Look at myself in the mirror

>Look at myself in the mirror
"Damn I'm pretty good looking"
>Look at photo I was tagged in
>Pudgy, disgusting and look almost nothing like mirror me

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Every damn time

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Et tu user?

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mirror mirror on the shelf
should i just fucking kill myself

delet this


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Yeah i know the feel.

> look in the mirror after fixing up hair and think i look pretty alright
> go out
> get pic with chad friend and his current roastie fling
> thick eyebags
> can see through hair to see my shitty hair line
> the girl he was fucking that night is a 7/10 who just messaged him first on facebook the night before asking to be saved from her abusive bf
> i haven't had sex in two years
> he literally has girls coming to him
> i've asked out three girls this year
> 2 flaked the other said we aren't a match

Should I just end it?

delete this now

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you overworked your cope muscle

So the mirror me is the one that normalfags see, right lads?


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Think so m8. I've been called gorgeous, handsome, etc. in person but in photos I look like a trog unless all the planets align. Proper lenses, angles, lighting, photographer, etc. all make a huge difference.

It's the same, you just copemaxx when you look in the mirror because you're a bluepilled normie

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fuck i wish i could just see myself from another person's perspective. i just want to see what i actually look like irl and my mannerisms. but yeah is my reflection what i actually look like to people or not?

I don't think so user

you have the mindset of a fucking girl
don't you have anything better to do with your time than to obsess over yourself?

Imagine being so bluepilled that you think face aesthetics don't matter

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Guys have more reason to obsess over their looks now than girls. If you don't have status or money you have to have looks. Girls don't need anything to get decent looking dick.

The beautiful faggot you see in the mirror is NOT the you that other people see!
The mirror is a flipped image! Basically everytime you look at yourself you are looking at a flipped image and your brain has associated that with you and created a coping mechanism where you look good to yourself. Selfie cameras also do this, when you use Snapchat, it’s flipped.
If you want the true redpill , take a picture of yourself with the front facing camera on your phone and prepare to see your every imperfection. Please don’t do this if you’re not ready.

>look in the mirror and admire
>see pictures of myself from a year ago when I was fat as fuck
>look in the mirror again and see the fat still there

holy jesus this hurts

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What do you mean? I always hear dudes in my fraternity talk about how certain chicks are too fat or too ugly to fuck when theyre normal looking girls

>tfw i've done this too often that I have the same effect even when the mirror image is flipped

Yes but you still look exactly the same to everyone else, you just cope hard when you look in the mirror.

If you are a blackpilled individual like me, you always look subhuman in the mirror but sometimes are surprised to actually look human in candids

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Weird, I'm the exact opposite. Look at a picture of myself and I see a 7/10 socially apt man, look in the mirror and I see a mutt.

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Not entirely accurate seen as lenses on cameras give off a curve effect, specifically phone cameras.

How do I harness your power?

Lol guys do that shit all the time, they'll talk shit about a girl. Then they either haven't been laid in a year or they're going to end fucking and falling in love with one of those girls.

Guys talk shit to impress the bros then fall for some subpar roastie

giga cope, if you are ugly in real life you are ugly in pictures. This is gandhi with really shit harsh lighting and extreme lens distortion. Spoilers, he's still Chad

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I made it a point to have almost no pictures of myself on my FB, except one of me at a wedding. Then my dad linked me in pictures of me at the beach. My self-esteem plummeted so hard i started it calling it bitcoin

>Here's a 10/10 man not looking as good as he actually looks
You proved my point

When you're looking at a mirror it's still a 3d image so yes. You look shit in photos because the depth has been compressed into a 2d image.

It's also mostly lighting


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Unironically, probably pic related. In what few pics there are of me it's in a happy social setting, in the mirror it's alone and depressed. Or I'm one of the rare anomalies that happens to take good photos.

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>someone takes a picture of me
>look bad
>see same picture several years later
>look chad

mirror you obviously, does everything else you see in your room in the mirror look the same as the stuff right before your eyes? yes. so do you

He still looks like a sexy chad while you look like even more of an unbelievably grotesque inbred pedo subhuman, good looking is good looking, there is no such thing as being photogenic.
You look like shit in both because YOU ARE UGLY! Your low sentience bluepilled brain just copes hard in front of the mirror to prevent you from visiting gandy or going ER just to maintain the absolutely microscopic chance of you somehow tricking a girl into letting you reproduce

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>maybe if i lift weights people will like me more

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>small brain
lift weights for girls
>big brain
lift weights for yourself
>galaxy brain
lift weights to intimidate other men

>tfw do all 3

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Intimidation is literally all FWHR, your brain literally cranks up estrogen and destroys your sperm when you see a true brick-skulled mogger

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No one cares about selfie cameras faggot that's the same as a mirror

Lol at how confrontational you are. I said phone camera's have lens curvature, you literally concur with me by showing me a picture of a man who usually looks better, then you tell me to "cope".
>"bb-b-but he's still a-attractive!!"
I never said he wasn't. I said he doesn't look as good as in real life. Sharpen your comprehension skills, you dumb fucking turd.

>there is no such thing as being photogenic

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The point I am making is that the retarded faggot OP doesn't realize that he's just an ugly subhuman and that """lens distortion""" is 100% cope. Ugly is ugly, the only difference is that his primitive brain subconsciously squintmaxxes, angle frauds etc. so that he will look "good" in the mirror preventing him from realizing the extent of his subhumanity, keeping him from visiting gandy yet another day.

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>look at the selfie I took
>Greek g*d
>look at photo I was tagged in
I don't even use myspace angles, I just tend to make unfortunate faces when someone takes photo of me. I think I'd look better on the film.

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You fags ever look in the mirror with your gf or, hell, anyone else? Did they look drastically different? No. So you're good.

The mirror may be a flipped image, but it's still a realistic 3D image of yourself in realistic lighting.

Typical consumer cell phone devices have short focal lengths and difficulty with variable lighting.

Here is an example of focal length in action.

The iPhone 6 has the equivalent of a 35mm focal length.

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Video record yourself?

Why the fuck wouldn't they keep her at the same angle for all of the pics if they were trying to prove something

There was an image posted her some days back of a girl. 3 pictures of her were shown using different lenses. There Each one made her face seem rounder. You can spew "cope" like some fucking caveman all you want or you can just be a regular human being and accept there are massive variables when it comes to cameras. YES, a 10/10 is still going to look good regardless. I never disputed that. And your obsession with Gandy is the ultimate cope, because he's aging like pig shite.

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Which focal length is supposed to make her look the least like a brute from Halo?

>step outside
>Look at yourself in mirror
Yes that is you. Reflection may make you look a little different but that's you

/p/ here, compression distortion (the effect you are seeing here )
is a function of photographer-subject distance and not focal length
If you have a large-ish nose and a slim face your best bet is to converse with girls at double the distance of yourself to mirror. That way you unlock the flattering 100mm perspective
Good luck anons

i recorded myself and i look way better than on pictures, plus you can take a whole scan of your face from every angle and view it all as a big 3d piece. best is if a friend records you doing something, i was recorded eating and rating a banana 8/10 and i was surprised by how good i looked considering every pic i had taken that day was a horrible mess

not the point, he was god tier till he turned 30+. Absolutely unmoggable

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is that the based MRE man?

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Imagine how good it feels to imagine aniki's fat cock exploding in your anal.

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>Look at myself in the mirror
>Jesus I'm a monster now, fucking thick as fuck
>2 hours later look at myself again

What does this have to do with mirrors mate

ah-herm, no one loves you more than we do.

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How does he manage to make that piece of shit nose to look good? That shouldn't be possible.

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>try on clothes at department store
>change rooms have 2 45 degree mirrors so you can see your body at every angle
>terrible posture, ugly profile, pencil neck, awkward gangly limbs

Anyone else?

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Mirror is a flipped image of yourself so your brain thinks that is what you look like (left side if your right side, right side is your left side) that's why you always look in the mirror and like what you see because this is what your brain thinks you look like. In actuality it's the dude in the photo.

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no, because not only is the mirror a flipped image, its also colored by your perception of yourself, and you literally only ever see if from the viewpoint of your own eyes.

photos are generally accurate, but can be easily manipulated with lighting and angles ect.

Oh god, this. Trying jeans is a fucking depression-inducing nightmare. I always look fatter and wider than in any other mirror. Horrible.

>chad gets a video call from a fattie friend and then goes on to cry because he has no fit chad friends to go clubbing with and to hit on girls with

>be in gym
>stand rather far away from the mirror
>look like a goblin
>walk towards it
>gradually look better
>don't get too close though or you'll digress again.

How does this work? When I look in the mirror I think I look pretty good. But when I see photos or anything else I look like shit.

Most cameras are terrible
Store mirrors are specially made to make you look ugly to buy more shit out of insecurity
The best gauge of how good looking you are is how women react to you


No, the mirror image is flipped horzontally. What normalfags see are the one in the pictures.

>flexing in mirror
>fuckin nice, love what I see
>6 pack, fuckin huge, lats for daysdays
>turn sideways
>no upper back

Fuck mirrors

I prefer the mirror making me ugly hypothesis.

thats gotta be your posture surely

>using social media

>posting a shop
hi tom

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Know a girl irl that looks meh on photos but is total cute in person

Maybe its because her smile seems fake on photos or idk

>have crush on her

>look at myself in the mirror
>yes looking good
>see a reflection of myself on a window
>jesus christ how horrifying

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>needs a mirror to hate himself

you fuckin n00bs

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>be in store dressing room
>see reflection and think I look pretty average
>see the reflection of second mirror in the first
>look juicy as fuark
Is this the the power of mirrors?

Fuck you user I just burst out laughing on a crowded trainand got weird looks from all the rail thots

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I know this feel..
Go out the shower and see myself naked, really just want to die...
Also growing up i was taller and bigger than other chicks even though I'm not even 6 feet, everyone just teased me about my weight and stuff but looking back at my old pictures or clothes of me i realise i wasn't even that fat especially compared to now, i've just been thinking i'm fat due to socialising with people and their comments and really just accepted it and let myself go (used to be 60kg now 84kg).
I've just started working out a few weeks ago and still focusing but you know despite losing a few at a time the sadness and wasted days still remains and i dunno how i'll ever move on from that.

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I’ve always wanted to know this. How the fuck do I look like from someone else’s perspective?? I think about this a lot

Record yourself on video, you dummy.