Is nofap good or bad

I need some evidence I have considered it and get no evidence to it besides saying it gets gains and increases test is it true?

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Just try it yourself you weak willed faggot

Yeah, it's true. After you end your reboot streak you will probably be too high T not to blow your nuts out weekly or so. I'm permanently NoPorn now and that's what I do.

Put like 100lb on my bench during my year+ NoFap streak (mostly hardmode, had sex a few times).

Is sitting in my room jerking off to virtual women healthy.

No, there's no empirical evidence it works. Like, at all. It's just milquetoast nerds like the dipshits in this thread who have no discipline introducing anecdotal evidence.

Masturbation is perfectly healthy for you, and it has no effect on gains. If anything, it increases them.

When you get away from the anonymous basement dwelling losers on Veeky Forums and look at actual scholarly sources, the evidence is pretty consistent across the board.






As usual, every time I post these they just get ignored. People believe what they want. Just remember, these are usually the same bro-science guys telling you cold showers increase your gains.

what does fapping give you? it is just a waste of time regardless of what benefits not fapping might give you.

No one is claiming that masturbating by itself is a problem, it's the porn that's the problem. You only stop masturbating for the time it takes you to recover from the effects of porn.

This guy didn't make it past day 3, don't listen to him. It's truly life changing.

Actually a lot of spiritual masters and people who achieved great things have claimed it. Ejaculating/wasting away your sexual energy is a problem.

how is having sex when you haven't nutted for a year
don't you just explode at first contact

so what

I'd be embarrassed if that happened during sex
But I guess your dick wouldn't even have time to go soft before you were ready again

user, there is reams of evidence that states that excessive or even casual masturbation does you no good. The former is actually litterally destructive and the latter is a minor but still terrible vice.
This problem is made far worse with excessive porn and sexually stimulating material consumption.

You have to prove to me that masturbation is healthy. And the people who constantly talks aobut it's merits use the same stupid as fuck impotence study and study on men who have prostate problems.
By the by, excessive masturbation leads to prostate problems later in life.

I agree. Regular masturbation is healthy. The problem is that most of the anons here have porn addictions. That's not healthy if you are whacking four to five times a day and have to watch porn for it, you may need to learn some self control. masturbate with your imagination only.

Girl will always take it as a compliment lol

Stacy will laugh at you and make an instagram post about it

>Regular masturbation is healthy.
It's not.
It's a sign of healthy libido, but it is not a healthy activity.

there are so many posts now asking if nofap is good or bad... and you get hundreds of people saying it changed their life positively

how about you take control of your life and fucking try giving up porn and wacking yourself off for 90days and experience it yourself, then be the judge yourself

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If you lead such a pathetic life that not jerking off is something you consider "life changing," then you need to seriously spent less effort name-calling on the Internet and evaluate how you're spending your time.

Maybe start by reading some of those peer reviewed, scholarly sources I posted that demonstrably illustrate you're full of bologna.

Actually, lots of people claim that. In fact, even in this thread you see it.

>it's the porn that's the problem. You only stop masturbating for the time it takes you to recover from the effects of porn.

Highly debatable. Again, there's no empirical evidence that there are any effects of pornography with the exception of the cultural studies done in three Nordic countries. And guess what? When they made pornography more available and lowered taxes on it, Frotterism, exhibitionism, and virtually every sex crime declined (rape was unaffected).

I know, I know, people have anecdotes about they watched porn once and it made them a serial killer or whatever, but there's no fucking science whatsoever that confirms any of this. The closest you have are psychologists who try to draw conclusions based on what they believe, but that's not the same as actual evidence.

Again, there's no benefits besides sexually frustrating yourself. Since everyone here is introducing anecdotes, I'll add that i work a professional job that requires a lot of concentration, and it's easier to do it if I masturbated the morning before. It's also a lot easier to get up in the morning after masturbating for me.

Moreover, it's healthy for you. It's natural.

So yeah, again, you can read the science or go by random anons talking shit on the internet. It's your choice OP.


It was with a freaky qt too, sucked big time

What is the picture in week 2?

>leads a life where he has to wank every morning to function lul

You do realise personal anecdotes trump peer-reviewed data right? All that matters is your own experience. If it works for you then it works.

Ejaculating semen decreases your life force. Don't ejaculate for 90 days and you will see major changes in your body and mind

>thicker hair
>baby smooth skin
>shiny eyes
>strength increase
just to name a few

join us

>If you lead such a pathetic life that not jerking off
if you lead a good life the idea to jer off shouldn't even cross your mind

thank you for adding milquetoast to my vocabulary.

You're a fucking retard bro. Just because Sheklberg didn't fund some fucking nerd in a labcoat to do studies on nofap doesn't make it not true. Just keep looking at studies funded by Shekelstein like a fucking autist.

Source: Some user talking shit. I love how you guys will seriously respond to me posting like 4 scholarly articles that you clearly haven't read so arrogantly with this confidence that it's simply not true while introducing absolutely no evidence of your own.

So post a source or shut the fuck up.

>You have to prove to me that masturbation is healthy.

I already did, but you didn't read those sources because you were too busy justifying your NEET religion of nofap. Moreover, most of you guys are all claiming this is bad for you, when you can't even produce evidence that it effects your gains / athletic performance.

That being said, here's another source to illustrate you're full of shit:


>"Research on masturbation has indicated that, contrary to traditional beliefs, masturbation has been found to be a common sexual behavior and linked to indicators of sexual health. While there are no general indicators of ill health associated with masturbation, it can be powerfully negative or positive for many individuals"

Guess what elements in the study link it to being "powerfully negative?" People who feel guilty about it because they've been taught that it's bad for them by retards like you.

Again, someone respond to these fucking sources instead of just shouting "WELL I THINK IT'S BAD"

I lived in a share house once and couldn't masturbate
Then I got freaky with the hottest girl I had ever been with in the living room and came immediately
I wanted to kill myself but she was very nice about it tb h
We went to a hotel later and had some real benis in bagina

only good can come of it you absolute mong. just give it a try, your balls won't disappear.

I *did* have good sex with her later, thank gawd

lmao buddyboy nobody is gonna read your retarded studies done by some nerd who's never worked out a day in his life. Keep reading studies instead of actually living your life like a normal fucking person and trying things.

being guilty from masturbating is not the same as abstaining from porn and masturbation on purpose due to its negative consequences

how about you learn to read studies yeah?

stop writing novels
5 short sentences why fapping is good and no-fap bad

6 days in and just fucked my girl’s brains out and blew the biggest load all over her back and ass. Worth it bro save it hold it in be strong.

why do people with gfs even have the need to fap

Not fapping is not magic, and not really a big deal normally. But if not jacking off for a few weeks seems like a huge endeavor to you, then you need to experience it.

It's just bro science read sperm wars from PhD Robin Baker. TLDR You need to jerk off to get rid of old sperm for an insemination.

go get it brother

113 days here
it gets way better

> porn addictions

So do you think you can be addicted to chocolate? How about being addicted to the internet? What about 'food addictions' ?

The idea of a "porn addiction" is something that's debated in psychology. Some people believe in mental addictions and attempt to do research on them, but you have to accept the premise that there's no fundamental difference between a "mental addiction" and simple lack of discipline - which to my knowledge has NEVER been empirically illustrated or even modeled by a western psychologist.

The problem is, in the case of a physical addiction, your body becomes literally dependent on a drug. If you stop taking an agent you're physically addicted to, your body goes through withdrawal, which can actually kill you. When people (regardless of their education) try to advance the notion of a psychological addiction, I find it disingenuous because you don't go through any symptoms of actual addiction.

Nobody has gone through withdrawal from not looking at porn or by quitting masturbating. Nobody has had to be hospitalized because they stopped eating chocolate. People are just weak, lack discipline, and love to run into the arms of those who convince them it isn't their fault.

If you really have a porn "addiction," get a basic phone, don't own a personal computer, and remove the internet from your house.

It's amazing how many people believe it's just as serious as a heroin addiction, but won't take that step.

your body recycles the sperm you retarded brainlet, regardless of jacking off

All jerking off does is speed up the process of the recycling

>blabber blabber blabber

>hurr please talk me into not fapping for a couple of fucking days because i'm completely unable to do it by myself

now shit like this makes it really sound like you have a problem and should probably stop fapping desu

mate you are seriously delusional and retarded

porn addiction is a real thing, maybe use the brain you have and do some of your own research on that or is your iq too low?

Shekelberg hasn't done a study on the effects of porn on the human brain yet. He'll reach a conclusion on it once the study funded by pornhub and buzzfeed comes out.

>>leads a life where he has to wank every morning to function lul

I never said that, but strawman arguments are typically indicative of people who have nothing to actually respond with.

>You do realise personal anecdotes trump peer-reviewed data right?

Yeah, thanks for proving my point that you're a fucking retard. Again, you've provided no source for any of this fucking nonsense.

Go play outside.

>if you lead a good life the idea to jer off shouldn't even cross your mind

Obviously you aren't a man then.

De nada. It's an underused term.

You don't understand how research is done. That doesn't make me a retard - it makes you a retard.

Also, the jewish stuff is funny but really makes you look even more ludicrous when you're trying to advance an argument.

For everybody else listening (and hopefully OP) - we're almost 50 posts deep and there's still no sources from this nofap cult illustrating a counter argument. So far all we have is :

>Nuh uh
>Scientific evidence doesn't mean anything
>Name calling
>Accusing me of being jewish
>retreating to more unsubstantiated claims
>Anecdotal evidence
>I dispute sources I haven't read.

I'm hoping other reasonable people are actually here reading this. It's like i'm arguing with kindergarteners.

Did you just say a scientific study that goes against your personal experience is worth more??

How retarded are you buddy???

Nobody here accused you of being Jewish, Jews are some of the smartest people in the world. You're a fucking retard that lives his life by following studies done by a bunch of fucking DYEL nerds. How about people trying nofap and seeing how it affects them?

what about alcoholism? it's not dependency on alcohol although if you drink every day you will become dependent. It's your addiction to drinking. Non addicts can become dependent on things and still not be addicted. They can come off the drug and not have the URGE or OBSESSION to do it again. Addicts and alcoholics can't. I will assume that porn addiction works similarly although I don't have it.

it good

Didn't you just keep going at it? If you bust early you usually can.

Dependent and addicted is the same word in Swedish

If I remember correctly I kept pumping for a while to hide the fact that I came
but I wasn't sure she bought it and I just told her

>hide the fact
how do you do that? say time out and run to the kitchen for gatorade?

>I don't care what evidence says I believe what I want.

Are you in 7th grade?

>being guilty from masturbating is not the same as abstaining from porn and masturbation on purpose due to its negative consequences

>how about you learn to read studies yeah?

This was already addressed in my earlier post that had multiple studies linked in them, which you obviously failed to read because you were too busy trying to talk down to me about something you clearly have no knowledge about.

This might sound harsh but, If you need someone to give you a summary of research instead of doing it yourself, you don't have the intellect to weigh in on a conversation - whether that's nofap or Donald Trump. Moreover, if you think

>how do you do that?
make her believe I lasted just a little bit longer than I actually did
I don't think you understand how fast we're talking here

you still haven't come forward with any proof that you AREN'T jewish

holy shit how retarded can you be


You're literally doing the internet equivalent of putting your fingers in your ears and shouting "LA LA LA LA!" Thanks for showing everybody who was on the fence about this issue that NoFap literally has no counter arguments when weighed against actual scientific evidence.

Again, you've provided nothing to illustrate anything you're saying. If it's so obvious, why are psychologists debating it? Please enlighten the other psychologists in this thread, because I'd be very curious to see you solve this problem.

Guy who doesn't understand research and thinks science is a Jewish conspiracy. Believes the earth is flat.

>Did you just say a scientific study that goes against your personal experience is worth more??
>How retarded are you buddy???

What's the placebo effect?

It's a lot easier to call me names on the internet than back up your opinions with evidence, isn't it?

That's not correct.

Your body becomes physically dependent on alcohol. If you are an alcoholic and stop cold turkey, you go through withdrawal and you can literally die because your body is dependent on it.

That will not happen if you quit looking at porn.


Holy shit I just wanted to know if I could get higher test and gains and it became a Jew fallout. Lol what I have gotten is that
>I need to try it
>different for everyone
>jewspy says it’s bad
>OP needs to try himself
Pic unrelated OP btw

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Excess of anything is bad
Besides long term fapping could be bad as semen contains lecithin which has a big effect on brain function and also causes choline production(again which helps in brain function).

This is seriously the saddest thread on fit.

I can't believe someone asked if nofap worked, an user took the time to actually post up real sources from real academic databases proving it doesn't, and people are sitting around here acting like these 12 studies don't mean anything.

You can't just call someone a kike and think it dismisses evidence.

What's worse is the arrogance. You guys need to seriously get away from your computers for a while, No wonder you think nofap is a big deal. You obviously have very little experience with the real world.

>Introducing evidence to back up what you believe makes you jewish.

You guys are fucking stupid.

The conclusion of this study is that masturbation is healthy.

Also, it's a non academic source that fucking quotes itself.

is there any more versions of this meme? the last ones are lame

I did nofap for like 4 months. Then I did no porn for like a year. I was consistently working out the whole time.

Honestly, it didn't make a difference. Not in my gains, attitude, libido, or anything. The people that say it makes a big difference are probably people who have never exerted any self control before and this is the first area they're able to succeed.

If that's what you need, more power to you I guess. But coming in here and saying masturbation or porn are bad for you is delusional.

My personal experience is that praying to Allah works.

Therefore, Allah is god.

Look up what lecithin is how much of it is present in the brain, semen and how it effects body and brain function also researches can be prone to errors especially when we are talking of long term effects (5+ years of almost daily mastrubation) besides researches can be funded by companies to fulfill certain agendas I would take my own experience over that in such cases.
I could sit here and argue you all day but not everyone has that privilege but this should be useful enough who seriously does nofap.

. The overwhelming majority of peer reviewed, scientific evidence illustrates that there is no inverse correlation to masturbation, sex, and athletic performance
Because everyone who did it was on gear.
Any unathletic normie who did it will already have lowered test levels from relatively frequent masturbation and it never tests how the average frequent and degenerate masturbator compared to a nonmasturbator.

- with the exception that it may increase athletic performance.
I have never at any point heard that ever. Post link

>>Cultural studies on pornography illustrate that, in the three Nordic countries where it was studied under laboratory conditions, making pornography more available statistically significantly reduced almost all sex crimes.
Yeah, it's basically a form of voluntary castration.

>>Masturbation has been shown to be healthy.
Never at any point has it ever been shown to be a net positive for health.
Post links.
god help you if you post that retarded prostaitis study.

>> Both of these have been illustrated by the sources I have already posted and, so far, every response disputing these points has neither introduced their own evidence or actually addressed any of the methods, findings, or conclusions of the aforementioned studies.

lmao buddyboy if my personal experience contradicts a study than I am going to go with my personal experience instead of some jew funded study.

>does no alcohol give me superpowers?
>does no drugs give me superpowers?

No, but you will feel healthier and have a lot more free time to be more productive.

holy fuck user if you want empirical data on nofap look at the thousands and i mean thousands of accounts of people whom improved there lives by quiting pornography, while masturbation is on a similar plane regarding this addiction let me lay it out to you
. yes porn has been around since humans have had the capacity to make inscriptions and art. through the modern area erotica was in the shadows ie nudy mags and porno theaters and such. a great deal of the time for are fathers and grandfathers and what have you had to use the noggin to imagine things to stroke there cock to. that wasnt a problem. it wasnt really even a problem in the 80s when porn movies became available to the masses via vhs. the problem came when high speed internet became the norm in households and when tube sites came about the problems became bigger than we can handle. you may dispute this because you are in a trap currently. the trap of the mind see. tube sites where the bane because it became easily obtainable of limitless free porn . this i bad because now its an endless pit, if you understand brain chemistry at all then you would know that too much of one chemical becomes compensated to ie dopamine, you your brain sees a nudie photo or hardcore porn your sees it as a mate for reproduction and you are giving your brain a massive hit of dopa everytime you see a new female on the screen. fun fact when one pmos you get the same amount of dopa a coke head would when he would take a line of coke and in some cases one can get more but i digress. when your brain is flooded with dopa you need more and more to feel normal is more shocking porn is needed down the line. a man can be strait at the start of porn but down the line his fetish can change and shift to more hardcore shit ie abuse porn and or shemale and even full on gay shit. this is backed my many studys go ahead and look it up. the fact is that are bodies arent meant to so much limitless porn.

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It's weird right?
Congress will pass a law that is meant to "Help with sex trafficking" when everyone who actually fight sex trafficking say it does the opposite and it's in fact only stopped any and all casual sexual encounters on the net between random strangers.
But they don't actually do anything about the porn industry, the biggest sex traffickers on the earth.

Why is that?
What did they actually accomplish?

It's about controlling the net and herding people into a handful of controlled avenues of interaction isn't it?

What about the, heh, seminal 7th-day test boost study? If you whack it more frequently than weekly you never get that. That's a gainz-killer, and science sez so!
>be me
>be hip to the study way back in '03 when it came out
>start timing day 7 to coincide with wrestling tournaments
>feel myself get meaner over the course of the week, every week
>win state titles in '06 and '07

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Be honest, was it a state that actually matters in wrestling?


Winning a state title is still impressive regardless of the state. A title from PA is obviously better than one from Idaho but it's still impressive.

I'm just giving you shit user. Congrats on your accomplishment.

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>not going round 2

I forgot how many virgins were on here


But I sure got better. 44-2 and nationally ranked as a senior.

i think no-fap is utter horse shit, but i know 'too much with girlfriend' before a fight makes your knees weaker.
If no jizzing at all makes you shaky and weird, you need a quick handy, if combat fucking every night does the same, you need to cut back is all.
No-fap is idiots looking for THAT ONE THING that GUARANTEES RESULTS and that isn't how humans work. Also male insecurity thrown in ruins all hope.
Know yourself, operate the machine.

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>no jizzing at all makes you shaky and weird
IKTF. Man, blowing a big load after a week of abstention and feeling that go away is great. Never porn tho


i know but i wrote
>If no jizzing at all makes you shaky and weird, you need a quick handy

I know, not saying it happens to everyone, just that it happens to me

Well, you think that because you're a bitch and you can't handle your manhood.
Why don't you just remove a testicle or both of them so you can have lowered test all of the time.

I posted that. I feel the same way...

t. 21 days

I dunno about test or any of this shit, but nofap has done me good. Less orgasms means better orgasms.

If you can't wait 10 days between loads, you probably have a problem. If you can, you should, because it's awesome for at least a day or two when you get around to doing it.

faxx dude this thread is a wake up call desu i need to get tf off Veeky Forums

>does nofap
>kike writes report on nofap saying it isnt helpful
>supposed to believe it
id love to hear about your other world views if you are this easily persuaded by (((studies)))

also samefag

I forgot how absolutely retarded some americans (**you**) are

Nofap is a joke, because mentally you give power to porn and make it for yourself something that is difficult to overcome. This makes the whole process of nofap a constant struggle, to the point that even after months of so called nofap you're still constantly fighting the urges to fap to porn. All because in the mind of a nofapper porn is king and he's supposed to be in a constant struggle against it - it is a way of cognitive dissonance, a way to justify their self imposed struggle against pornography.

The right way to approach quitting fapping is starting to see porn for what it really is. A vermin, a vile creation by men and women with no good intents behind them, a way to manipulate your passion through pleasure. If you want to stop fapping to porn stop counting the hours, the days, the months that you haven't fapped. Instead just simply understand that porn is a curse that abuses millions of women and preys on lonely men to destroy society and worst of all your own self. Once you not only understand this, but truly believe in it you will cure yourself from your addiction. You will not give power to porn by counting every single day that you have not fapped, but instead completely forget about and become abhorred by pornography.

Don't fight your addiction, become spiritually enlightened instead, its the only way to cure it.

It is a meme founded on plebeian logic.
Moderation is the best thing in the world, just keep it to once a week. I save my nutt days for hump day if you know what I mean.

>tfw no gf for hump day

this is the only answer. i used to come in these threads to call you guys shills etc but try nofap for a week and you will feel different. better imo

starting another today
wish me luck bros

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>I save my nutt days for hump day if you know what I mean
I don't, user. What DO you mean?

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there are two possibilities here
another name for Wednesday is "hump day", perhaps he only jerks off on Wednesdays.
another possibility is that he has an arrangement with another man or woman, and has regular sex with them once a week.

Jesus Christ the porn police are in full fucking force. Do you just have all these "studies" on standby for whenever someone says nofap?

I'm sorry but I'm 3 weeks deep man, you're biased google hunt isn't going to convince me that the progress that I'm experiencing first hand is illusory. If you want to fap to porn fucking go for it, no one is going to stop you. It's just fucking weird watching you defend it like you owe porn your allegiance or some shit.

Good luck user, I'm going to try NoFap and NoPorn (since porn is just a temptation to fap). If I fap whenever I feel like it, it's like my self-esteem goes down and I feel unmotivated. A few days of lifting weights while not fapping gives a great test boost. My self-esteem improves too. I'm going to shoot for as long as possible as a test of my willpower.

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