame about the small dong tho

tako je burazeru

Veeky Forums is a degenerate board full of faggots apparently

I know where this is from, does that make me gay?


he's the one getting fucked