How to improve my looks?

I am the guy on the left with glasses on. Feel like I could be a solid 8/10 with lower body fat but what can I do to have better looks and charm?

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I mean besides lowering bf, getting contacts, tan and haircut etc. there's not much you can do without plastic surgery (not that I see any huge glaring problems on this pic desu)

What kind of hairstyle would you anons suggest? My hairline is fucked since birth.

stop making that soyboy expression

It's just a picture. I am very chaddish and alpha in real life.

lol yall look british as fuck

Get contacts, get a tan, actually work out, get a haircut from someone other than your mother.

>Chaddish and alpha
>Comes to a Nepalese Thai dancing bear admiration forum to ask for advice

Get contacts, Shave that ridiculous pubic hair growth on your chin, Get haircut of pic related, lose BF and gain muscle.

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>I am very chaddish and alpha in real life.
No you're not, man. If you were you wouldn't feel the need to improve your looks. You'd pull pussy now if you were actually alpha. Start by losing the glasses for contacts.

Lower body fat is always the answer, having gone from 20 to 15ish recently I actually exist to girls now

6/10 AT BEST. hopefully you get a better body in another life

I have a lot of girl(friends) who hang out with me everyday in college but I am friendzoned for life. I am a little scared to get contact lenses and my family will never allow me anyway.
Cmon nigger. I am at least 6/10 with current looks.

Here is another picture of me with more pubic hair. How do i look like?

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get rid of these glasses, makes you look like soyboy, get lenses or surgery, up to you
that haircut is terrible, consider shaved head, looks like you could pull it off
for some reason facial hair makes you look more immature. if that on the second photo are the only places where it grows, never grow it again
get traps and neck gains
don't fucking stare into the very middle of camera lense with that naive childish look
wear clothes that don't look like 15 yo picked them after getting approval from mommy

You look like an Eastern European rapist pal

this fucking bait hahahhahaha

if I got baited and wrote that long post for nothing, cut off your dick OP and chew on it

8/10 lul keep telling yourself that

Shave every day, holy fuck your ancestors failed you.
Get a serious haircut, own your hair line. Those long hairs trying to cover up the residing hair line make you look absolutely childish.
Also consider trimming your eye brows, get them professionally done.

I am from southern europe. My intention was to look like a savage viking like Ivar the boneless in Vikings tv show.
What I do then, faggot? Shave my head?
Interesting comments user.. but are you suggesting I turn into a skinhead because that would look terrible on me .What kind of clothes would you suggest? I am a bit surprised since mostly I am the best dressed amongst my friends and advice them on how to dress.

>shit eye area
>shitty skull shape
>shit hairline
>pig nose
>white people lips
>weak jaw

you're a 6/10 on the best day of your life, keep deluding yourself. Being an attractive male isn't a matter of being "not ugly" like you think it is, you actually need good traits like a strong jaw/developed eye area/high cheek bones/prominent narrow straight nose/etc

I refuse to believe this is you anyway, where'd you get these pics from, reddit? You're incredibly naive and delusional. You will never fuck an attractive girl without paying her

>low reading comprehension
>adds nigger and faggot to the end of every sentence
Back to r*ddit

ok now I see it, photos are downloaded and you are larping

ngl you need a head transplant Tbh Tbh

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>Vikings tv show
AAAAAHAHAHA holy fuck this thread is 100% pure bait, suckstart a shotgun so you can finally look decent.

1. Burn that fugly ass sweater.
2. Stop trying to emulate Clark Kent.
3. He goosed you didn't he? That would explain that expressionl.

Bro,I made the thread for advice and help. Not to get offended on every single trait I have. I literally heard for Veeky Forums 2 weeks ago and never used reddit or any other forum. I am what you guys call a normie.

you have to go back

OP, this is ridiculous, post photo with timestamp or kys, noone believes you this is not bait

Top kek.

What's wrong with Vikings?

>I have a lot of girl(friends) who hang out with me everyday in college
>I am very chaddish and alpha in real life.

I hope you don't seriously think that being friends with women makes you 'chaddish and alpha'. Anyone who's not completely socially retarded has plenty of friends who are girls, and the fact that you view this as something special means that you're definitely somewhere on the spectrum.

That's not even getting into
>but I am friendzoned for life

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What do you lads think of my new hair? /10?

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timestamp or gtfo

lol why?

because whole this shit (alpha, chaddish, vikings, girlfriends) is obvious bait

Yeah this is bait I hope. Chad doesn't get friendzoned

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very chaddish

Calm your tits autismo. I am in 2 weeks here on 4 chan and see all these bunch of losers who complain about their shitty life and having no friends at all, not to mention girl friends and you're giving me this low rating as if I am the weirdo here. Post a picture of yourself fag. Yeah you dont have any balls. Go play videogames and watch anime loser.

I actually thought I had accidentally clicked on Veeky Forums. You're posting this on Veeky Forums, what other advice on how to look better do you expect to receive besides "go lift?"

>wanting us to believe and is the kid from previous photos so he can continue baiting

the standard... ditch the glasses, get a haircut and style it, get tanner, dress better, act without restraint

roast me, babe

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>ugly ass soy kid
>"chad and alpha"

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lmao buddyboy you're a fucking faggot. You post a pic of yourself on fucking Veeky Forums of all places and bitch about getting bullied on the internet. Fucking pathetic bro, just fucking pathetic. Honestly the only thing I would say that you should improve is to clean shave and lower bf and you might be a sub chad but it seems like none of that will cure your faggotry. Fukn LMAO bro you really gonna chimp out at people on Veeky Forums for making fun of you? Grow a pair bro. By bro I mean never my bro, fucking faggot.

>claims to be chaddish and alpha
>says that all his girl(friend)s friendzone him